Summer special to Nagala NorthEast - Post Trek Write up

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Yes from now on I can call myself a trekker. Surprised? 
I did my first full day trek! Even after a week I can feel the breathtaking moments flashing through my nerves as I write. 
Nagala North East One day Easy Trek!
I took it up as a friend just invited me. Vishal said start from easy ones. Thats when I decided yes I am taking my first step in this path. The begining of being a traveller, a trekker, a fighter!
I should thank Mr. Ponpandi for the musical ride in the morning. Bearing the unbearable stink near the tollgate taught me Tolerance. The travel resumed and we reached the foothills of Nagala only by early noon. The sun had no mercy to spare us. He was fully in love with our presence that he showered his rays like the fire dragon! 

The trek began with a few kilometers of steadfast walk with talks of getting to know each other. Stocked with lemons and water to fight dehydration I started to trek. Having been into fitness regime for a few days, I thought an easy trek would be a cake walk. Well I did have my adversity points to face before I got the feeling that the trek was actually easy. The first four to five kilometers of hike to the stream was actually a test of my willpower. I stopped twice at the verge of giving up and had to push every obstacle in my heart with one single thought that the stream is near by and it's going to be heavenly. 

When I found small ponds on the way to the stream I jumped! I filled water to help me through my way. And every time I wanted to give up I pushed further and further. Finally we reached the stream! Ah that one heavenly moment in life. 
Head to Toe burning like Fire
Legs and Hands worn out in Tire
Eyes searching for a place to retire

I jumped into the gleaming stream 
With heart pumping Joy a Scream!
And all at once felt like living a Dream!
I felt like a child so comfortable and secure inside the mother's womb. I am reminded of a long read write up about mother's womb to be the most secure place by the way of conversation between two unborn babies where one asks about life after birth and one answers that it's that only the womb is safe and comfortable and so on...

This world is the womb that my mother gifted me tearing hers apart. This womb is a heaven to be explored till we breath and pass to what we don't know is next! 
Thinking across in these lines I uttered the words of poetry to my trek mate Vanathi.. 
பனிக்குடம் சொர்க்கமென்று மீண்டும் உணர்ந்தேன்..
ஆயிரம் முறை அம்மா என்றழைத்தேன்..
எனை மறந்து இயற்கையில் கலந்தேன்..
இன்னீர்க் குளத்தில் நனைந்து நெகிழ்ந்தேன்.. 

வளைந்தோடும் ஆற்றில் களைப்பார அமர்ந்தேன்..
களைப்பெல்லாம் மறக்க மிடுக்கென நடந்தேன்..
வலி எல்லாம் சலித்துப் போக
காவியங்கள் கலித்த வீரானாய் ஆனேன்! 
Feeling the greatness of nature in its every bit I trekked further heights to the silver showers, tested my fears of swimming without rope and felt accomplished. It felt like I should do have such experiences again and again in life. As I trekked I did fall once or twice, I walked alone tracing paths, fighting fear and laziness. It was an amazingly euphoric experience to feel your will pop out like the beautiful water in the hills and experience it in its raw beauty to the fullest! 

I wish we trekked back the same way though the lazy part of me wanted to walk and not climb. It was fun walking back. It was fun talking stories, meeting new faces, motivated minds and relish the wonder of mutual existence and unity. To share and to lend hands of care! It was an over all wonderful first dip into the raw beauty of everything that was created for this baby of earth to enjoy in this Womb! 

Enjoying inside the Womb of Mother Nature,
Love and life filled to the brim, 
A story shared with love, 

The one day in our life you live to fullest!!!
Write up by Sundhari

Friday/Saturday CTC plantation drive: Something for community
Sunday: One day Trek: Something for me
This was a satisfactory weekend plan made. So happy me. Mother earth giving me all her blessings!
Let me call up my Vayu (Vehicle) owners and confirm time and pickup details.Plantation drive confirmed.And then disaster.I am telling my trek Vayu: I will be at Signal at 4 a.m Sunday morning.
Vayu(Sorry Sathish): Sunday?The trek is on Saturday isn’t it.Oops I goofed up. What do I sacrifice .This can’t be happening to me .With a heavy heart I cancel my plantation drive,making a mental note to do only them for the next few weeks to make up for the loss.
With rearrangements made and Parthiban threatening to complain against me I was ready for my trek on Saturday. Sathish so sweetly picked me closer to me house in the morning.For a change had such a lighter bag!!

