Thursday, March 19, 2015

It all started from the day I registered for this ride. Doing a bike ride for so long distance after a year had adrenaline rushing through me as to thinking how to do it. Still was ok and was sure of doing it. Here was lot of other events planned in the same week end, but shortlisted on this. Did not have my riding gears and a strict mail form the organizers made butterflies in my stomach and the next instant was in the shop buying my riding gears. Got all the gears and was ready and took my King of roads Royal Enfield and reached the meet up point fully with gears outside. Seeing the hot sun was just thinking how am I going to get fried with the gears on. Was the first one to arrive in the meeting point. None was there, and then met arun and slowly everyone started pouring in. Nice to see an enthusiastic group in front of me. Everyone got ready with their gears on the ever strict organizer Balaji started with all his instructions and safety to be followed and started riding.

The great design wizard was my pillion and started riding for some kms and the wizard took the bike from me and started riding, it was a slow and steady pace drive following balaji in the front and Praveen sweeping us. Everyone came to the first halt and got introduced mostly to all because mostly I, arun and sivashree were the newbies I believe.  Oops forgot was amazed to see doctor on saddles Elakiya and was just waiting for a time to ask about her interest in bikes which got fulfilled only in our return back to chennai. The road stretch till krishnagiri was nice and it was like we are the king of roads on our bikes just ramping through the night. Then with some more halts everyone reached the nice road toll and the organizers got us an excellent place to rest down. 

Oops forgot the ambur star biriyani where it was as usual rampaging dinner which we can always see in trip with emperors and after some photos and chatting sessions we all started to take our rest. As soon as I entered my sleeping bag was like a heaven for me but still there were there guards of mosquitoes always ringing in our ear and all over.


Then came yet another organizer Bharani and ever teen ager Gowtham who were both dressed up fully with gears to fight against our mosquito guards. Everyone got up early morning and soon started getting ready for the onward journey. Organizers gave us necessary instruction and the order in people has to drive and we started our ride.

It was excellent stretch of riding to BR Hills. We reached banks of Cauvery where everyone settled down for some time and me and ever talking sheik, kannan, newbie arun and balaji had a dip in Cauvery River
​ ​
which was refreshing. Then Saranya got us a healthy breakfast in pine apple and water melon and to add spice ended with a bhel puri. It should be an awesome feeling seeing the bikes in order like the cannons fired in the road. The sky god was as sweet on us as the climate was excellent. We all started entering the reserve forest hills and waiting for lunch, as our tummies started banging us. I enjoyed our ever teen ager Coimbatore mapla Language nice to talk with him .he is a pro regarding bikes and everyone got inside the hotel for our lunch. As usual I was just running through my dishes and everyone was doing the same stole a chapatti from bharani plate also and everyone finished our lunch. But accountant saranya till the end did not get me appalam. Jokes apart she was a smiley of our group and it was going great with her capturing us in her marvelous eyes through our beautiful camera. The pictures were excellent as it brought out the awesome feelings in us. 


Then the organizers had booked us rooms in the resort and everyone started settling down and everyone had a small nap. But as usual girls went on with their photography typical girls just kidding. Then after a small rest everyone got ready for a trip around the hills and we reached places where we took lot of selfies and photos and slowly the group was getting in the groove. Then after spending some time started back to our rooms and in between went to temple and had some nice views.

The trip back to the room seeing the bikes in order was like an army marching in excellent co ordination. Then everyone came to run had a refreshing bath changed up and all came to the campfire place. It was nice to get to know everyone and everyone became jovial with people started pulling the legs of others. It was mostly praveen's excellent translation in one of the previous trips was the lime light. But the silent tornado was praveen kumar who was in to everyone and then we played dumb sharates an old but fun filed games bringing out the excellent acting skills in us. Then had a good dinner and went off to our room and had a very good sleep.

