PhotoTour II

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Write-up by Srikrishna:

Closely on the Heels of the First Trip, the announcement of the second photographic trip truly raised some happiness in the heart. But unlike the first time, we were done by the van operator [ no point in defaulting them also as this being a sabarimala season]. So after much huff and puff we started after picking up all members from the designated points. 

PC: Noel


Our first halt was at Thiruninravur which has three beautiful temples inside its vicinity.
1. Baktha Vatsala perumal with Ennai Petra Thaayar
2. Aeri kaatha Ramar
3. Irudhayaleeswarar

PC: Srikrishna

If Lord Vishnu as Ram had saved the lake,  Lord Shiva as Irudhayaleeswarar is present mainly to save heart ailments. After taking wonderful pictures in and around the temples and the lake [ not to forget the sumptuous Idly/Vada accompanied by tasty chutneys/ sambar we had for breakfast in a small house nearby], we proceed to a nearby mariamman temple. 
One appreciative aspect of the Organisers is that  in covering the major temples of the place, they take the group to the notable small temples also in the surroundings.   Also the major places in the list have a major significance , uniqueness and importance.

PC: Srikrishna

Cooum alias Thiruvirkolam:

The next major stopping was in Cooum. Though the chennai folk will flinch their faces and noses at the mention of the name, the place is indeed a heaven. The water indeed tasted like nectar and the village itself is self sufficient taking care of their needs by themselves.  The birth place of the cooum river hosts the famous thirupuranthaka shiva temple whose idol has its own specialities. The retired Headmaster in the temple was gracious enough to explain to our group the temple history and the importance of the place. 
PC: Prabhu

After a series of group selfies by the temple pond and visit to another nearby Sivan temple [Ilambiankottur temple - Kanagakusambigai and Dheivanaayageswarar] we proceed to our next major destination.

 PC: Krishna

Our lunch near the thiruvalangadu temple premises was really a real refresher and necessity for us given the expansiveness of the temple and the pond associated with it. No one could understand how the time went as all of us started taking photos in and around the temple / pond. The place offered us a good chance to try different things. 

PC: Prabhu

Nallathur Near Thiruthani:
Our final halt was at Sri Veeramangalam Anjaneya Temple, Nallathur near Thiruthani.  The maruthi idol both inside and outside are special in their own ways.  

PC: Noel

At last all the good things must come to an end. After a spendind dinner we parted ways and got down at our destinations to go back to our homes / regular life with sweet memories to cherish. 
PC: Veena

Srikrishna T V



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