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Friday, November 14, 2014
Did you know that Ainthinai Ctc - CTC's Green team - engages in 10 different types of activities in and around Chennai to create a greener future for us? These include tree plantation, coastal cleanup, organic farming, seed sowing, terrace gardening, tree walks, waste mgmt, lake cleanup, sapling maintenance and setting up nurseries. As a member of CTC - being an outdoor and nature enthusiast - we invite you to get a better understanding of each of these initiatives as nicely explained by our green team below. 

We invite you to join in some of the many ongoing green events (Ainthinai organized 70 in the past 6 months involving 1200 volunteers!). We also need your help in our annual Green Day on Nov 23rd in which we are planning to plant 1000+ saplings near Walajabad in association with the Tamilnadu Forest Department - join us here.

Know CTC's Green Activities

Chennai Coastal CleanupOne of the signature event of CTC conducted in a row of 5th continuous years with 6500+ participants across Tamilnadu along the Coastal Shores, River and Lake Beds. In 2014 we expanded the cleanup across India in 10 Major Cities. The main objective of this Cleanup is to emphasize a stronger message on the amount of garbage that litters our water bodies and the process of Recycling
Tree PlantationsWe conduct tree plantation events during the 2nd Half of every Year (Monsoon Time) to promote the growth of trees and increase the green coverage. In the past 2.5 years we have conducted various tree plantations and planted 4000+ trees in various Schools, Colleges, Temples,Streets, Water beds and Forest Areas to promote the eco-diversity theme across Chennai and other places across Tamilnadu. We have been supported by Tamilnadu Forest Department in all our Tree Plantations by granting permissions and tree saplings for our events. Our survival rate of Trees Planted is close to 71%.
Tree MaintenanceTree saplings maintenance events are carried in the First Half of every year to ensure the growth and survival of the trees we planted. The major activities we carry out during these events are Watering, Mulching, Manuring, Pruning and Establishing tree guards thus to ensure the highest survival growth of the trees we planted.
Terrace GardeningThis event is focused to Grow Your Own Food in an Organic Way without any artificial pest controls. Establishing a self-sustaining food eco system on the roof tops to grow Greens,Vegetable and Fruits for your own families. We focus on the methods and tools to cultivate, ways to irrigate and maintaining such roof-top gardens during these sessions.
Nursery MaintenanceAinthinai CTC has its own nursery. Yes we grow saplings at our nursery which hosts all the plant varieties namely Pungai, Vembu, Neer Maruthu,Naval,Poovarsu,Kumil,Vengai & Mandhaarai. We conduct Nursery Maintenance in which we do pruning, remove weeds, mulch and water them for a healthy growth of plants.
Tree Guard CuttingTree Guards are necessary to protect the saplings which grow during the initial years. But a Tree Guard for a well grown tree hinders its growth and damages the tree branches. We conduct Tree Guard Cutting events with the permission of Tamilnadu Forest Department in which we use the metal cutters to remove the Tree Guards of well grown trees. These Tree Guards which are cut are also reused to protect the smaller saplings that we plant.
Tree Walk for KidsTrees are the basics for the survival of life and so as to know its importance too. CTC Ainthinai conducts various Tree Walk events especially to Kids to let them know the importance and history of trees, the anatomy of trees, its growth features and the contribution of trees to the human/animal eco-system.
Awareness SessionsWe conduct awareness sessions on Flora and Fauna during our yearly event of Trek Polama which focuses on sharing the experiences from eminent Naturalists. These sessions are interactive audio,video, practical and speaking sessions where people associated to various Nature aspects come and share their works towards nature,animals,birds and conservation We also had the Tamilnadu Forest Department Team representing this event to establish stalls and interact with the participants on sounding the conservation theme louder.
Waste ManagementWith the main motto of Recycle and Reuse, Waste Management sessions are conducted by us to incorporate reducing the amount of Solid Wastes that emerge out of our daily household. These sessions focus on turning the Solid Wastes to Manures and Vitalisers for plants and reducing the amount of garbage heaps that emerge out of our daily activities. It also throws more light on segregation of these wastes thus making it reused at every aspects of life
Tree MappingMapping the trees is an exercise we conduct in association with Tamilnadu Forest Department to count the population of trees. It’s a census activity were we spot and map the type of tree, its life of existence and its location details pertaining to the areas thus tagging the trees and its identity.
Organic Farming - Back to RootsOrganic Farming is a "Know How of Farming" activity in which we engage the participants on various farming methodologies like sowing, planting, weeding, irrigating, manuring, ploughing and pruning. This also involves the organic practices like preparing Pancha Gaviam, natural manures and natural soil vitalizing techniques.
Air LayeringThis is a unique methodology of producing roots from the stem in which a portion of stem is cut and wrapped with damp moss and polyethene paper. Later the cut area roots to a separate plant, which then is cut and planted on ground. CTC Ainthinai conducts such sessions to create new saplings from the branches of large trees.
Forest WalkForest walks are conducted in association with Tamilnadu Forest Department to know the importance of Forests and its association to Animals,Birds and Human Beings. These sessions also focus on conservation methods and human-animal behaviors/conflicts
Seed SowingSeed Sowing events are conducted in River Beds, Tropical and Marsh lands to promote the growth of trees. We sow neem, pungai and vengai seeds during the rainy seasons to promote the green spread across the wet lands thus enriching the soil bed.

What did we do in the past 6 months?

More than 70 green activities involving 1200 volunteers were organized by our team since March this year.

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