CTC Navigation Bootcamp 2015, Feb-Mar

Monday, February 9, 2015

CTC Navigation Bootcamp 2015, Feb-Mar

There are two kinds of people in this world - Navigators and Followers. Navigators go out to explore the world and make amazing discoveries. Followers are blind and just follow others footsteps. What kind are you?
*** Welcome to CTC's Navigation Bootcamp - Edition 2015 ***
This Bootcamp covers the right mix of theory, home and field hands-on assignments to get you the get you initiated in the world of map reading and navigation. In the next 5-6 weeks you ll go through 11 hands-on assignments below that will make you familiar with the basics of navigation and map reading using a plain smarthpone and freely available online maps. All topics will be taught through practical hands-on to ensure proper understanding

1 Positioning and distance: latitude & longitude - Home assignment [Self]
2 Reading satellite maps & identifying trails - Home assignment [Self]
3 Prepping for field navigation: caching maps, creating trails - Home assignment [Self]
4 Field navigation using Smartphone GPS (plains) - Field assignment [Self]
5 Post-navigation GPS log analysis - Home assignment [Self]

6 Reading terrain maps (topography) - Workshop [Peter home: Weekday evening ~ end Feb]
7 Navigating a small hill, reading compass bearing - Field assignment [Self]
8 Post-navigation GPS log analysis - Home assignment [Self]
9 Preparing for path finding in mountains - Home assignment [Self]
10 Field navigation in mountains - Field assignment [Nagala: March 14-15]
11 Post-navigation GPS log analysis - Home assignment [Self]

Passion to explore, interest to learn navigation
2 or 3 member team (to form self)
Only sign up if each team member is dedicated and can commit time to complete all above assignments
(there is no point is signing up if you have no time left outside your office work during weekdays)
* Individual members have to complete all assignments
* Each assignment has a 3-day deadline (weekday mornings/events, weekends)
* Home assignments will take approx. 1-2 hours to complete
* Field assignments will take approx. 3-4 hours to complete in specific areas in the city
* Overall hands-on time for bootcamp: 30-40 hours over next 5-6 weeks
Any team not completing step X cannot proceed with remaining steps as each step depends on knowledge gained in previous steps
Only teams with sufficient prior trekking experience will be allowed to participate in Part 4
Smartphone with build-in GPS (Android, iPhone, Nokia) and following apps:
* GPS/Compass app (GPS Status)
* Mapping app (e.g. Orxumaps)
Windows or Mac laptop with internet access
Team members successfully completing the 11 hands on assignments will receive a completion certificate.
* Required

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