Inspiring Donor stories – The journey of gaining Hemoglobin and becoming a first time donor

Monday, October 10, 2016
Experience of a first time donor (Anu) in Chrompet GH during blood camp on 2nd Oct 16

What inspired you to turn up for a Blood donation camp?
My understanding is that human body has the capacity to regenerate the lost blood, so I wanted to donate blood so that it would be of use to someone in need during an emergency. I couldn't donate my blood when my dad underwent his by-pass surgery. I had to get help from my friends and colleagues. And I remembered how much gratitude I felt when they came forward without even minimal reluctance. Blood donation can be very gratifying. 

After being sent back twice for lack of hemoglobin in previous blood camps, what motivated you to take up the rejections in a positive manner and seriously work towards improving HB. What were the steps taken by you for improving Hemoglobin? Rejection in a blood camp only motivated me to become healthy & make my body fit enough to be of better use to others. The only eligibility I lacked was the hemoglobin content & I was determined to touch the benchmark this time. I started cutting down tamasic food (food which is classified as dead/processed food as per Yoga) & increased the intake of satvik food (food which is classified as fresh & natural according to Yoga). In fact, I was looking forward to this camp & I didn't want to get rejected this time. So I ate papayas and drank lot of water 2 days before the blood donation campMy family has also been supportive about me contributing to a cause.
How do you feel physically after donating blood? (dizzy/ weak/ sick/ normal)? Normal. In fact, I drove back home 15km in my two wheeler 15min after my blood donation.
Would you recommend others to take up blood donation? Yes. Definitely. Being able to donate a part of you to save someone else's life is an extremely 'feel good' factor.The sense of happiness and achievement I felt is immense as I revived the moments when donors came forward and donated for my father. Once you are convinced about being of use in saving a life, there are some smaller benefits - you can overcome your fear for needless! Remember Madhavan in Anbe Sivam :) Within minutes, your body starts regenerating the lost blood and you can get back to your daily routine! I truly felt the above, and feel only more motivated to donate again!

As we approach the season of rains, blood need is at a peak high in all GHs across Chennai. Chrompet GH is yet another hospital which has been facing a deficit of blood donors. Multiple surgeries are getting postponed due to shortage of blood. If you are inspired to save a life, do sign up for our next blood camp with Chrompet GH on 12-Nov-16 (Sat) in Jaigopal Garodia School, East Tambaram.



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