Cover Story : Country Boy raises after Flood

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
How about getting a call sheet from the one who is totally busy… that too on weekend when fully scheduled with list of activities around
If you are into the Chennai Trekking Club, you know Ahamed Hanifa. And chances are, Ahamed knows you, too.
I never missed being a part of any activities be it for jump in the pool, go for a dip or cleaning the city, he says. That’s probably not one reason people will know him
All the continued weekends, weekdays. Non-stop back to back scheduled activity. Nearly the city where slowly returning to their homes. When people are busy trying to get back to the everyday lives, that first task at hand is to make the city our home livable again. This means the cleaning up the dirt and grime left by the flood.
Working as a SENIOR RECRUITER for the reputed concern at nights and cleaning up the city being involved with lot more of activities like swimming, running, trekking, cycling, etc.He do managed on learning SCUBA DIVING who has more interests towards Water Sports and making a point to the future plans on learning Sky Diving.

 I was literally bored with Chennai once I popped in for a Job. Then I started to chase my dream on to swimming. That’s how I reached CTC. OTTIYAMBAKKAM Lake is my very own fav place. I always had been there on each Tuesdays and Thursdays till date. Started exploring myself around the team, I surprised to know Ainthinai is a wing of CTC where I contributed my days earlier. And it’s all started with the swimming and followed up with hill running and I saw people sharing the same mindset at CTC. That’s why everyone feels comfort on staying there together always.
No I don’t advice
No I don’t request
No I don’t invite
Getting out of nearly 40 people for each cleanup activities.  40!!! Yeah that’s sounds quiet high were the social media acted like disaster management tool helped us to connect with the world when the network and communication of mobile totally got shut down.
Ahamed Hanifa from CTC, were one of the person who helped out the people on rescuing their lives from ghost of floods.  When the Chennai struggling to return to its normalcy after the floods which virtually broken the pieces of lives of many people. Initially started with the worst-hit area tambaram and after the three days of disruption brought the slight sense to normalcy to the city.  We as a team started taking a survey on most affect area around the city and found few places which were to be in need of cleaned up immediately. And with the discussion we found that places like slum area of surya nagar, chitra nagar near kotturpuram on the banks of Adyar River are in necessity of helping hands.  We saw the area been washed out, remained with dirt and waste where people fought for drinking water and other relief material. The damaged stretched and sanitation challenged the major lives of people than accessing for the food supplies.

 Gathered with few people we started to clean the garbage and sludge of the drainage.  Quickly and fastly, through the mouth of words bunch of youngsters joined on cleaning the place. It was double of the usual waste been collected. People who volunteered for cleaning up never bothered about the health/diseases.  I call them as selflessly enthusiastic heroes!!! This even triggered the people, brought changes in them; created awareness around the place and the kiddos belongs to the place now started volunteering with us.  Slowly the human spirit begun increased, gathered around and it almost took more than a month to bring the place with the bang of smiles on bringing back the beauty of the city.
As you all know CTC never drop it go on the station, we realized and moved on with our next phase of the activities on cleaning up the city and it continues until we find the miracle to happen. They say Miracle is another word for hard efforts. And yes we as a team believe it strongly.
When asked about the successful moment of Ahamed, he says ‘Success is not about the medals or certification. It’s all self satisfaction and the people you inspire which brings them into act for all good cause.  This is how he measures the heights of his own achievements.

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