Independence Day Cycling Trip Aug 12,13,14,15 Write up

Monday, August 22, 2016
Here I'm writing my experience as words of what we seen, felt and experienced NATURE.

 Written by: Bakiyaraj
Even if u imagine or Google HD images or if u see in 3d/4d/5d screen, u can't feel the real beauty of the nature. At some point of time we were feeling like we are in HEAVEN.
OKAY... Let's start our trip preparations...
Raghavan whatsapp: Bakiya Wayanad cycling in CTC by Vishal.
I was not in situation to access internet. But the moment Raghavan notified, within a minute I registered. Luckily I was got shortlisted and Vishal arranged for preparation meet at hotel kuppanna.
Venkat and Vishal finalized the plan on that pre meet.

Then on Thursday windup office work early and reached home and prepared cycle for the trip. Then we started at5:00PM from venkat house with four cars Versa, Bolero, swift & Brezza. Ride in swift was like rollercoaster. Chinna pasanga right left nu aaduvanga illa andhaa madiri myself Kote and Anbu were being shaked right and left by Prabha's driving. Sema drive.

All four cars regrouped at Chengalpattutollgate and planned to stop at Vikravandi toll. But Versa got struck in between and everyone returned back to Versa and shifted cycles and luggages from versa to other cars and toed versa to vilupuram, took 3 cycles into lorry and reached ulundur pet toll. From there we caught a gypsy to load few cycles and remaining cars followed and reached Salem. From Salem 3 cycles pedaled to reach Kathir home. On the way to kathir home Prabha hit in a median since it was poor visible. Luckily it was minor scratch in his arm.

Then it was nice to take some power nap in kathir home and refreshed and finished breakfast and further Venkat and Vishal remodified the plan. Due to unavoidable situation Venkat and kathir dropped from the trip. Kept unnecessary things in kathir home. Remaining we started with 3 cars. At the same time we informed Chidambaram who came from Mysore, to start cycling as per the plan from Gundlupet. So that he can start early and once we reach him then we will continue. We reached Sathyamangalam via tiruchengodu, gopichettipalayam and finished lunch at Sathyamangalam. I ordered only parota but tasted all varieties of ordered food. At that time Vishal mind voice "intha gang 4 day money'ya one day'layae galee paniduvanga polaa, konjam meratee (warning) vappoom". We CTCians are very strict in spending money. So while crosschecking the bill we noticed one kothu parota was included additionally. Cashier adjusted the bill amount. At that time server paavoom taniyaa pasetu irundaru.

Had small play for beeda and started towards Gundlupet. Before entering into western ghats, it was really awesome view and 27 hair pin bends. While crossing Sathyamangalam reserve forest we noticed a beautiful view of mountain and lake which is surrounded by forest. Without any question all three cars stopped and we ran into the lake without thinking we r in reserve forest. Swimming in that lake was so amazing. We didn't go too deep just for safety. If we were lucky we could've spot some animal in the other side of the lake. Unfortunately not. We had some beautiful photo sessions and Vishal clicked a perfect shot of everyone flying in air (but still we r searching for that photo). Then we started and reached Gundlupet and continued towards Bandipur forest. In meantime Chidambaram already started cycling towards Bandipur reserve forest. This guys has sema guts to pedel alone in that forest, that even in rain. Question for Chidambaram: Puli vandaa enna panni irupeenga ???

In mid of bandipur forest we found Chidambaram cycling and we don't want to leave him alone cycling. So two were decided to start cycle with him, finally everyone started to do cycling from that point. Dai, in that forest vehicles itself not allowed to stop, but we everyone got down from cars, we were assembling cycles in the mid of animals roaming area. I was thinking vadivelu dialogue "Puli, yana engarundu varapogudunu tareyalae, alert'aaa iruda Arumugam". In meantime time sema action scene "Ayyoooo Ammaaaa door'aaa ooooopen panungada, en veraluuuuuuu" by Kote. Luckily nothing serious. Ring in his finger saved him from tragedy. Kote: inimae door open panrapo pakathula irupiyaaa ?

Soon our Cyclists started pedaling towards Sultan Batherri had dinner there and soon pedaled towards dormitory vazhiooram. Before reaching I've performed a summer salt from cycle while riding in single hand in poor visible area. Finally cycle is on me. Learning "cycle is safe on me". At Vazhiooram we started preparing cycles for morning ride and had a good sleep. Everywhere people are using jeera water for drinking due to health conscious.

