Story of a Life Saver II - Rajasekaran Kumar

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Rajasekaran Kumar is a CTC Organizer, Trekker, Cyclist, Biker, Volunteer and regular blood donor. Here he shares his experience with us-   donating blood and platelets, counting to a total of 50 times so far .  And of course , he is committed to donate as long as he is eligible.

How many times you have donated, from when did you start donating ?

I started donating blood at the age of 17. Since then, I have donated more than 50 times till now including 7 times of donating platelets.

How did it start - any personal reason ?

The ideal age to start donating is 18 but I donated for the first time when I was around 17 and 1/2 as my grandma was going through an open heart surgery and she needed blood. I was fit enough to donate at that age.

What motivates you to donate blood ?
Its a God like feeling to donate blood because you give life one more opportunity in flow in someones body.

How fit are you , How do you manage to be fit so ?

I have all the ideal requirements of a blood donor. I am a normal healthy human being and that's all it takes to be a donor. I maintain a fit and active lifestyle and I eat clean. Nutrition rich food is a must for fitness.

How do you feel physically after donating blood ? (dizzy , weak , sick , normal )?

After donating blood sometimes I do feel a bit weak but that's for few minutes.

How do you feel mentally after donating ?

After donating blood I have a habit of meeting the recipient. The beaming eyes and joyful smiles makes me forget all the physical weakness that I would have got.

To donate you have to travel, how do you feel , how you manage time ?Your leave work/schedule any thing clash with it ?

A life is much more important than any work. I make sure I reach the right place on the right time. At times I take half day off to meet these requirements.

Why did you give away something for free ?
No amount of money is equal to life. I strongly believe this and what I do is just help them in times of need.

Were you send back ever, stating you are not eligible to donate, what did you do then ?
I have never been rejected for donation.

How did you improve your hemoglobin count ?

As I said earlier, Nutrition enriched food is a must for fitness. I tend to have a lot of greens and that helps me improve and maintain a healthy hemoglobin count.

Have you met any recipients of your blood ,how was those experience ?
I have always made sure to meet the recipient after the donation and its a feeling which can't be described in words. Its something that one should experience. The smile, the hope that you give one as a lease of life is priceless.

Most memorable moment when you donated ?

There are many. 

On my 25th donation, I went to Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital. There I met a girl who had called me inquiring for the donation. After donation I came to that she was the recipient and she needed blood for surgery scheduled in a few days.
I once donated to the road side dwellers. They almost fell on my feet as if I was God to them. It reaffirms my faith God dwells in all.
Once I donated blood to an accident victim on New Year's Eve. New Year New Life.
In one of the Apollo Hospitals, a nurse recognizes me 'Blood Donor Anna'.

Is it morally right to donate for people of other religion/ caste ? Do you check religion/caste of recipient or do they ask yours ?

Humanity is the only morality I have. I never check the religion and caste of the recipient and till now I haven't been asked either. 

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