Write up - Ainthinai Tree Plantation event on 23-06-14 @ Madhya Kailash

Friday, September 19, 2014
A tiny step to improve eco system at Madhiya kailash

Since the time I have joined the Chennai trekking club, I used to see different initiatives taken by Ainthinai [Grow your Own Oxygen group] to plant more & more trees and create awareness among people for a sustainable development. Initially I thought it’s more of a show off then really a contribution to the environment. How can a few trees really make any impact to such a big environment?
Seed for change
During one of my trek’s to Nagalapuram, I met Ra Aravindh. His commitment and passion for growing more and more trees changed my opinion .I decided to contribute for these environmental changes.
When I saw a notification for an opportunity to contribute at Madhiya Kailash on Monday Morning, I was reluctant to join specially being a week day. But when I shared the same thought with my daughter Ashna, she was adamant to join for the occasion and contribute. To my surprise, she woke up at 5 AM (regular 7 AM) without any follow-up.  So I didn’t have much of a choice but to take her to Madhiya Kailash.

We were 15 minute ahead of time, and were roaming around to find our Kurukshetra (battle field) for the day. Suddenly one red car was parked below MRT station and a gentleman came out. I approached and asked him, if he is from Grow your own Oxygen Club and his answer was not really but was from Chennai raising Club and came for the same cause. We waited for few minutes to get other team members together. Then Aravindh and Sinthu brought saplings that were mission for the day.

Realty, better than imagination
In fact then I understood, bigger hero for the day was “ The Chennai Rising ” team, who really made this areas suitable for use, few days before, by extensive cleaning of areas and surroundings. Previously, these areas were dump yards and required quite a lot of imagination to think of its productive use. But volunteers from Chennai Rising team had done a fabulous job and need a great applaud.


Good foundation is necessity for strong building
Shovels, iron rods, gloves were out to dig holes. 15 Peoples got busy in cleaning the soil, preparing it, digging holes, putting saplings, filling the soil and putting barricades. Within next hour,we planted 6 Pungai Saplings. We had a very harmonious environment and a good teamwork where the people were committed to contribute.

Together we succeed
Few passerbies were watching us with surprise, hopefully eyewitness to changes and carrier for the message across society. A few people came out with advice and suggestions. These Saplings are not only going to generate oxygen but are also going to create a shadow in couple of months for the nearby bus stand. These are just the small seeds for changes our society needs and hope more and more people will join hands.

It was time for us for shake hands with each other and say good bye, so can join school and office on time. Task for the day was accomplished but the mission is still on.

Yes Soiled hands and Satisfied Souls................................



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