Day 2:
Morning 6:00am - Started cycling towards Meppadi via Kalpetta. Awesome experience of cycling in rain in that climate. Superb. From Meppadi we started climbing Chembara peak. Oh my god, good climb. And local boys offered some gouva to eat. They too enjoyed cycling in our MTB cycles and spent some time for photos. One important reason for taking photos is that it's the only proof people will believe when we say I reached this peak. When Pranav was giving a pose with cycle, others mind voice was "okay Pranav is going to do off road cycling from Chembara peak to down". But it was good time. Then during downhill ride one guy opened innova door without look at cycles coming by side. Hit on the door and fell down and I realized I'm wearing all safety gears.

Continued to reach Meppadi and had breakfast. Here is the day 2 warning from Vishal "everyone do breakfast at one place" second day konjam merati (warning) achi, polam polammerimeri Soojipara falls polaam. Note this point carefully "Soojipara fallspolaam". Except Vishal we all thought we are going to take bath in falls. After pedeling some tough up hill, we reached Soojipara water falls car parking. We all are looking for safe place for cycles. Then Vishal came & he said go this way, we all said falls is in other way, once again Vishal said go this way, we came for cycling not for the falls. At that moment everyone face was blinking like 1000w bulb. Sema comedy moment.

OK kelambukelambu.... Reached Meppadi and finished lunch. During this trip I learned one important thing. Name of half boil in Kerala is BullsEye. Say again "Bullssss Eye"
Lunch'nusonnaudanaeswift'apallathullavitutuvanthutaanunga.Apporom saptu pooi car'atoo kanoom.Yaru da pallathullavittadriver ?

Then the trip to Gudalur starts. Sema climate. Cool climate with rain and we are cycling. At some point it was up hill for a long time. After that down hill ride for about 3 to 4 kms was an amazing ride. We were about to chase cars and bikes. Within some time we reached a place it's like heaven. The place was heavy mist, couldn't see anything at a distance of 10m. There was very few vehicles crossed and no people were there. So  I thought it's a dangerous place. Even I couldn't see the side by trees clearly due to heavy mist and if animals comes, I can't see it in safe distance, I might be in distance of doing handshake with animals. So without stopping I kept moving. Then I saw Raghavan and Anbu going in front of me. On the way we had hot and tasty mushroom masala in that cool climate.
Before reaching Gudalur we stopped near bharathiyar arts and science college. Anbu and Rajesh got leaches on their legs. Since it becomes dark, Kote and Sharath found a place for that night stay. Then we reached home and kept calm to avoid disturbance for neighbour. We parked Brezza some where opposite to the home. Then we started some discussion on great actions of Balakrishna&SampooraneshBabu, Tolly wood &Kollywood. At last we found a elephant star in our gang. It's non other than Mr.Rajesh.
Elephant star Rajesh
Elephant star Rajesh
Elephant star Rajesh
Soon Kote & Pranav bought dinner for us and soon we finished, we prepared to sleep. Since the home has no ventilation, it's was so compact to manage chillness that night. In meantime time Naveen (Kote's brother) joined our gang. Kote to Naveen: I will show u different and unknown places.
Naveen: really, I'm coming soon.
Next day Naveen mind voice: unknown places katraen nu solleematheevaravacheetanae... Adhukoodaparavailla, kailacar'akoduthuu cycle pinnadioottavachetaanae.

Day 3:
Refreshed ourselves at college hostel and had some chat with hostel guy. And started cycling. Gudalur to Ooty was a continuous solid climb. It's so tough to pedel. At some point we found a ride side falls and myself, Kote, Anbu & Raghavan took some refreshing dip in that falls even knowing of leaches. We were so hungry and exhausted, so we took refreshing dip. It was so amazing in that falls. Soon we came out we started removing so many leaches from our body. Had some cuts while removing leaches. So terrible. Still we were so hungry. We got some snacks from some unknown people and soon our car mates Surya, Rajesh, Sheela& Pranav arrived with eating stuff. Oh my god we managed to survive. Since Sharath was so much interested to do cycling, I handover cycle to him and he enjoyed cycling in uphill. At Naduvattam we had a special breakfast of vada with pavbhaji, Muttabonda, vadaa, etc.

At that point of time there were two Cyclists who were lead Cyclists too far away in front of us (Prabha & Ajay). After some fun at we started to catch the lead Cyclists and we caught them some where close to Ooty. Then we decided to reach Ooty for lunch and found place to sit and discuss about our country development. By looking at our situation, one akka who use to do begging as part time business, offered her home to stay. We were thinking of our situation at that time, so funny. Soon one guy came near to us and was asking us that "stuff engakadaikum ?". We replied him "what stuff ?". That guy said "stuff". Then we looked each other and said we don't know. Intha situation'ku one reason could be costume of prabha (cycling shorts with rain coat). Suddenly Raghavan comes with a new sweater and gullaaa, and looks like Ooty tour guide. Later on we started searching for a place to stay and finally we found a closed place to stay that night. Luckily we found a closed place. If we would have stayed in open place, we might have die in that cold. Then had dinner which was bought by Vishal & Pranav. Had some fun and slept.