We all gathered at Koyambedu and ready to get  going. I was a wee lil disappointed that as there were many freshers it could be an easy trek.Anyways we need to make them also comfortable.Then I spotted  GPS  in Magesh and Vishal’s hand.Easy trek?GPS?Huh something weird.
We had not even started and one member was missing in Koyambedu.She had gone to park her two wheeler and also left her mobile back with her friend.30 minutes and a search group is sent to scout around. The members will think the organizer is just getting over an hangover. Then we spot her.God bless.Some parking ticket problem.Vishal’s mind Voice “ &*^!@#*&^&* *#*^*&^@* *^*#&^*^” .
We get going and our car looses the route taking the madhavaram flyover.I can still hear Vishal’s mind voice “ &^%$^%&^%$%^ ^%&^%&^%”
We regroup near the tollgate and go for a delicious breakfast at Naidu mess.The tradition of satyavedu BF with awesome IDLIS and Coffee.We fill in to the best our tummies can take .Cashier is a little confused,Newly appointed Sanchana wants to see herself anywhere than amongst this group which is asking her various questions on accounts.
We are finally heading upwards into the land of mother earth which Is still untouched by civilization.A few bags of freshers were dropped “You don’t need two Shirts up there Darling.We will not die if you stink “,In fact we will not know coz we will be stinking too. Lovely smell of health and fitness!!
We started counting .No .1 ,No ..2 someone runs in front of me and looks at me and states “ I will always be No:2.Ok Rajesh I will move back.
We make our way to North east.the initial boring walk which has to be completed to get into Haven.Finally reach the forest.Yuppiieeeeeeee!!Sun in frowing now and trying to find us through the branches.Ha ha .Keep searhing.We are safe custody of CTC now!Away from your torture in city.
We start walking upwards in a known trail.Where I No.2.Not to be seen .Climb gets extremely steep.Now I know the reason of the GPS guys!Group slows down.I need to move on to maintain momentum.I keep going in a steady slow pace and rest with a few others.The last few reaches sees us resting only and bends knees to sit down just to be informed we have to leave.No we are not joking!We finally settle down in natures bath tubs all soaking in the stream chillness.I lie down to my thoughts and watch people as they play around.

Team resumes trek till we reach the waterfalls.A few so tired that even other people’ s excitement does not revive them.I should listen to my dad.I should be a home is what Manasa is thinking.A few go to search for other waterfalls whilst a few of us start cooking !Loads and Loads of rice .Wow lot of food ,hey wait,just few rice mixes,

What the heck!Something is not right.People are now eating raw rice. CTC s way of solution to every problem.Everyone are asked to take out their lemon’s and mix salt and ta da ..Lemon rice ready!

Everyone is now rejuvanted(or look it).

We start again,now slowly to accommodate everyone speed.Light starts dimming in and now Magesh has picked up speed.People start running and following out of fear.

Extra stored energy now in use !We finally make it to the exit,late by an hour as against planned and people get into the respective cars to hit Punjabi dhaba for Dinner.
The dhaba owner must be starting his business everyday probably praying  to Peters passport size photo which he carries in his wallet.His business is governed by CTC predominantly .

All good bye’s said and team seperates. Another memorable weekend.No amount of richness can give you back these moments!!Lovely thoughts and experiences to carry back home.
Lovely trekking  with you ladies –Twins,Manasa,Srinija,Priya,Sanchana(again),Chanchal !

Take care and see you all back soon !



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