First Aid workshop by ALERT, Aug 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Little Gods

Life is all about mending broken things. Be it a relationship or your bones. If you don't fix it or intend to fix it its bound to be lost forever. When I attended the First Aid session conducted by ALERT - we care NGO(I almost quit attending it as I had trouble finding the ePagemaker place and reached by 11), I felt how much ignorant I have been on my common sense of medical emergency. Something more important than my codes, my bike, my smartphone etc. 

But then I felt something more. Who are these guys from ALERT? They are just random common individuals like you and me, just a better sample among us. A lot, more inclined to helping the society. These are little Gods who fix, faceless and nameless people at their most crucial moments. Some may live to see the day, those unfortunate may not make it. But being there when an idle crowd is gathered, commanding the situation, calling 108, giving first aid to the injured, curbing panic and a thousand suggestions - Its actually tough playing God. The face of a trained stranger who applies pressure to your half severed hand when you're spitting blood and swearing at him out of pain. But he/she does the necessity of the Golden Hour and walks away when help arrives.

I left from there on a well spent Saturday morning, feeling awesome and better prepared for medical emergencies. There is a volunteer page on the ALERT site. Those who wish to part of this wonderful team can register and train yourself to help others at the most testing times and spread the word. I have registered to be one, may be a selfishness to play God.

Like Rajesh said at the session, we need something ten times the service of 108 ambulances in a complex country like ours, until then we can become torchbearers and equip others. Nothing is better than a well informed independent society across classes and masses.

Sincere gratitude to everyone who have been part of this session, from the first mail till the closing group photo.

Have a great day ahead!!



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