Chennai Iron Triathlon - What does it take to finish?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
What does it take to become a Triathlete? How does it feel to reach the finishing line? What flashes through your mind when looking back? 

Sharing a few testimonials of our Chennai Iron Triathlon finisher hoping to inspire more people to step into the Tri. Don't hesitate to contact these Triathletes to share their experiences and get their guidance to become a Triathlete yourself.

Below testimonials are brief extracts - to read the full versions visit our FB Page

Half Iron Triathlon - Dec'14
In a short period I've participate in Half Iron. My first event that I participated in Olympic Chennai Triathlon - July'14. The event which is made me crazy to participate in all the running and tri athlete event which is organized byChennai Trekking Club. I'm glad that I'm member of this club. Firstly I would like to thank தமிழ்செல்வன் சதாசிவம் Yukesh Kumar Krithika Chidambaram Sathish Kumar Swetha Christy for introducing me into such a 
grateful club.

Here the space to say about my experience in Half Iron Chennai Triathlon. As a non professional swimmer I was able to cover 1.9 Km Swimming in 54mins easily. Then coming to talk about cycling which is tough one for me able to complete 90 Km in more than 6 hours. Worst experience!!! Till U turn i was managed to reach in 2.15 hours but i took more time return back to start point. Hereafter i have decided to not follow anyone(Hema L Mani not U :P) while riding cycle. Next time onwards, i will get know about the cycling route clearly and i'll start pedal. With the running experience in Chennai Trail Marathon and Javadhu Hills Ultra managed to complete 21Km running withSuresh Kumar . Overall, I took 11 hours to completed Half Iron Triathlon with tears   Happiest thing is that I dint quit !!!!!!!!

First Place in CTC Triathlon - Half Iron Distance. Total timing is 6:25 hrs approx. Had an excellent swim of 1.9k in abt 41 mins followed by the 90k cycle including the 2 transitions in abt 3:25 mins. Then had a very slow jog of 21k under the hot sun in 2:15 mins. Definitely could have improved the run timing by atleast 10 to 15 mins if there was someone chasing me. A 2 hour improvement from my last half iron distance triathlon. And any more triathlons in the same distance is gonna be under 6 hours definitely.. Also, its surely full Iron distance next december. Thanks to my buddy Muthu Valliappan for accompanying to the event and helping me thru all the transitions.. It definitely made the difference; to my team the Runsters; to all the Iron CTC volunteers who support me and cheer me on every time. When half marathons are charged more than Rs.1000, it is possible to conduct a half iron triathlon for just Rs.500 only because of Peter Van Geit and the memebers of CTC; Thank you all for another blockbuster event. Will be there to participate in every edition. ‪#‎BringItOn‬ ‪#‎Runsters‬

Surya Kundu

Last time someone asked me "are u participating Triathlon", I said "I am not ready". I was able to escaped that time but somehow i not able to forgot my answer. This time I asked myself, "do u want to participate Triathlon"......I was not ready this time also but hate to give same excuse so registered at the last day and start practicing for swimming n running. Though i have only sinking experience in open water still gave a try. It was a bad start but keep pushing myself for first 2.5 loop then settled my breathe and completed rest 4 loop. It took 1.5 hrs. for 1.9 KM swimming. After completing swimming it was quit relaxed but not comfortable in head wind during return cycling. Heavy breeze made me walk two times. Finished 90 KM cycling in 5.5 hrs. Started running at 2 pm and complete 21 KM in 3.5 hrs. Half Iron completed in 11 hrs.
Cycle courtesy Ravi Panga Sir, Inspiration from ‪#‎VibrantVelachery‬ and AnilSir and thanks to Peter & all Volunteers who gave their energy, time and everything for the wonderful event. By d way registration was only 500 !!

