An affair to remember

Thursday, April 28, 2016
- a story of Five years of romance 
It was the dawn of first weekend of May 2011
52 people gathered at "Nathan's Cafe", the usual assembly point of CTC
Most of us, strangers to each other and on their way to the first ever encounter with the wild. 
We climbed steep little slopes, We jumped over boulders
We dived into deep pools, We showered in waterfalls inside gorges
We slept on the rock beds under the starry sky

Spent best two days of life in the lap of mother nature
Strangers we went in and came out as friends for lifetime
It was a trek, like a dream, through the thickening woods
It was the dream that made us longing for it to happen again and again
It was the dream that made our sleeps difficult to come under the concrete roofs
We found the beautiful daugher of mother nature and fell in love at first sight
It is our beloved lady love, Nagala

We wanted to feel the same ecstasy, again and again
We went in search of it, almost all the weeks

We climbed to those mist floating peaks
We walked on those grass covered ridges
We camped on those rain lashing slopes
We slept on those heights in bone chilling temperatures
We waited on the banks of a rivers to recede and cross

We survived days without a drop of water
We drenched days till we wet our soul
We craved for a good meal on the fourth day of a six day trek
We had three course meals on our treknics 

We watched the skies fall and a dry rock face turning to a wall of water
We stood quite in front of majestic waterfalls
We screamed from our lungs to pose for a pic

We took the less traveled roads, hundreds of miles crossing states
We went downhill on an MTB at crazy speeds
We ran those trails filled with mud and dirt

We found our way of life

And its all because of one man, who dared to make his own path and took us along.

We lived these five years the best way we can.
All these days, we explored many beauties
But the first love kept on calling us
Whenever we find time, we go on and meet her

Our first trek, one among the most fertile treks in CTC. 
We started from there, to become the next generation of CTC, that spread the message forward

We went on to become all time trekkers, crazy bikers, soulful photographers, marathoner runners, passionate cyclists and good human beings (I believe so)

Is it the end of the story?
No, the story goes on, and the romance continues



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