CTC Ainthinai's Theme of the Month | March - Source Segregation & Home Composting

Friday, March 4, 2016
Any idea how many tonnes of garbage is being dumped each day in the beautiful Pallikaranai Marshland ?

Register here if you wanna reduce the amount of garbage that you generate )
On an average Chennai Corporation is dumping 1500 tones of untreated waste in Pallikaranai Marsh land. With these wastes the beautiful "Wet Land" is pretty quickly turning into a "Waste Land". Once spread over 5,000 hectares, the marsh has now reduced to less than 500 hectares. Not to mention this marsh is supposed to be home for several rare and migratory species of birds and other animals.

Who is responsible for this ?
Government ??? The blame is generally put on as 'Poor planning by Government'.
Have we ever realized our mistake of so many years?
Have we ever felt guilty about generating so much garbage and throwing them away ?
You and me - the common men & women of this society is equally, if not more, responsible for polluting this beautiful marsh. We have been doing it for so long that it has turned into a habit, something that is seen as a normal behavior.

Have we ever thought about the solution to stop or control this problem?
Shifting this dump yard to someplace in the city outskirts is not a viable solution in the long term. Rather, if each and every single one of us is ready to spend just few minutes in our daily life, then we can easily reduce the amount of garbage that is being dumped in the wet land.

How ?
Source segregation and Home Composting. These are the easiest and effective ways to control the garbage that is being generated, collected, transported and thrown into this Marshland.

What is Source Segregation ?
  1. Source segregation is one of the best and easiest way to manage waste.
  2. This way we will be segregating the garbage in different categories which can be easily classified into Recyclables, Non-Recyclables and Organic Wastes.
  3. By keeping three separate bins, we can collect these three wastes.

What is Home Composting ?
  1. Organic waste can be easily converted into compost.
  2. Organic wastes typically includes Vegetable waste, Food waste and other wastes which are generally degradable.
  3. These wastes can be collected in a container on daily basis and mixed with other organic matters like Coconut coir, Dry leaves or soil to convert the organic waste into manure.
  4. After about a month this compost can be used as a manure to our garden saplings.

3 reasons why we need to follow Source Segregation and Home Composting.
1. Because we want our children and grandchildren to live in an inhabitable planet.
2. Because it takes only about 2.5 minutes of our time each day but results in a good amount of garbage reduction.
3. Most of all, we are educated and sensible enough to sense the damages that are already done to our planet. Its time to Stop now !!!

So, Whats this lengthhhhyyyyy mail about ? What's the Plan here ?

1) 10 interested volunteers will be selected for this challenge. (Register here if you are interested)2) The Challenge will kick off with an introduction session by Ashwin (from dailydump) which will briefly cover the steps that are to be followed for segregation & Composting. Attending this session is mandatory for selected participants but does not limit other interested people from attending.
3) Selected volunteers have to pay Rs.500/- towards the basic kit that will be provided.
4) The kit will contain
  • 1 re-usable Source Segregation Bag.
  • 2 Cloth Shopping Bags.
  • 2 Buckets (for composting).
  • 1 Small Rake
  • Coco Peat
5) This Kit will help the selected volunteers to get started with Source segregation and Home Composting in their home.
6) Volunteers will be constantly mentored by experts over Phone, FB, Whatsapp communications.
7) Second session will be conducted a week after the First one and this too is mandatory for the volunteers to attend.
8) At the end of the month, our Mentors will visit each individuals home to verify the status.
9) Segregated and recyclable garbage will be sold to nearby re-cyclers.
10) Once the volunteers gather expertise, they will rank up to become mentors for the next batch.

If interested, Register your details @ http://tiny.cc/ctc-ainthinai_sshc. Our volunteers will get back to you with more details.

Any recognition or award ?
  1. The innovator : Volunteers who use innovative methods to do segregation apart from the proposed steps will be eligible for this award.
  2. The money maker : the volunteer who makes the maximum amount of money through resale of garbage will be vested with this award.
  3. The cool composter : One who produces the maximum amount of compost.
Rules and Regulations of the Challenge :
  1. Once Shortlisted and committed to do this, volunteers should not drop out at any cost.
  2. Volunteer should attend all sessions as it will help them get clarified of their doubts.
Cost :

Rs.500/- will be collected from the people who are selected. As stated earlier a basic kits worth this amount will be given to the volunteers.

So what are you waiting for ? Register @ http://tiny.cc/ctc-ainthinai_sshc.

Join hands with us in making the future of our next generation a better, beautiful and a greener one :)



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