Jawadhu Hills Ultra, Aug 7th - Running Route, Aid Stations, Terrain, Elevation

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Dear runner,

Find below important information on the running route.

Running Route

The #JHU16 running route is a 25K linear track consisting of 4K tar road and 21K off road trail. Runners will run up and down the same track except for a partly different return section near A6/A7 below. All run categories start and finish at the same venue (St Joseph school).
  • 25K runners will take a U-turn at 12.5K 
  • 50K runners will take a U-turn at 25K 
  • 75K runners will take a U-turn at 25K and 12.5K (2nd loop)
  • 100K runners will take a U-turn at 25K and 25K (2nd loop)

Aid Stations

11 aid stations are placed every (approx) 3K along the running route. Following items are available:
  • Drinking water
  • ORS mixed water
  • Peanut bars
  • Orange
  • Lemon / salt
  • Banana
  • Snickers
  • Sandwich (50/75/100K only, every 6K)
Route Surface

The running route is an off road dirt track with a mostly smooth surface except for a few rocky sections (bare foot not recommended). You can find photos over here.

Elevation Profile

The 25K running track has a rolling elevation profile between 750 and 1000 meters altitude. It has a mix of gradual, medium and steep uphills/downhills as per below cross section:

Green Event

#JHU is a near zero-waste event. Aid stations use reusable tumblers / plates for serving refreshments. Finishing food is served at the venue in buffet style on reusable / areca plates. We request runners to respect the natural beauty of the location and not throw any garbage at the venue or along the trail. Garbage sacks are placed at all aid stations.

Do Not Forget

Reminder to 100/75/50K runners to bring a torch as the trail is not lit before sunrise.

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