CTC - Ainthinai Home Composting 50th day Success stories!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
On March 2nd week Few CTCians started Home Composting in an effort to convert 90% of waste generated in home to useful Manure thereby reducing the dumping well below 10%. Read their experience and joy after 50 days of Composting and get ready to start composting at your Home.

It's been a beautiful experience and eye opener really. I have learnt it's not about what you throw away, but about what you save.
Just segregating your waste and seeing how much stuff we were throwing away in that one black bag without considering the consequences has been an awesome journey. I now compost my organic waste using dailydump.org Khamba which is no smell and no stress composting. And give away my recyclables to my maid who then sells it to the nearby scrap dealer and makes about 100 rupees a month.

We throw out so little now and it's so satisfying. I have started growing vegetables now and with the compost as food, they grow really well and look healthy and hale. It's helped us reconnect to earth and understand the consequences of our actions better and the best part is its no hassle at all! We now even have our apartment into it and it's so satisfying to understand the connections. Everything is connected. If you don't respect your waste and treat it well, the toxins will come back to you with interest via the food you buy.

How long will you be inspired by others? Do you want to be an inspiration to others? Then do something to conserve Mother Nature!

Two words changed me a lot, CTC and Ainthinai. I learnt to volunteer in CTC and Conservation in Ainthinai.
And I'm so happy that I'm following both now, hoping to follow it forever.

I still remember the days when I was arguing with a shopkeeper for not giving Polythene carry bag to carry a milk pocket. And I still argue with a shopkeeper when he packs the items in Polythene wrapper even though I asked him to pack it in the paper. Only the passion can change people's mentality. I'm so happy that I got great friends in CTC who taught me all these.

Using plastics is not a crime but you should have to find out an option to recycle it. I've been doing Source Segregation from past three years. My only concern was of organic waste. On a daily basis, each garbage bag which we throw into dustbin has 60% organic waste. But with the help of CTC Ainthinai and Ashwin Sekar, I was able to manage the 60% of Organic waste into Compost. More than 90% of the solid waste which is being generated in my room is getting recycled through various options. Daily morning I'm spending just 5mins to mix the organic waste in the Khambaa. I don't find much difficulty on this.

There were days in my room we were throwing d garbage bags on twice a week. But after I start implementing Home Composting, We are able to throw only floor dust and throwing those on a monthly basis.

Are you ready to inspire more people? We're here to help you. Source Segregation and Home Composting is the only option which will reduce the garbage overload and save our planet.
Indu Nair:

I've been adding the waste vegetables daily with leftovers as available occasionally. Haven't added any kind of meat or eggs. Major portion has been cut vegetable waste, with some coffee and tea remains, some coconut husk, occasional rice or cooked food including leftover idli, dosa etc. and some dried flowers. Covered with enough coconut husk to hide the waste. The only moistness comes from the coffee, tea remains or vegetables like tomato. Haven't added curd except for one time. 

In the fourth week or so, there was some smell coming from the compost. I was also not sure if composting was happening because everything looked neat and dry. I added some curd and sprinkled some water before adding more coconut husk. The smell was gone after adding more remix powder to cover up all the food waste. 

By yesterday the top tier was full. I moved it to the middle and brought the middle one up today. The filled section looks quite dry (photo below) though I sprinkled some water on it. I did not notice any bugs on the compost all the while. I am not sure if it means the compost is too dry and needs more moisture. 

Now no waste leaves my house except the floor dust. 
Once the junk gets filled I Segregate.

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It was a year ago since we started segregating plastics (we try to keep the plastic usage less, re use where possible...)and decomposable waste - however, decomposable waste still found its way to Pallikaranai marshland (oops... Unfortunately , a dump yard we all contribute to). Ashwin had setup a stall displaying / promoting organic waste ' Home Composting' during TP7. At the same time, we in Team Ainthinai spoke about starting our first batch with 10 families starting 'Home composting' and that's how we got into it. Once we had our mind set and the 'Khambha' (see pic) was bought, segregating was easy and st.forward. By this time, we had started to feed fruit/ veg peels / greens to cows ( we have quite a few in our area) and left over food to dogs and anything else organic goes into 'Khambha'...Can't wait to see the waste turn to gold - that is, 'Manure'... 'I'm waiting' :-)

A Success full Terrace Gardener Uses only Compost from kitchen as manure for his garden over two years now!

Those who are interested looking for some guidance to startup Source Segregation & Home Composting in your home, please let us know. Our Team will be ready to help you on setting up the Source Segregation & Home Composting. Please drop an Email to 
Ravikumar Swaminathan 
with your Name, Contact Number, Residing Location. We will get in touch with you to help you out. 



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