CTC Turns 7 - 60+ Outdoor events in Feb-Mar

Thursday, January 29, 2015
About 7 years ago, on Feb 22nd, 2008 a new web site was set up publishing 10 outdoor adventures and photo albums of a small group of trekking enthusiasts. Objective was to create a online platform to reach out to and connect like minded souls and organize non-stop outdoor events. The founding pillars of the group were clear - focus on passion, non-profit, volunteer driven and love for nature. Over the years the group naturally evolved and grew driven by the passion and selfless efforts of its hundreds of organizers and volunteers. Scope gradually widened beyond trekking to environmental conservation, biking, photography, caring for the less privileged, cycling, workshops, marathons, triathlons and beyond. CTC always maintained a distinct reputation of pushing the limits and bringing out the best in the people, exploring beyond the known trails, non-profit focus and volunteer-ship. These values have now connected nearly 24 thousand souls with a shared passion for outdoors, sports and nature.

To celebrate 7 wonderful years completed we are organizing 60+ outdoor events over 4 weeks between mid-Feb to mid-Mar on trekking, cycling, biking, photography, camping, green, social, heritage and wildlife. Find below our birthday event schedule. We will ensure that all interested members get an opportunity to join during each week. Invites for the respective events will be sent out individually by our organizers in the coming weeks. The center weekend of Feb 28-Mar 1 is reserved for our yearly Trek Polamaa Symposium in which we will be inviting 10 prominent guest speakers from across South India to share and inspire us with their passion on the areas of outdoors, sports and conservation. The speakers and topics will be finalized and announced by next week. Meanwhile reserve the dates!

Happy Birthday!

CTC Turns 7 - 60 Outdoor Events - Feb, Mar 2015 - Trekking, Biking, Cycling, Camping, Green, Photography, Heritage, Social, Snakes
Feb 14-15Feb 21-22Mar 7-8Mar 14-15
Javadhu 2-days Hills Cycling - Peter & Rady2-day Hill Run - Peter & DuraiNagari Moderate 2-day trek - Peter & Rady1 day Social Trek - Peter & Thilak
Feb 15 - 1-day Photo trip - Noel & PramodNagala 2-day difficult trek - Sankar, Saravanan, Subha & Arun SivaMar 8 - 1 day photo trip - Noel & PramodReturn to the frying pan - 3 day difficult trek - Sankar, Saravanan & Subha
Ainthinai Camping+Saplings Maintenance at Thenneri - Siva & ParthibanFeb 21 - half-day foodie walk - Noel & PramodMar 7 Kovur Govt. School-Saplings Maintenance - Nambi & ManiCamping event - Noel & Pramod
Social trek - feb 14 - Rajasekar & NambiFeb 22 - half-day photowalk - Noel & PramodMar 8 Kolathur Saplings Maintenance - NambiHeritage cum Saplings Maintenance Drive at Ayyangarkulam by Siva
One day Cycling - feb 15 - Rajasekar & NambiTwo day Cycling to yercaud - Rajasekaran & Nambi RajanTwo days Biking to Belum Caves - Rajasekaran & Nambi RajanTwo day Difficult trek - Rajasekar & Nambi Rajan
Emperors One night - one day Family trek to Nagala West - Sridhar1 Day ECR photo trek - Dinesh Kumar RGingee-Tiruvannamalai Heritage photo trip - Dinesh Kumar RKancheepuram Hertiage photo trip - Dinesh Kumar R
1 Day photo trek - Dinesh Kumar REmperors Heritage trip to Devanoor - Vinoth & SivaEmperors 2-day Bike Ride to Nowhere - Dr. Arun & MalanEmperors Bike trip, Plantation, Seashore camping to Pondy - Dr. Arun & Malan
Emperors Heritage trip to Mahabalipuram - Vinoth & SivaEmperors Munnar trek - 2 days - Vibin & MalanNagala 2-day moderate trek - Jayanthan, Ruthira & GauthamVelliangiri Trek - Nachi and Ela
Nagala 2-day moderate trek - Jayanthan, Ruthira & GauthamTwo day trek to Nagala - Nachi, Prasanthi, Arvind SpideyLadies trek - Prasanthi + Swati + Raj Jacob2 Day Cycling trip to Paramankeni & back - Sahas, Raj Jacob & Sandeep
Nagala One day trek - Nachi, Karthik Vijayakumar, Arvindh Vinodh, Arvind SpideyTwo day moderate trek to the Western Ghats - Raj Jacob + SandeepTwo day Nagala trek - Karthik Vijayakumar + Ela Murugan + Aravindh VinodOne day cycling near bangalore - Dalvir/Nobal
2 day Motorbiking to Pichawaram & back - Sahas, Raj Jacob and SandeepEmperors Two Days Trek to Kumara Parvathaa - Balaji Mohan, Vinoth KB, ArunNagala 2-day difficult trek - Sankar, Saravanan, Subha & Arun SivaElders/Kids trek - Gautham/Ruthira/Jack
Emperors 2-day Kodai Trek - Vibin & MalanEmperors ride to silver hills - bike ride !! - Dr. Arun & Vignesh selvarajSnake walk - Karthik R yadav & HariEmperors Bike Ride to Western Ghats - Praveen, Bharani & Vignesh
One day cycling near Bangalore - Dalvir & NobalAinthinai Saplings Maintenance Drive at Mailam - Prasanna, SivaOne day cycling near bangalore - Dalvir/NobalEmperors Express Trek 11 - Prem & Magesh
Emperors one day MTB ride - Arun & SiddharthEmperors Express Trek 9 - Prem & MageshEmperors Express Trek 10 - Prem & Magesh
Emperors' Date your bike -- bike ride !! - Dr. Arun & Vignesh selvarajAinthinai Tree Plantation @ Pondicherry - Selva
Emperors "A Day with Irula's - Camping and Snake Walk" - Krishna & MasuEmperors "A Day with Irula's - Camping and Snake Walk" - Series 2 (Feb 21/22) Krishna,Masu


ommi on: February 9, 2015 at 12:21 AM said...

Really excited at looking at the events !!!


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