Navigator Bootcamp - Assignment 7 - Post field GPS log analysis

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
To complete the Navigator Bootcamp please submit following deliverables for the team after this weekend. Members who completed all assignments (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) will receive a completion certificate from CTC. Do share the same on your FB wall - you can be proud of it ! Hope to see you contribute in trail planning/navigation in future CTC treks (alongside the main organizers).

1. Understanding GPX format

Retrieve the GPS log from your Smartphone (trail recording). Open the GPX file in a text editor and identify the 4 parameters recorded by your GPS along the trail you traversed.

2. Trail review on topomap

Overlay the GPX file on a Google Terrain map (use Analyze the trail taken by your team, review the ridges and valleys traversed to get to your assigned points on Saturday and Sunday and see if any other, more optimal path was possible. Describe the challenges you faced along the way.

3. Altitude Profile Review

Generate an altitude profile from your GPX file. Review the highest and lowest points and analyze the steepness of the gradients traversed.

4. 3D trail review

Review your trail in 3D using Google Earth - lower the viewing angle and observe from different directions to get a clear understanding on your path traversed

All three above reviews of your GPS log will give you a better understanding of the actual trail traversed (vs. the planned trail) and see how to better plan/optimize future trails.



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