Worker's Day Trek Beat The Heat Edition 2 - Post Trek Write Up

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Excellent write up by Sai Laks

My first trek!
Going for a trek before i turn 30 was one of the things on my bucket list and i finally got an opportunity to do.. I was naturally excited to experience my first trek hence had a sleepless night the day before to make sure that i dint miss the bus to nagala... I got on board at guindy with Divya who was supposed to get on the ride later but got in the vehicle which was earlier, we waited for shiva and madhan at guindy for quite sometime.. With formal introductions we moved from one pick up point to the other and continued our journey to nagala... On entering the protected forest area and getting the first glimpse of the hill which we were supposed to trek was so awesome i juz sat and admired the view of the hill for quite sometime ignoring all the comotion which was happening around me.. We started our entourage into the wilderness from the northern face of the hill at around 9 am with "the hulk" Muthu leading our way and vishal the organiser cheering, rather than threatening us to walk faster.. 
As we entered the forest we were treated with a spectacular stream were we quenched our thirst with mineral rich, unadulterated water. As we entered into deeper jungle, by mid-day, we encountered two pristine water falls.. We had a dip at each of them.. U can feel all ur body pains ,which u acquired on ur 3 hr trek, wash downstream with each drop of water falling on ur body.. It was a tremendous feeling... 
At the second water fall we not only had our share of fun but also much needed lunch.. From bread to chappathi and chips we had a various varieties for our lunch.. The power lunch demanded a power nap and we took one... What followed the power nap is unexplainable.. 
We had to climb through boulders which were thrice or four times our size with jz our hands and feet.. i never thought i could do such stuff in my life, ever.. But i did, yes with few hiccups, i did.. We were joined by another group of trekkers.. Being my first trek i chose the path which was less risky but people like muthu, jack, hema, divya et al had other ideas.. Being experienced trekkers they took a more risky paths and moved forward.. I had minor cramps on my way up the boulders but was determined to climb as i cant afford to be left alone... 
We reached our campsite right after the sunset and started preparing for dinner... Bensh and jaweed took the responsiblity of cooking and other guys helped them with cutting and setting up the fire.. All i did was, though i am feeling guilty of it, to  find a flat rock, lay down and rest.. I can feel pain in all my muscles starting from my toes to neck... There was so much happening around me but i was blissfully unaware of it..
 At around 8 the aroma of hot food disturbed my sleep and i got up had my dinner... Never ever in my life i had craved for food as i had craved that night at nagala.. That was the best tomato rice i had in my life, not only for the taste but also to quench my hunger... After dinner i went back to my slumber again which was interuppted by few occasional noices. I was not able to decipher the source of the noices though.. But whenever i got up from my sleep i made sure to watch the sky and saw a roof made of thousands interspersed between leaves and branches.. It was one hell of a view which i will never forget... Next day after finishing our morning rituals and breakfast we moved from our camping site towards the hill top.. We were warned abt lack of water for the next few hours pf our trek.. We made sure we filled our tummies and bottles with water and started our trek to the eastern face of nagala, our exit from wilderness.. That was one treacherous trek..  We walked,crawled, inched towards our destination, the magic pool with scouring sun as our company sucking every bit of life outta us with each passing second... On our way we had the best views possible of nagala hills, its central peak and the lush greenery around us.. We posed for group pics and jaweed was nice enough to click the pics of each and everyone... The next two hours of our trek, i would like to call it "fight for survival". 
With water sources running dry we were subjected to immense pressure both physically and mentally to survive the onslaught of the sun... We pounced on whatever we thought had some water content in it.. After 4 hours of waterless trek we reached the stream.. Man! Everybody made a sigh of relief and felt "yappa pozhachomda sami"... We heartily quenched our thirst filled our bottles with water, rested for 10 minutes and continued our journey.. At around 2pm we reached the magic pool.. Boy it was really a magical feeling.. I felt i was in a mystical place which i only saw in movies... The pool was deep and was fed by a waterfall which was two to three storeys high.. The rocks surrounding the pool provided much needed shade.. There were pavilions on the sides of the pool on which we were able to rest.. We had the bonus of fish pedicure at the pool.. It was awesome experience and all of it for free.. We had time the time of our life at the pool.. By 4pm we started moving towards the eastern exit of nagala.. On the way out we posed for group pics, selifes and stuff.. We had jolly banter and on our way back started picking nonperishables which were littered all over the pristine forest, thereby upholding our CTC spirit.. As we neared the end of our journey, on looking back at the trek i felt, to trek u not only need a fit body but also a fitter mind.. A trek throws many challenges at you but its upto to u to take up the challenge.. The urge for survival is one of the most powerful feelings which has driven the growth of various species including us.. With advent of technologies our thirst for survival has come down as we seek comfort as our first priority.. To keep ur thirst for survival alive take up trekking u will not repent or regret it.. Hope i will join the group for another trek in the near future...

