Write Up -Saplings Maintenance at Ayyangarkulam, Kanchipuram - Sep 14

Friday, September 19, 2014
Wonderful Write up by Gayathri: 

Dear Green Warriors,
  Well this is how I want to acknowledge all of you  with honour and pride. Thanks to one and all for the great deed and wonderful expedition in conserving our nature for the love of mother land. On observing  the involvement and spirit in each one of you participated at the Ayyangarkulam event, it was more inspiring and captivating myself into the Tech Gen Green Revolution.
 Whilst the commotion city was fast asleep, at 4am, along with the early birds in dawn, the curtain raiser for the event began,when I joined the ecofriends around 4.30am. The thrill of the expedition began in me, as soon I was introduced to Mr.Ela, and Ms.Sathiya by Abirami during the long brezzy drive. 

On reaching AYYANGARKULAM around 6am,I was amazed with the grandeur architecture of the *SANJEEVIRAYA HANUMAN * temple and its 150 acres spread

 *THATHA SAMUTHRAM*; a definite eye treat to any heritage lover like me.
As the maintenance work began,every one got readily occupied with pleasing smiles,like the chirping birds around; giving a pleasant fielding ambience.
 In due course, I learnt about, mulching,manuring, fencing and other PLANTATION & MAINTENANCE events of AINTHINAI TEAM.

 A real hero on field, Mr.Chanderasekar.A.K sir, I salute with due respect, for his perseverance. One mighty knight like him at every event, would drive any weak warriors gallop on their own, seeing his persistent perspirating efforts.

For the ecofriend Mr. Ponraj Natrajan, who innovatively dealt the shortage of tools by reforming the stem of palm leaf into a saw to easily cut away the lemon grass bundle for mulching; and the two ecofriends(Yuvanik Vikram ) who were enthusiastic and over sincere in clearing away the non biodegradable litter around the premises of saplings in the entire stretch=> SINCERE APPLAUSES!! 
The boostups with coffee,guavas,paneer soda,apples,fruit cake, water bottles and the raggi porridge with steaming sambar rice for lunch, deserves a high thumbs up.     
Ms.Brinda's B'day cake cutting and the group photoshoot was a lovely curtain fall to  mark the end of AYYANGARKULAM-sep 14th event.

I take the privilege of thanking personaly, each one in CTC -AINTHINAI crew; GREAT TO HAVE MET YOU ALL. I had great joy in joining  the team in the quest of executing social responsiblities. I would love to work with the team in the forthcoming events. I hope, I could make it to all events without missing any. Acquired the personal rapport with Mr.Vijay,Mr.Tavethiya Yogesh,Mr.Ra.Aravindh and wish to know all the other dedicated green warriors too.
Each one was unique indeed, but the unison in diversity was a splendid bouquet garni of happy hearts ,scented with graceful smiles. Thanks a ton RAMESHKUMAR, KUMARVEL SRIRANGA for the wonderful captures of the event, which was the icing for the cake.
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with warm regards,
Dr. Gayathri Devi Selvaraj.



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