Early morning had a walk in the roads and it was nice smell of the misty morning and nice to see nature at its best. Always live with nature never will it disappoint us. Everyone once again garnered near the camp fire area and had a good breakfast and everyone got ready once gain with their amours for the return ride. Had plans of seeing some more spots but did not have sufficient time and had to start with the return journey.

The return ride through the sathyamnagalam forest roads the ghat roads was excellent everyone went roaring in their bikes with the black sheet covered and we were driving in to it. The thimbam hair pin bends were like cursive writing on the floor. The bikes lines up one behind another and had an excellent ride back down the hills. It was one of the awesome stretches of roads which I have seen and driving was excellent really felt a meaning in my life and vowed never to forget it. Everyone was down and I think the weather god was little harsh on us as she had showered the sun out and yet we did not bow down and we decided to take it on. Everyone had good butter milk and started driving back, halted for lunch with good non veg and veg verities and everyone started back.

Before this one of our organizer Bharani , Praveen kumar and Coimbatore mapla gowtham left us tangling down and they went their place. Everyone reached krishnagiri where the organizers decided to rest for some time and azeem bhai went onward to his home . Then everyone had some rest and then again started early morning and it was really awesome driving in the night . Had small tea breaks where we saw our camera draining out, yazer anger, and everything.

Then the last stretch was covered where everyone had to depart . Mean while in between this only had a chat with elakiya and really was happy about her passion towards biking and really as praveen said “It’s a disease once you get that passion “ and it’s very much true. Had some good conversation with her .Then everyone departed and started towards their home and at the point of reaching my home my trip meter was 1252 kms and was amazed that we drove this long.

So here I end my amazing experience in this trip and was really an excellent ride and the way saw bike trip before this and the way  handled my bike was very far better at the end of the ride . Vowed to join this group whenever possible. Special thanks to our organizers, accountant and excellent friends who made this trip memorable and once in a life time 
. As I take this saying life starts out of our comfort Zone which I always see in peters mails it’s really a great saying. 

                                                                “Live with nature, the best life you can get“

Write Up from Praveen V V

"Yet another ride with Emperors" that is what I thought when we started the ride. But CTC and Emperors made it an unforgettable experience as usual.

It was in the noon when we reached BR hills, the last 40 kilometers were a awesome ghat section. Both the curves and sceneries were impressive. Unlike a usual Emperors lunch everyone had lunch only from their plates :P. May be because of the long ride everyone was tired enough.

After lunch we started our ride for sight seeing to K.Gudi. People are back to form when we reached K.Gudi. It slowly started with selfie with elephant, then people started teasing each other and finally fun reached its peak when people started teasing our accountant. It was about 2 hours spent at the lawn with elephant(Kumki) at the background, romantic sunset, selfiees, groupfies and fun filled conversations.


After we are done with BR Temple view point we reached our rooms. Everyone recharged ourselves for campfire tonight. Campfire started with Praveen's Madurai and Mattuthavani translations. When dumb charades started people were in full form. Dumb charades is the most common game but the participants made it the ultimate fun.

To mention few highlights it was Gautam with his clueless reaction, Sheik with his die hard efforts in an attempt to explain "Aaria Suriya", Elakya with her "Rendu Surya" prediction, Azeem with his 11 letter clue for Aadhibhagavan and Balaji - Saranya - Yasar - Siva - Arun for their tough competition. (Highlights may not make sense for people who are not available in the spot but participants would enjoy those memories)

Next day it was ride, ride and ride.. It was all in one experience from ghat sections to lonely forest roads to Thimbam hairpin bends to Gobi countryside and finally highways leading back home. What else I can ask for as a rider.

Am not mentioning anything about the accommodation, food, comfort level and way of rides. It was all CTC standard and at Emperors benchmark quality.

Would like to thank all the participants for the wonderful trip and memories. Extending special thanks to the organizers Praveen, Bharani and Balaji, accountant Saranya, photographer Prassanna.

Team Emperors.



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