Amazing write up by Swathi Kannan

After registering for the trek, I check my mail every now and then to be selected . Luckily I was selected since few souls has dropped out. I had a million of questions going through my mind from then. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU ? IS IT SAFE ? You don’t know anyone in this group , ARE YOU REALLY GOING.. ? In spite of all the mind wars I moved on and got Ready. My first contact was devika who called and confirmed my presence. I was unable to sleep due to the excitement. Felt like my first time picnic in my schooldays.  I set alarm at 2.30 and to my surprise I woke up at the first ring . Usually my alarm goes into dismiss modes or Snooze only. :D
Getting ready I came to Nathans cafĂ© and called Muruga (BAHUBALI  :P ) koyembedu incharge  at 4.25 A.M . Actually by Vishals mail we have to be there by 4.40 A.M Sharp –but the bus came by 5.15 A.M, ha ha ha ha ha I recommend participants to come On time – Vishal :P. When I climbed on board the bus was full of strangers.. I started my journey in with full excitement..  we got introduced slowly, Saswathi , dhana , devika and it went on… On the way we had breakfast at the UNKNOWN TIFFIN SHOP. Idlies and Hot Hot sambhar , firing hot chutney , Poori and vada was devoured by our team :D  Then we proceed further , through the bumping roads we reached the foot hill, (The murukku meesai driver anna drove splendidly ). On the way muthu was showing the videos of the past trekking and my hear stared racing and felt much more excited.  We parked the van and got ready for the expedition. Started walking …… walking……. And walking through the barren lands even though it was around 8.30 only the sun showed no mercy and was hot so early. Walking so long I can hear my own hear beats and blood rushing through my palms.. Am I having an heart attack was the only thing going on my mind. Going back in not an option.. Finally we reached the Entrance of the forest ..  Had a team meet up and some instructions from MUTHU..  We entered into the blissful forest , serene and calm she welcomed us with shades!! Finally some shade..  :O  we came across our first source of water and you should have seen our faces… LOL !!! Awwww so happy to see the stream.. J After few clicks and filling the water bottles we started venturing again…