Day 4:
People started pedeling towards kothagiri. No one knows there are going to climb Dotabetta peak.

But no other way we have to climb. Myself Sharath and Kote came in car and spent some time here and there and helped Cyclists and reached Dotabetta successfully. Then we had some photo sessions and fun time on the way to kothagiri and finished breakfast on the way. Pinned flag and payed respect to our national flag and reached mettupalayam. Rearranged things in all three cars and took refreshing dip in nearby river. Seen an unbelievable Sura kothu by Raghavan in 2 feet deep water, had some fun time and finished lunch at annur and reached kathir home. We have seen full arc rainbow. Vishal and Ajay planned to stay back to parcel remaining cycles and we started way back to Chennai. Fantastic drive by Kathir, Pranav, prabha & Kote. In meantime Vishal & Ajay reached Chennai on same night by train.

It's been a great trip. Every trip has some unforgettable moments. This trip has a lot of unforgettable moments. When the total plan was about to change, still we managed and did as per the plan. It shows, never mind the obstacles on the path, keep moving on what you want to pursue. Apart from all our efforts, the ultimate thing is the NATURE. maybe I may go once again in same way but I won't get same experience as this. But every time being with NATURE gives ultimate happiness.

Let's save our Nature and enjoy the Nature.
Some memorable moments:
-        Versa break down
-        Lorry & gypsy ride
-        Pedaling without lights and prabha hitting in median.
-        Hospitality of Kathir's family
-        Drop out of two trip mates
-        Unlimited orders during lunch at sathyamangalam
-        Recalculated lunch bill for one kothu barota instead of two
-        Ghaat road drive in sathyamangalam forest
-        Dip in an unknown lake in sathyamangalam forest
-        Chasing Chidambaram in bandipur forest.
-        Preparing cycles in mid of bandipur forest where vehicles itself not advised to stop.
-        Kote finger into swift doors.
-        Spotting few animals.
-        Sundari & Mithun expecting elephants to charge on them.
-        Kote & Bakiya heart beat goes up when Sundari & Mithun were close to elephants.

-        Extra money for sabji at sultan battery dinner
-        Preparing cycles for morning ride
-        Meppadi - chembara peak up and down
-        Beautiful and unbelievable cycling pose by Cyclists
-        Bakiya adventurous hit on innova doors
-        Bulb for ALL Cyclists after reaching soojipara falls
-        Dip in running stream
-        Pedeling towards gudalur
-        Superb downhill rides and chasing motor vehicles
-        Unbelievable ride into mist which was like cycling in heaven
-        Hot mushroom masala
-        Leaches on Rajesh, Anbu & Surya
-        Kote & Sharath Finding home near gudalur
-        Rajesh becomes ELEPHANT STAR
-        Welcoming Naveen into the trip.
-        Pranav beautiful sleeping posture with Raghavan and Vishal
-        360 degree DOLBY ATMOS effects by Kote and Rajesh

-        Midnight surprise by neighbor
-        Morning chat with hostel guy
-        Rejoin of Prabha into cycling
-        Solid uphill pedeling
-        Spot a roadside falls and refreshing
-        Removing leaches all over body
-        Getting snacks from pass Byers
-        Snacks supply by car mates
-        Naduvattam special breakfast

-        Small quarrels with shoppers for moving cars from naduvattam bustand
-        Kote escaped in swift instead of sweeping
-        Finding lead Cyclists Prabha & Ajay just before reaching Ooty
-        Occupied a place in Ooty busstand and fun chat with fellow Cyclists.
-        By looking at our situation near Ooty busstand, one part time begging akka invited us to their home
-        One bleddy bugger asking us about xxx eating stuff
-        Cyclists Raghavan becomes Ooty tour guide Raghavan

-        Roaming around to find a place to camp
-        Receiving fellow Cyclists to camp location
-        Some fun moments in camp site
-        Starting to pedal towards kothagiri without knowing dotabetta climb
-        Photo sessions on the Way to kothagiri
-        Finishing cycling at mettupalayam
-        Re arranging cycles and luggages in cars
-        Refreshing dip in river

-        Amazing view seen only by Pranav, sharath & Bakiya
-        Unbelievable Sura kothu (diving) of Raghavan in 2 feet deep water
-        Regroup at Kathir home
-        Re arranging necessary things
-        Misplacing Vishal mobile and missing it
-        Dip in nearby dirty quarry
-        Beautiful full arc rainbow
-        Sema ride by kathir, Pranav, Kote & Prabha
-        Crossing heavy traffic tolls
-        Vishal and Ajay managed to parcel cycles and reach Chennai by train.
-        Finished unforgettable trip.


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