Chennai Coastal Cleanup/5, India Clean Sweep - Thank You!

Monday, June 16, 2014
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started sowing the seeds 
​in the minds of the members and public ​
 for CHENNAI COASTAL CLEANUP 5 couple of months back and on 8th June around 6
00 volunteers from CTC, schools, colleges and various organisations collected around 50 tons of garbage.  Ground work for this enormous effort was put into by CTC for this massive cleanup around 4 months back and the whole idea was to RECYCLE, REUSE & REDUCE. By this time word spread to various cities and CTC volunteers came forward to take responsibility and with the help of NGOs it developed into INDIA CLEAN SWEEP 2014.

CTC green team lead ably Sivakumar Shanmugavel, with the guidance from Masu , Vinoth, Krishna, Nambi, Aravindh, Praveen and other volunteers (Sorry if i left out other names)started the process of enquiry and resting the various materials that was to used in CCC5. They met all the NGOs in other cities and explained CTC works and the segregation process to be followed. The main aim was the garbage collected should not be taken to Pallikarani marsh. After meeting, consulting and visiting various recyclers we decided to rope in EARTH RECYCLER as our recycling partner. The green team after the collection stayed back till the end with the leads and other volunteers to load 50 tons of garbage spilt into Glass, Plastic and others filed in the big bags into the trucks. They will be going to the Recyclers yard to do the second and third level segregation in the coming weeks and see that around 80% of the garbage segregated is recycled. The hard work and dedication put in by the Green team to make CCC5 a success does end here. They have planned to continue with educating, advising and follow up actions in coming months.

The leads and Co leads in all the zones spend weeks planning and visiting their respective zones to visualise, plan and execute.  They had to mail, phone and distribute the volunteers, plan for transport, parking, refreshments, water points, restrooms, first aid, take care of school children and kids. In spite of significant dropouts from the total head count, volunteers from CTC covered all the areas and collected the garbage.  Traffic regulation played havoc in Marina areas in the morning which delayed the volunteers coming into their respective zones. Gokul / Vadivel team from Marina and Muthu’s  team from Forshore estate did a good job in their zones.  THANK YOU all for the time you spend, energy and effort for making this cleanup a success.

Peter and the Green team were also in the talks with other regions around South India regarding cleanup process. Even though some regions did not have beaches they came forward to clean the lakes in their places and INDIA CLEAN SWEEP was born. They pooled in our CTCians from that area and other likeminded NGOs for ICS. Pondy team lead by Malan, Dr.Arun & his team did a great job and surprisingly did all the pre event promotions better than Chennai. Bangalore team lead was Balaji Mohan, Coimbatore team lead by Umesh, Bharani, Trichy team by  Raja, Tirunelveli  team lead by Hari Prathan, Tuticorin lead by Naveen Joseph, Kanyakumari lead by Aravindh, Hyderbad by Diyanat Ali, Vizak by Ravi Kanth Reddy, Narayanapuram & Keezhkattalai Lake lead by Renu Karthick and his team & Madambakkam Lake  by Deepak.  Nambi coordinated with the ICS regions and his efforts were visible with the success we got. Kudos to the entire ICS & the NGOs for making this happen and continuing to create, promote awareness in the regions.

Thanks to Thilak for running around various Government bodies to get permissions and coordinating with Sushmita for the media coverage. Sushmita actively approached to all kinds of media angles to promote CCC5 and successfully partnered with them. Thilak visited the Mayor’s office couple of times to bring Mayor for the Inauguration. Both the Corporation of Chennai & Police commissioner’s departments helped us running the event smoothly.

Rajiv Athreya posters designs created a huge impact within volunteers, public and sponsors.  In spite of breaking his hand he managed to give us the designs both for CCC5 & ICS. We truly appreciate the creative services he is offering us to promote CTC events.

Appreciate Prem Kumar for taking care of Transport and supplies on the event day.  Aravind Krishnamoorthy for stepping in the last moment to help us transport the fruits.  Ra.Aravind personally took the bags to Tutocurin & Kanyakumari regions.

Photography team lead by Nivya covered all the zones to give us some stunning pictures to highlight the damages being done by us to the beaches. Shyam took few pics from the top of the lighthouse too. Some amazing photos taken by the team have created a huge impact in the social media.  

Ramjan Pathan for bring in the copter for aerial photography. Amazing photos !!!!!

Ranjikanth’s scuba team did their part of cleaning the garbage from under the sea.

First Aid team lead by Jagadish did a wonderful job of covering all the zones.

Krishnan Subramanian from Yellow bags and Arul Priya from nammaboomi for their wonderful cloth bags with nice messages.

Special thanks to Dawood from Earth Recylers & our Green team who did a monk cleanup before the event and assured us that 80% of the garbage can be recycled. Dawood also helped us source the Bags for the event. 

Thanks to The Hindu team for partnering with us and roping in the Sponsors for CCC5.

Finally, thanks to PETER under whose guidance and mentorship we continue to push ourselves to do more and helping us to give something back to the world we live in. 




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