In the forest there is no Mercy.. Boy or Girl, strong or weak doesn’t matter, If u fall buckle up and walk again, follow the trail, be with your team , KEEP MOVING.. the motivation and support by vishal was amazing that kept us going. Not a single person was left behind. Even if we walked slowly someone would be with us to keep pushing you to be in upfront. And yet again another stream.. We rested for a while.. Signed our forms and  started again.. Once you are deep in the forest the rocks, roots , branches and veins are your best friends, you could trust them . Climbing rocks is not a big deal if you need water. :P . Walking along the stream was our first waterfall… Dhivya took us (Non Swimmers) to the water fall and we had an amazing experience.. The force of the water fall could not match the Balinese or Thai massages people are spending for...  After drying a bit we climbed up the hill. Eventhough we didn’t want to leave the fall our organizers promised us to take to the second waterfall..  And yet again we started climbing the rocks... There she was waiting for us…  A beautiful water fall with the view amongst the mountains… Non Swimmers definitely should bring Swimming tubes to enjoy the beauty … We had our lunch, chappatis , jams, breads, kakda.. Doesn’t matter who you are ... if you have food are the next persons best friend :P . These foods would be laying around in your home untouched , but here.. it will not last for seconds in your hand.. Eat anything and everything was our teams motto.. :D . I had an amazing rejuvenating massage in the waterfalls viewing the beauty of the mountains. After drying up , we had the TANG WAR !!!! Dunno how many people even know that we had tang in the team.. :D
And for a sudden moment there were few unknown people jumping before us.. (Rudhra, Ravi , I learned their names later only ) . After a while we then started with our trekking. There is no thinking.. .just keep moving… All the teams gathered and started moving forward…  20 ‘s became 40’S. Before we even get to the team members name we came across new people again and became friendly. They got our backs and we got their back.. That was an amazing team I should mention. So climbing up and down.. left and right somewhere in the middle we reached an end where Muthu was waiting for us with a rope high on the waterfalls around 10 feet high I guess.. we were supposed to climb on that.. WHAT… WE ARE SUPPOST TO CLIM ON THAT :o . Our Bahubali AKA Muruga lifted everyone up ..
 Paaah his eyes were popping out literally when he lifted our Photographer and few other people.. (We ladies moved up swiftly than the guys who made the fuss :D  ( Kudos to all the girls )As we reached up and yet again another  big rock.. Ah.. we climbed again… I will not forget jack and Rudhra , cornering me out for a Biriyani L.
The team was with high spirit and we kept going forward… Stop… that is where our Life savior hot injured.. Falling from that high.. God I would have made a big mess.. she was all calm in spite of the pain. A big shock for all of us..  Then we were asked to take a different route and walked again.  We are going forward in the trail  just don’t know where . Trusting our organizers and our other life savior Hema we kept going On and On.. When it started to begin dark we climbed into the thorn forest… Can you believe me THORN FOREST . 
Yes we didn’t leave that place also and made our marks there. And down the hill in the dark space we camped out for the night.. Everyone gathered , found the place,  Started cooking.. And that’s how it went. Thanks to jawed, Hema, Ravi and all the souls  who prepared a delicious dinner for us.. And again a dinner war for the food.. it never ends until the gundans get emptied…  Post Dinner we all slept hearing the streams and rustling trees singling lullaby to us.. ALL FLAT. Later early morning  we all had a wake up call by hema , rudra, singaram and the so called FOX at 4.00 A.M :D . Unable to sleep further I had an amazing peace out session near the stream.  Imagine..  the sound of the stream, dawning sunlight.. breezy air.. what else is needed more for an amazing day ahead?
   Once the sunlight stared at the rocks everyone was up, and then finished our morning duties - giving back the manure what the nature gave us: D. And then we stared again with the Cofee, tea and breakfast session. Here we had to witness the POPCORN FIGHT .. Later we started  again.. beside the streams.. over the hills.. I literally dunno how many hills we climbed. It was all worth it till we had  the sight of the view point. Up and down, in and out we walked till our energyy went to minus. Takes rest then move our rear.. No water…  and No sign of water …. 
 Lemon, tomato, salt, kaccha candy anything you give us we will swallow. we walked and walked. They told us we will soon Reach MAGIC POOL.. awaiting it we all moved .. ATLAST a stream.. we quenched out thirst from the long awaited source of water. Then we headed toward the magic pool… The Much awaited place.. there she was guarded by two high sides of the hills. On seeing it our teams jumped into it literally from an hight of around 20-30 feet. By stepping down carefully we had a dip and a long break in the waterfall.. Pedicure, swimming classes, underwater selfies, live crazy diving all could be seen in one spot. Even though we had two people injured (Rudhra and Siva ).  Nothing could be compared to the mind relaxation at such place. We then proceeded with our journey which was almost at the end..
In a few hours we are going to end the trek.. we also started cleaning up the hill on the way back. Which is also our job as CTC. We collected as much garbage as we could. Had our final break in the stream. Our last pic near the lake and came out of the forest. We had to get back to our normal life once again. We were team, best friends,  warriors, trekkers and what not.
 This is what I would call as an trekking . it changed my views about people and myself.. I joined the trek since I needed a break but in the end I emerged as a strong person.  We had not only explored the Nagala but we explored ourselves.  Starting the trek I regert joining it , but in the end I would I have definitely regretted it I had not joined J Proud to be in this team.
Last but not least I would like to thank everyone of you who is reading this for being there and made this an mind boggling experience for me..
Crisp Write up by Rajeev Srisai

