[Post Event Writeup] Chennai Coastal Cleanup 7 - Fun filled Kids awareness event - May 1 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
CCC7 – Kids Event 1st May, 2016
Post event write up by Jolly James
‘Once upon a time, there was a little boy walking by the beach. He heard a sad note a far. He started following the tune and reached a little puddle. He peeped inside and saw tiny grey fishes. He thought, “What unique fishes. I should take them home for my aquarium” and tried reaching them. As soon as he put his hand in the puddle, his hand turned grey. He got frightened and took his hands off immediately and ran off. After reaching home, he tried all the methods to make his hand normal again but alas it wouldn’t change. He was very sad with that.

One fine day, he found his mother working in the garden. He went and helped her with the work. His hand slowly started get back to normal. He understood that if he helps nature, nature would in turn heal him. So he started doing everything to stay close to nature. And one day he went to that beach again and saw that the puddle was surrounded with garbage. He and his friends started cleaning it and then he peeped into the puddle again. The fishes had turned golden and started singing the happy songs.’
“What did you learn out of this?” asked Suriya. A kid said, “We should help nature.” Another kid told “we should not throw garbage.” Another kid told, “we should plant trees.”

This is how the CCC7 Kids event began on the labor day, 1st May, 2016 at the Kotturpuram Tree Park. The Kotturpuram Tree Park is unique in itself. This place was a dumpyard some 6-7 years ago. A group of people called Nizhal, cleaned it and made it what it is today. Today there are over 600 native species of trees planted in that land.

Abi went ahead and asked the kids, “What do you mean by dumpyard?”. Kids knew the definition but hadn’t seen one in reality. Dumpyards are the empty places where people dump all the garbage collected from all over the place. Then she asked about the ill effects of such dumpyards. Kids replied, “Migratory birds don’t come.” “Animals eat and swallow plastic and they die.” “Plastic gets clogged in the drainages” and so on. We were indeed proud of the kids because they knew these important basics better than the adults we come across nowadays.
Abi gave a quick fact check by adding, “Plastics do not get decomposed and if they go in the soil, they produce – Carcinogens. Carcinogens are cancer producing chemicals”. This again reaffirmed the fact that major killer diseases are man made.
Our responsibilities don’t just end by throwing the garbage in the dustbin. We need to understand our garbage first and make sure this doesn’t end up in the wrong places. We need to avoid the use of plastics as much as possible and look for better alternatives. The most important things to understand from this is
R – Refuse
R Reduce
R – Reuse
R Recycle
These are the best policies to follow environment friendly lifestyle.
After this fun interactive session, the kids were asked to paint their understanding and imagination.
Our volunteers engaged the kids with another fun session called WASTE TO WEALTH.

Nowadays everything is packed in plastic. And many products are inevitable. Now how to make the best out of it and not throw them in the dumpster? Thus, we spent time finding what all can be done out one plastic bottle. The results were amazing. Kids got involved in making different craft items with all the available resources. They made Bird Feeders, pen stands, piggy banks, turtle banks, bracelets, vase and so many things that I wasn’t able to keep a count of. Nobody realized how time flew until it started getting dark.
A parent shared the feedback by stating, “Really enjoyed the event more over very much informative ... after the event we went to Anna centenary library where we got 2 cakes they gave plastic spoons my kids refused to get the spoon they ate in hand and washed... tats a success on this event...
Thanks for the organisers waiting for more events.”
This was a fun filled educative event where the most important members of the families were educated about waste management and its implications. Kids are the most important part of the society because they are future and they will take forward the legacy. So what is your legacy – Trash or Treasure?
-- Jolly James

About the Author : Jolly James Investment Banker | Painter | Dancer | Writer | Poet http://joansnibbles1730.blogspot.in/?m=1 http://thetravellerjoan.blogspot.in/?m=1

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