Chennai Triathlon - Pre Race Day and Race Day tips

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Sharing a few Pre Race Day and Race Day tips from our very own Raghul Shankar, twice International Ironman.

Pre Race Day

  • Clip your nails 1 week before race (you need them for peeling off wrappers)
  • Drink enough water (more than daily consumption)
  • Stay well hydrated including electrolytes (electral, lemon, fresh juices, tender coconut)
  • Go for a slight jog, cycle or swim (can do all three or a brick too of very short distances)
  • Keep your cycle ready (pump air, race day morning not overnight)
  • Keep your puncture kit ready
  • Prepare your swim to cycle transition bag (T1 Bag)
  • Prepare your cycle to run transition bag (T2 Bag)
  • Sleep early
Pack T1 Bag
  • Cycle jersey
  • Cycle shorts padded (if no tri suit/ tri shorts)
  • Cycle Helmet
  • Cycle Shoes & Socks
  • Cycle gloves
  • Leg sleeves (optional)
  • Something light to eat after swim(energy gel or bar or your regular nutrition)  
  • Towel
  • Coolers or Sun glass
  • Race Belt with BIB pinned, along with nutrition
Pack T2 Bag
  • Running Shoes & Socks (Change socks, feels fresh)
  • Dry Fit jersey (if no tri suit/ tri shorts)
  • Dry Fit shorts (with pocket)
  • Compression sleeves for arm/leg
  • Cap
  • Vaseline
  • Race belt with BIB (if you have different BIB for Cycle & Run)
  • Don’t eat anything unhealthy
  • Eat the nutrition that works well for you
  • Some say fat, some say carbs. Don’t listen to others.
  • Don’t eat spicy food
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and liquor
  • Don’t walk too much. Avoid heavy workout
Race Day

  • Wake up 1 or 1.5 hour before race (or earlier)
  • Brush your teeth & wash your face
  • Eat your pre race meal/snack (banana with peanut butter and milk for me)
  • Drink some water
  • Flush your stomach (yes, toilet)
  • Take a bath (if you are used to)
  • Apply Vaseline under your arm pits
  • Apply Vaseline on your neck (for those who use tri suit)
  • Apply Vaseline on your crotch
  • Go through the course of your race mentally including
  • Swim and its number of laps
  • Transition T1 (its order and your plan)
  • Cycle route and its number of laps
  • Transition T2 (its order and your plan)
  • Run route and its number of laps
  • Get your Nutrition gels and bars to stick on the cycle top tube
  • Get your pump to fill the exact pressure that you use for your cycle
  • Grab your swim cap & goggles
  • Change into swim suit or tri suit
  • Slightly warm up your arms and hips (you will warm up while you swim)
  • Don’t wake up late
  • Don’t eat anything spicy
  • Don’t warm up too much (control your nerves)
During Race
  • Control your nerves at the start, don’t sprint
  • At no point of time, try to accelerate during the race
  • If your goggles get filled with water on one eye, breathe on the other side
  • If both eyes get filled, float to remove water (if you can’t float, go to the nearest tube)
  • Get out of water and head to your T1 Bag
  • Remove your head cap and goggles on the run to T1 Bag
  • Get your towel and wipe your feet
  • Wear your shorts & jersey (if no tri suit/ tri shorts)
  • Wear one socks & same leg shoe and then next leg
  • Wear your helmet, gloves & sunglass
  • Eat the snack on the run to your cycle
  • Maintain the practice cadence and speed while cycling
  • Eat something every half hour while cycling
  • Drink often; alternate water and electrolyte every sip
  • Respect your fellow participants & Volunteers
  • Thank your volunteers
  • Increase cadence at the end of your cycle leg to relax muscles
  • Head to T2 bag
  • Have a seat and remove your shoes & socks and outfit
  • Eat a gel or bar at the transition
  • Wear your run outfit (if no tri suit/tri shorts)
  • Wear your socks & shoes (one leg at a time)
  • Try to avoid walk as much as possible (leads to over extension of rear of knee)
  • Run at a constant pace
  • Show your flair at the finish line



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