The first thing that came to my mind after reading the mail that said, I was selected for going on a trek was,"Can I wake up at 3 AM in the morning?!". On the first day, to my surprise, I woke up before the alarm rang and I was enthusiastic about the trek. My only other trek was at Tada (after my experiences at Nagulapuram, I think what I did at Tada is a morning walk :P). This was my first activity with a group which is completely new to me (my Tamil is also pathetic. I learned more Tamil in this 2 day trek than in my 6 years at IIT). 
This trek not only gave me an exhilarating experience in the forest but also a lot to reminisce and things to think about. The long trek through the forest, rope climbing through a 10 foot waterfall (Though it was mostly Muruga(our Baahubali :P) lifting me and Muthu pulling me, I will take credit for the 2 feet I pulled my self through :P), camping in the forest at night, drinking water directly from the streams, making our own fire, cooking our own food, sleeping on the ground, listening to water flow at night, staring at the night sky with the stars twinkling through the gaps in the trees, 5 hour trek without water, eating tomato and salt to stay hydrated, swimming in the ponds, diving into them, sliding into them... All these are unforgettable experiences.  
Many new faces and yet we became close in a day. We helped each other,enjoyed others' company, talked about a lot of things (Including serious things like, how much trash are we generating even if we are very vigilant about usage of dustbins), hummed a few tunes and finally emerged as successful trekkers. I felt like a warrior who conquered something, well we all conquered something. We conquered ourselves.
Looking forward for many such treks... 
        Thank you guys for helping me through the trek and making an unforgettable beautiful memory. 

Nice article by Saswati Roy 

Hi Warriors,
At the very first day when i saw one mail came for Nagala Trek i got excited okay I have to go this time i missed so many chances this is the time to grab the chance. So I registered though it was easy + moderate (  Vishal could mention as Moderate itself) ..I took the dare chance with the 30 % fitness level of mine. I was keep on following whether any mail is there in my inbox one day i got mail and that time i asked so many of my CTC friends how to prepare for trek along with foods and bags everyone suggested well.  
  I was in the trail mail so everyone was discussing like some trip plan so days were passing and I was telling to my friends finally going for trek and everyone was asking " this summer how u will go ??"" I just answered no worries we are anyways not staying in cold Place .  

   First day :      Finally the trek day came I woke up in the Morning, and reached perfect time in the Spot we took Van and finally people were gathering new faces new adventure superb feeling. In the Breakfast time had nice experience with Telugu Chilly Chatni with Idli and Soupy Sambar .. Tastes good .... when food count started gave my idli count certainly I heard one person counting 13 Idli OMG " Thats Shyam " .. Ok .Then we were travelling through our destination i was watching the hills okay this needs to climb up. 
  Finally we entered into the forest beauty when I saw the stream wow it was like I am inside the nature , though I am from North East stream beauties are available but Nagala Stream Beauty was awesome for me. We were moving here and there by following the Stream and reached to First pool where The Waterfall was beating like Teacher was beating but nice feel though. then again climb up and reach to that awesome pool, Hema My life Savior in the water  and we had covered our lunch time over there. ( Sorry i dint mention anyone Coal worker anyone, though I told Vishal as a Liar and Muruga as Monkey). We had Tang Bottle fight over there and started the moderate way by climbing the Gigantic rocks for me. I was watching , how Bahubali was lifting people OMG finally i also did with my leg cramp. and it was dark when we reach to our camp site it was full of stones and sound of stream and some insect sound also there. Jaweed started cooking he and Hema cooked very nice Biriyani. We were gossiping though no campfire happen everyone was tired and then sleeping time wow what a view Tree leaves are moving and small stars are playing hide and seek and sound of water felt like We should be here whenever we need to relax peace of mind. 