3/4 Iron Triathlon
How did I decide for a 3/4 Triathlon? D2D rescheduled date was announced, Murali Rangarajan announced a Half Iron practice, wanted to try that with Enock Prince and Rajaganapathy (RG). Due to last minute cycle issues Enock couldn’t join. Half Iron practice started with Murali, Ela ArasuRamesh Palani, RG and completed the half iron practice with a cramp in right leg calf when in the middle of water in the last loop. This completion gave me a confidence, but then my maiden FM wasn’t that great with CTM 2014 due to the accident pre event. Final milestone was TWCM FM, FM completion in 10th place, gave me confidence to try a 3/4. I happened to have a chat with Peter Van Geit, after getting a summary of my training; he said you are ready for a 3/4. Here comes Anilji, have to tell him before I mess up with something. Had a chance to talk to him and discussed, he was 50-50. Even then he said make a strong Half Iron, I am disobedient daughter to mom and dad.
VV were ready to pace, support....
VV's list was like Tri participants, Tri enthu/help list
More than Tri participants, Tri supporters was high who stood by our side all the time all through the event

Finally a podium finish, completed 2nd position in IRONMAN TRIATHLON (3.9K swim, 180K cycling, and 42K running), was unexpected, as there weren't some strong contestant participated.
Did swimming comfortably with decent timing (1hr 42mins), Thanks Tom Brouns for the valuable sessions, your tips and tricks helped me a lot.
Being a Randonneur, I used with almost all conditions, the headwinds were tough, but manageable, decided not to push too much on headwinds, as I need to conserve energy for another 42k run.

Completed an Olympic triathlon , which was 1.5k swimming which was d toughest in a quarry which is 150 m in length and 30 m deep , and cycling for 40 km looking like a pirate with that cap on and running for 10 km in a scorching chennai afternoon . Managed to pull all this off in 4hr30min which is quiet decent for a first timer with a fear of swimming in open water . All the credit goes to the entire CTC team , hats off to u guys

1.5 Km Swim, 40 Km Bike Ride & 10 Km Run. Aced in 4 Hours approx.
Swam in the Ottiyambakkam Quarry (150 m Length). 5 Laps. Had to take a break and readjust my swim glasses when someone hit me smack on my face.
Bike Leg was good thanks to the wonderful Merida Crossway I was riding. Did a personal best in 1hr 46 min.
Run - Was excruciatingly tough as my legs were tired riding the bike against strong headwinds. Jog-walked to the finish line.
Experience is beyond words. Feeling accomplished.

CTC's Chennai Triathlon 2014 - Full Iron
All thru the year, I was looking frwd to dis one event, hoping to end the year on a high wid another victory, but instead got only heartbreak, wid my pathetic performance, ending this year not wid a bang, but wid a whimper..... 
A sudden bout of high fever in the last minute hit me hard and made it virtually a struggle to even reach the finish line, which I eventually did after a hard fought war of 18 hrs 43 mins.....

Aditya Sharma

Finished my 2nd Olympic triathlon yesterday. Finished 7th which is my best result so far. Had completely no practice of swimming, cycling practice was the best and running practice was also not very good. Came 8th out of the water, 5th off the bike and finished 7th. Thank you all the volunteers for your great support, Peter Van Geit and CTC team for organising the event, our VV team for their great support, and my dad for his great inspiration and last but not the least, my sister for pacing me while running, without her couldn't have finished 7th also..

My first Olympic Triathlon. Swim : 1.5 KM, Cycle: 40 KM, Run: 10 KM. Waiting for the official timings. Thanks Chennai Trekking Club and Peter Van Geit for the wonderful event

Finally I have done it! All credit goes to CTC and the wonderful team of volunteers. Thanks to Tom Brouns for the swimming training at Ottiampakkam Quary, Anna University Swimming pool and Race Course Pool.

Ela Arasu

Dec - 20th was a Great day in my life - Yes.. I completed one of the biggest event 'The Full Iron Triathlon' - 3.9 kms swimming, 180 kms cycling and 42 kms running. I completed swimming in approximately 2 hrs 10 mins and started cycling at 9.40 am. The first 2 hrs seemed an easy ride till I reached the 45th km u-turn point. There started my big hurdle.

Sreeshan Vasudevan

First ever Olympic Triathlon completed today. Thank you CTC volunteers for organizing the event in such a great manner. Keep inspiring as always....Feeling so happy today!!



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