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Thursday, September 11, 2014
Sharing post-event mailer #2 with all -


Completing is more important than winning. Out of 1200 registrations, 1050 runners appeared at the start line, out of which 902 finished successfully and 742 runners finished within the published cut-off timing (open category). Out of 902 finishers we had 89 Ultra runners, 45 Full and 768 Half marathoners. Great to see nearly 90 runners completing Chennai's first Ultra (trail) run ! Find below detailed statistics to better understand your current performance within the CTM14 running population.

1. Photo Links (part 2)

Our photography teams keeps uploading more beautiful photos on our CTM FB Page. Do check the page periodically to find more moments captured during the trail run. Find below the 2nd part -

2. Analytics

Welcome to our CTM14 post-run statistics section. In here we assist you in analyzing your running performance. 
1. First please check your individual finish timing/rank over here.

Top 5 podium finishers are highlighted in green
Runners who did not finish within cut-off timing in red

2. Age categories:

  • Open (16-42 years)
  • Veteran (43-53 years)
  • Senior veteran (54-63 years)
  • Super veteran (64-74 years)
3. Cut-off timings: (only for open category)
  • Ultra - 7:30
  • Full Marathon - 6 hours
  • Half Marathon - 3:15
Separate stats are published for different run categories, age categories and gender. Only when at least 5 runners are present in a given run/age/gender-category it makes sense to analyze the date. For each run/age/gender-category with sufficient runners we have published following timings:
  • Best - best timing in category - your inspiration
  • Top 10% - finish timing to be in top 10% - excellent timing!
  • Top 25% - finish timing to be in top 25% - you are in the top 25%!
  • Top 50% - finish timing to be in top 50% - are you above or below average?
  • Cut-off - cut-off timing (open category only) - need to improve your timing, you are walking, not running.
Compare these timings with your individual timing to help you in understanding where you stand.

Ultra Men

Interesting observation here is that the Veterans are beating the Open category!

Ultra MenOpenVeteranSen. VetSuper Vet
Top 10%5:485:37NANA
Top 25%6:196:22NANA
Top 50%6:526:45NA6:58
Cut off7:30NANANA

FM Men

More then 50% of the runners finishes beyond the 6 hour cut off time and need to improve their timing to finish the Full Marathon in its true spirit of running.

FM MenOpenVeteranSen. VetSuper Vet
Top 10%4:28NANANA
Top 25%5:19NANANA
Top 50%6:07NANANA
Cut off6:00NANANA

HM Women

The veteran HM ladies seem to keep up well with their younger counter-parts:

HM WomenOpenVeteranSen. VetSuper Vet
Top 10%2:222:28NANA
Top 25%2:492:37NANA
Top 50%3:072:58NANA
Cut off3:15NANANA

HM Men

Once again the Veterans and Senior Veteran men overall put down better finish timings then their colleagues in the Open category.
Partly this could be explained by the larger number of new younger runners attempting the HM.

HM MenOpenVeteranSen. VetSuper Vet
Top 10%2:142:202:00NA
Top 25%2:302:292:12NA
Top 50%2:512:482:39NA
Cut off3:15NANANA

3. Rankings
Below we are the top 25 finishers (top 5 in green) in each category. The same have also been uploaded on our CTM FB Page for you to share, comment and congratulate the top finishers.

Remaining runners can find their timing/rank over here.

All finishers can download (+share on FB) their CTM14 completion certificate and timing over here.


Full Marathon

Half Marathon


Balaji Mahadevan on: September 11, 2014 at 10:14 PM said...

Name for BIB# H1032 under open category for Half Marathon is BALAJI MAHADEVAN. Kindly update the name in the Running Statistics table.


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