Second Day :    Wake up in the morning Birds were chirping ,,,,( oops my mistake in the middle also I woke up Hema shouted once because of Fat rat .. )  able to watch the sun it was wow experience had so many photo session after breakfast finally got ready for next day challenge .. in the middle we were taking rest and we sang song , pics had loads of fun ... and started climbing for the top of hill keep that on mind that no water will be available I didn't know where Vishal were taking us .. people were asking when the water will be there Vishal  kept on saying withing 1 and half hour later you will get that hours finally finished after multiply of one and half hour or more than that. everyone was so thirst so that were started to eat Tomato and Lemon .. finally somewhere i heard the sound of stream and we got source of water (May be this call survival ).. and then that awesome pool I wish i could jump from top (Don't know swimming )... and then the Fish pedicure had so much fun water made us fresh alive and then again we stared walking , photo shoot and I was thinking how i missed this great opportunity till now .... and by walk we reached to our van ... People are so energetic , they danced even really hats off . ...  and dinner time had Roti, Scrambled egg Chicken  but nothing can beat that night dinner spot with starlight beauty .. I enjoyed the entire trek though it was my first trek I wanna make it memorable for my lifetime. Thank you once again to all my friends over there , Organizer specially and  Photographers ....Stay well everyone and Keep smiling

Write up By Devika

The day I came to know CTC (Chennai Trekking Club) on Oct 2014. My expectation for trekking increased but not sure how to start, when to start & I have waited for my day till June 2015 for an entry to CTC by CCC6 (Chennai Coastal Cleanup Edition 6) in Akkarai. Then as next step moved to Cesaw, Anithinai, Chennai Red Knights, Chennai Trail Marathon, etc. But not into the core CTC activities like Trekking, Cycling, Swimming, Running.Then time turned on Apr 15th 2016(Saturday) . Got a mail from Vishal stating “Worker's Day Trek- Beat The Heat Edition 2- Apr 30-May 01” mind moved to lets rock this chance. Tried to register from Mobile on spot but my bad luck not able to register via of mobile so sent mail to Vishal stating I want to be in this event & will register on Monday .He told to register on Monday & update him. Parallel informed my friends also to register for this trek …. But bad luck none register or not turned up for this trek.While discussing with my sister @ home.. I have registered for Nagalapuram trek.. When is your exams getting over.. Can you join with me.. Then my sister also interested so Tuesday morning once reached office gave a shock by seeing a mail from Vishal registration closed & again sent him mail for her registration also but no response from him. So I don’t have any other choice then calling Vishal & block one slot for my sister.  Then received a confirmation mail from Vishal on Apr 25th with big list of preparation mail in top he mentioned to read this full mail..
  Guys and Girls, Please fully read this mail  “
Then we had mail transactions on this trekking preparation like food, packing, eating, etc.Next day Vishal sent mail of participation number list to all stating myself & Sai to call them for confirmation on this trek. So both split the contact & started calling them .. I toke last 11 members including the organizer like Muthu & Vishal… When I called Muthu for confirmation with feeling of aada organizer ki call panni confirmation kekura ya devika. :) … Then Apr 30 th 12 AM – no sleep till 12.30 Am all packing went for me & my sister till 3.15 Am before we start from our home with my brother.First time in my time reached the spot on time by 3.55 Am @ Tidel Park meet Jaweed our Cooking master. Introduced to him & again confirmation call went for other Tidel park, Madhya kailash, Guindy  members . Meanwhile Saswathi & Shyam came .. Then waited for Van to pick us to nagala till 4.30 Am …After van came & picked us to route way like anna university, Guindy, Ashok Pillar, CMBT.In that time all got introduced like Swathi, Dhanamadhavan, Anand, Sai, Rajeev, Sathya Narayana, Bensh, Raghu ram, Raghu,  etc.Even few old members like Hema, Divya, Vishal, Muthu, Jack. Then next crowd – Ruthira & his friends( came in other vehicle).
