CoverStory: Chennai Red Knights – Transformation in 10 minutes

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
How it looks if a taker and giver enjoy the deal? How it looks if good vibe follows all over the day? How it looks when you start listening to Music of your body and what it really needs?

For the entire quench, my friend jeyam and I arrived at the spot. I was thrilled at first and equally nervous about the risk I’m in. To tell about jeyam, he is well built healthy guy, extrovert and resourceful person. And I, the metro-sexual being, big O in fitness and doubtful guy. It was usual for jeyam to spend weekend in activities which keep him up-spirited. Even I do. But few things I got fascinated from him. The Number one, he was one among the associates of CTC. I heard few events which takes part in CTC. 

                                             The second thing, I’m more curious is the event that gonna bring good vibe in me. All I can say is, “Donating blood”. Its routine for jeyam to donate blood once in 3 months, I was more worried about Blood donation. As the intolerant people arise stupid questions, I believe more myths about Donation. It was jeyam who enlightened me about the cause it have and the result it does. We arrived Anna university Guindy campus, where CTC Volunteers along with College students/University Staff members, organized the camp. The entry is very simple. One, who wishes to donate, can fill the form or contact them directly. So far, they have conducted five camps in 2015. After the massive response the goal of CTC is to conduct as much as one camp per month. As far now, they join with Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Blood bank and Egmore children hospital. Jeyam turned more curious to all my questions. He was narrating the whole story like scientist. The volunteers of CTC took immense care in bridging all activities. Be it fitness checkup or engaging conversation with others which eliminate fear or providing refreshment, they setting up benchmark. I was worried about my weight and enquired about my Post-donation session. I was wondering whether I have hallucinations. But it turned out much laughter and he stared at me like as if I’m Kindergarten kid.

  Jeyam introduced me to Aravindh and manikandan who were part of CTC Camp. It was more than an informative session and it boosted me well. I quoted about ‘Good vibe’ that follow. It was indeed true, as ten minutes of our time will change many lives, it creates the goodness.  And it was the best thing I can do when I live. And the best part is, our body will secrete new pure blood and it increases immune power. I never felt pain as I imagined long days ago. The one thing I can do is, I can donate once in 4 month which follows a pattern. And I can educate people as Jeyam did for me. Simple enlightenment which have deeper cause.

                      I’m really worried that despite much awakening, yet there were few believe myths about Blood donation. To know more about this, we should clear our mind and start conversing with CTC folks. And we can follow them in the

                        I registered to the Blood Donation Camp when i received a mail from CTC . Everything was perfectly co-ordinated from the moment you registered till you donate the blood and reached home back. CRK has arranged 1,500+ units for blood which includes 600+ units arranged for emergency support/surgeries for 200+ patients and 900+ units through 14 blood camps (Predominantly for Government Hospitals).

About the Author:
Jothivignesh is  working with Cognizant technology solution and Pursuing  Part-time  Masters in Psychology aspiring to become Clinical Psychologist. His interests are in fashion, dance, Literature and outdoor.

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