Writeup - Ainthinai Tree Plantation @ KCG, Karapakam 16th Nov 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014
Written by Sonia Gupta

IT's Tree Time...

I heard lot about CTC from my husband as he is one of the active members of it.when i heard about there tree plantation event from him  i felt like going but more than that it was my 5 year old son excitement which forced me to wake  me up early sunday  morning.To wake my son  in morning for school is really a tough task but that day  to my surprise he woke up in one call...

we drove to KCG college of technology,Karapakam and reach there at 7:45  where all the volunteers from Ctc and even the college students are gathered to plant the trees in and around the college.

Ra Aravindh the Man behind organising this event gave us briefing about how to plant saplings before start up.I must say his passion for planting trees and making the green way is commendable.


We were around 30 volunteers and all geared up for our mission. One digs the hole deep enough than other pull out the sand and keep the sapling ,filling it with soil and than covered it with barricade.

Superb energy level...lots of chit chat..fun ..posing for the camera in between keep us going..

There was some exam in the college.Many parents came to us and asked us about the event and some of them were really interested to join us and asked for the next event..it felt amazing ...hoping  many more will come

Time for breakfast..All volunteers enjoyed the breakfast after Tree plantation in college canteen.

One for the camera..We the team of volunteers..Satisfied and Happy with our work

Dont know feeling of planting trees in small garden of my home and planting trees outside is not the same. Maybe in home beauty is the factor but planting outside you feel you have done though very little but something for the Mother Earth.

Sunday Morning could not be better than this. A Very Big Thanks to CTC organisers.Please Keep updating me about such events.




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