By 7.30 reached nagalapuram & had yummy idly , hot sambar & spicy chatni.After breakfast went near to our spot (heavenly nagala mountain). Primary checking went by Vishal to split the common foods & other items to maintain balanced weight for all new buddies & expect warriors.Then we started our walk from village to farm land where our first photo session went up & Vishal, Muthu discussed about the trek activities how to go & what to do ,etc. Photography Jaweed very exciting to take snap in tis place as after a while we won't have energy to give poss.... But the truth came later ...Went into the forest by 9.30. Saw the 1st falls / water body by 10. Spent 10 mins there & again started walking to reach the fall ASAP.In middle I use to call Muthu, Muthu to find the route as I walked slow compared to Muthu, Divya, few more. Then Pavi, Pavi for confirming my sister with me on the same way. :')It's looks like easy trek as we go ... Saw 1st pool & jumped into it like monkey & water level till neck only so we gave nice poss in tat pool & spent half an hour as we need to reach other pools as well ...Vishal use to say don't have anything @ ur hand ... But still I have my nose piece, bottle, etc.. Then reached 2nd pool but we didn't spent time there as we need to enjoy in 3rd pool & have our lunch there...
After 2 nd pool felt like interesting to climb tat 4 feet rock... Some how Vishal & Jack helped to climb tat rock....Here we saw the big & awesome 3rd pool... We need to use swimming tube as its 20 feet high as they said..Had our lunch & went inside the pool ... Around tat pool walkable space there so you can enjoy near t falls & in pool as well..Vishal announced our break time till 3 PM ... All Started eating our food like chapathi, bread, with tomato kolambu, Jam, butter. Brought by myself, Muruga, Saswathi, etc.Our level of interaction increased with Shyam, Hema, Vishal, Swathi, Jack, Saswathi, Jaweed, Muruga, etc.Slept for half an hour & again jumped in pool with tube .. Without knowing how to move from tat place.....After 3pm our real trek started... Climbed up from 3rd pool ... After a stage we felt the real trek ... Have to climb up more than 8 feet with rope in falls water (lol - imagine like Ravanan Vikram, Aiswarya).... Many unable to climb tat rock ... So here the real hero's entry (Muruga - Bahubali, Muthu & Jack - support in climbing after t lift of Bahubali)....
One by one everyone climbed or lifted by our heroes ...Then Ruthira team also joined in this spot with whole team .. So our team size increased to 36 members.After this everyone feeling of easy trek moved to moderate trek or easy +++ trek ...With team work we moved on & on from that destination to camping site ...By 7 we reached the camping site ...Our organizer allocated places for girls then cooking started by Hema, Ben,Jaweed, Dhana, etc.By 8.30 called us for dinner ... Menu - rice with takkali kolambu, ready to mix sambar, vattha kolambu, briyani, etc...Then we slept with stars & minmini puchi brightness.. Waited for next day with lite leg pain (applied pain balm)..By 4 annoying noise by Hema as something came ... But we didn't find anything as routed... Then by 6 am waked by birds song... By 8 am others got up & had tea, coffee, pop corn, bread, black tea, etc... Cleaned the vessels & few poss there as fresh day starts....Then started by 9.30 from Camping site to mountain top view. While moving from tat place benny distributed the remaining tomatoes to every members.. Reason behind this distribution we didn't know on tat time... Once reached end of falls Vishal alerted us to take water in bottles & have water ... Noting till 3 PM no water available nu... So we filled our bottles with water & started walking to top hill... Started walking from there to top view taken lot of poss & started down to next mountain... By this time our water in bottle got over... Every one asking for water, water....With hot Sun our energy started to reduce in jet speed.... But that time tomatoes saved our next 2 hrs travel without water ... Thanks for Ben to give t tomatoes...
After 3 reached the East side nagalapuram falls .... Which thought us t value of water...Then went to magic pool spent nice time .. By tis time I learnt how to swim in pool with tube (cycling mode)..... :)Here another group also joined & with us ... Few swimming specialist showcased the skills .... That motivated us to learn swimming....After pool, cleaned the East side to plastic free nature.Spent some time in last pool & taken few more poss... By 7 came out of nice place....
In this trek highlight,
Dhiviya - brave girl
Saswathi - vayadi
Muthu - hero
Murugan - Bahubali
Vishal - monkey
Jack & Shyam - coal workers
Anand - Amma pulla
Hope I covered all ...Thanks for reading this big story...
Organized by : Muthu Kumaran, Vishal, Jack
Photographers : Jaweed , Ragu Ram, Muthu Kumaran
Cooking Team: Jaweed, Ben, Hema 



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