10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Year’s Chennai Coastal Cleanup !

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The 6th edition of the Chennai Coastal Cleanup has been scheduled for the 7th of June 2015 (Sunday). Scroll down to know what you’ll miss if you don’t turn up !! 

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1. When history is being made, better be a part of it!!

We made it to the Limca book of Records in 2013 & who knows, with your help, we might end up in the Guinness soon! And no, we aren’t obsessed with stats & records- it is the symbolism that matters .

2. Worried about your calories?? Try volunteering. And let this be the beginning :-)

3. Age, often, is just a number & not an excuse !

4. Forget turtles…. We Humans need the beach too !!

Ever experienced that moment of solace when the sea ,along with the sand under your feet , washes off loads of ‘not-so pleasant memories’ ?? Well, thats under threat now & WE need to act!5. Hands-down lessons on management, team-building skills??For free, with a smile ;)

5. Hands-down lessons on management, team-building skills??For free, with a smile ;)

Even if you think planning & organizing for 5000 + volunteers is no big deal, just hop on- we are sure our volunteers would amaze you with their on-field innovations, coordination & team-work!

6. Believe us - Trash picking is indeed fun !

Why else would they smile, spending a sunday morning under the hot sun, amidst heaps of garbage?

7. Its time for our kids to learn their environment lessons in practice !

You would have probably Reduced and Reused at your homes. It’s time to Recycle -And CCC provides you the right platform! Our last two versions saw trend-setting collaborations with recycling agents- Over 3.3 tonnes of plastics, 4.3 tonnes of Shoes/Slippers, 2.5 tonnes of liquors bottles, 476 Kg of Thermocoil and 98 Kgs of metal cans were recycled , thus saving 27.8 MWh of energy and over 3, 00,000 liters of water.

8. CCC is not just a one day activity- It is more of a lifestyle change!

We understand that CCC isn’t a magic wand to gobble up the million tonnes of trash accumulated all over. It is the change in the thought process that matters & thats where we strike the chord.

9. Ready for some early morning goosebumps, Anyone???

Comfort zones exist only in the mind & its high time you breach them!

10. Finally, It’s OUR trash, and WE ought to pick up!! Its an obligation & not an option!

Honestly, we couldn’t find any reason more convincing than this.The quest for a change has been omnipresent . Its time to be the change instead.
Spread the word !!
Spread the word !!

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