CTC Rocks The Malnad Ultra !

Monday, October 10, 2016
Last weekend CTC participated in The Malnad Ultra - one of India's more challenging Ultra trail races organized in the estates of Cafe Coffee Day nearby the Badhra Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. With 18 finishers across 50, 80 and 100K categories, CTC brought the largest contingent of ultra runners to the race among any running group in India. Many of them started running only in the last 1 to 3 years but scaled up quickly through regular participation in CTC's monthly practice hill runs getting body and mind tuned to trail and hill running. If you are also interested to join CTC's Team Ultra then get started now:

Step 2. CTC's 10x10 series - no better way to tune your body to running then regular daily runs. Check our daily updates on FB to catch us in Chennai's most scenic running routes.

Step 3. CTC's monthly hill running series - coming up next Kolli Hills on Oct 22-23

Running changes life for good,



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