Weekday Morning Trek & Night Camp - Post Event Writeup

Monday, October 10, 2016
Weekday Morning Trek & Night Camp 
WRITE UP - Vignesh

How it started?
                I joined CTC group almost a year back and hadn’t participated in any event but was simply observing CTCs activities in mail and in Facebook. I was not sure whether I will be fit enough for a trek and hence wasn’t ready to join any event. However, I was constantly inspired to attend any one event after following the group for a year now. So I registered for this night camp plus trek event(which doesn’t require a fitness test) and even after registering I was in dilemma whether to go or not. Somehow I was fascinated by Vanathi’s words in the mail, explaining how peaceful it will be away from the city pollution and routine life.

Starting to VIT
After I decided to go and confirmed the same with Vanathi  I  reached by pickup point, Velachery. Due to a miscommunication, Vanathi mistook me for another Vignesh and she asked me to contact someone else when I called her after reaching my point. I was directed back again and I was little hesitant whether to continue or should I go back to home itself. Thank god, Nikhil came (Thanks buddy. You gave me a wonderful company during the whole event). Luckily he was also a new comer for the CTC. We decided to go to the final meeting point VIT. After crossing Medavakkam signal, we were travelling in a less traffic road. I was wondering whether I am really in Chennai. I remembered Vanathi’s words of peaceful moments and thought may be the final destination will be even more calm and nice. We are one of the first few to reach the place. Before us, Sathish and Manjunathan was waiting at the VIT gate. We introduced ourselves and decided to get to know each other better as they are newcomers too. One of the reason I attended the event was to meet this famous man, Peter, about whom I heard a lot and read a lot and noticed a lot in mails too. I used to wonder how this man can do and participate in so many activities. People started to come in groups and nearly after 30 min, all are present.

Reaching our destination
 A few kms away from VIT and we reached our final destination and started to walk towards the point which was decided by the organizers.  It was such a dark area but really nice and calm location. Located near to a quarry, it was extremely silent and only the moon light was available for us to walk though the path. As said by the organizers, it was really a wonderful place to spend our time, cook and have fun with people whom we never met before.  Once we unpacked the tarpaulins and other stuffs, few went to collect water for cooking and I along with few others, decided to help for cooking. Roughly 10 people are ready to help, only to find knives are missing (samayal panna mathiri than). Luckily I had one knife and one more knife helped us and since only 2 knives are there, I was roaming and was trying to do some help wherever required. After a little help with vegetables cutting, I went to the NV team who were cleaning the chicken with so much dedication (Manjunathan- unga dedication ku alave illa buddy  😀 ). Once cleaning was done, we were ready for the BBQ. We just want to remove the baby potato and paneer in the BBQ ASAP and want to start chicken so desperately. Finally the time came for chicken and we started. Manjunathan and Saravanan again just sat quietly and did most of the work here (thanks buddies and thanks ashish who sincerely distributed chicken to each and everyone). Now it was little boring as nothing much was happening other than cooking stuffs. When things got silent, Raghu came (Hero introduction). This trek would have been little boring without Raghu, Vinoth and Mr. 21 (forgot ur name bro. But unaku 21 name than perfect  😀 ). Unlimited fun with these guys with Vinoth’s exaggerated reactions and Mr. 21’s awesome replied whenever Raghu ask something (apdi ena kelvi ketaru?? Aduchu kooda kepanga.. solidathinga..  😀 ). While few went to take swimming, we were having our laugh outs with people whom I never saw before. Even now most of their face wasn’t visible as it is extremely dark. But still, it went like we were buddies for years. Even after dinner, the fun continued till 1-2am with Raghu sharing his genius knowledge to newcomers (Machi… unoda sevai elarukum thevai… ).

Morning Trek
We woke up at around 5:30 in the morning and after some little laziness, we packed up and started. While packing everything inside the car, a new friend, Arjun, a Labrador dog greeted us. We weren’t sure whether Vanathi shouted out of fear or the dog was pulling the bag (enaku bayam illa illa nu solitu iruka.. but kannula marana bayam terunjathe vanathi 😀  raghu would agree with me). With Peter and Vinoth sir(Another Vinoth) guiding us, we started our hiking and came to see mind-blowing views of the city and the outer Chennai beauty. Here Vinoth steal the show and entertained with his craziness for photo posing. Every now and then, whenever Shashi opened the camera shutter, Vinoth will freeze for a pose (oru solo photo kooda inum share panalaye machi.. 😀 ). After 45min-1hr, we reached down and now its time for swimming (but namaku swimming teriyathe). Luckily(for me) few people doesn’t know swimming and I joined them. No words can explain the fun we all had here in waters. Singing and playing with Raghu leading us for special games, it was one of the memorable moments. Aswini, with her 8 months tamil knowledge was quick enough to mingle with all and was singing many songs. Raghu’s water game and the way he taught us again was a fantastic one (antha teaching ah open ah type pana mudiyala machi). After one hour, I and Nikhil decided to start back to our city life. Last but not the least, while I was leaving, Aswini called out Vinoth (Photo freak-nalla pera irukum machi unaku) saying someone was taking picture. She tried to tease him for his craziness to pose for photo but he actually ran out of water with so much enthusiasm(apdi photo la ena than aarvam? ) and started posing (but camera ilaye..).  

Way back to City life and realizing the previous night

While returning, me and Nikhil had a goodtime as the Mambakkam- Medavakkam stretch was quite pleasant (which we couldn’t notice the previous night) and felt as like I am riding in a village. I reached Medavakkam signal and I immediately informed Nikhil, we reached Chennai as the traffic started choking. After dropping Nikhil, I reached my home at 10 and just sat down and started to recollect the wonderful memories again and again. I felt refreshing, energetic and got more enthusiasm to participate in more such events. I will surely take a fitness test soon and will participate in a full fledge trekking. To all the people who attended this event, Thanks a ton and you all in some way made it as a wonderful trip.

 TIT BITS from the trip
Vanathi- Hyperactive gal with so much energy and friendly attitude. (but dog na konjam bayam pola.. and antha bike owner mela ena kovam unaku nu teriyala..  😀 )
RaghuHero sir.. If you weren’t there, many of the new comers would have felt a little boring I believe. (antha story ah v ll continue from TTK road machi.. ).
Mr. 21 – Thou many of ur comments stands out, “COFFEE” comment was ultimate (only Raghu &co will understand this).
Vinoth (photo freak)- Ur reactions were awesome even during storytelling and in the morning, it was outstanding with ur craze for posing. Ur chorus during singing(in the waters) was fascinating.. (after all namma rendu perum thalapthy fan machi..)
Nikhil- Buddy..You gave me a wonderful company buddy..
Sathish – You were almost present in each n every small groups and was active throughout the trip..
Aswini- singer+dancer (next time you should dance and learn tamil little more fluently  😀 ). 

"Problems are n
ot stop signs, they are 
Guidelines" - Robert H.Schuller
Vanathi O Positive



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