Navigator Bootcamp - Assignment 5 - Field practice trail planning - Ridges and Valleys

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Dear All,

Find below the locations of:

Base camp - location where we will all group together on Sat morning/afternoon + Sun morning/afternoon.
Deep water - place to be AVOIDED by all teams

Point 10->15: 6 points nearby the base camp (will be assigned to teams with limited trek experience)
Point 20->25: 6 points at mid-range distance (will be assigned to teams with moderate trek experience)
Point 30->35: 6 points at further range (will be assigned to experienced trekkers only)


Teams will have to navigate to 2 points on Saturday (basecamp => point 1 => point 2 => basecamp) which means 3 trails will have to be planned and navigated

Similarly teams will navigate to 2 other points on Sunday. The sequence/order of the points to be traversed will be assigned to each team during the field practice. You will also have to take a bearing at some of these points verifying your position on a paper map.

Meanwhile all teams should create a Google Map with all these reference points + identify all nearby streams and ridges (to prepare yourself for the field practice weekend) and share your Google map with me.


Two smartphones per team
Map & GPS app loaded on your phone
One proper compass per team
To load GPX in phones with attached reference points, tracks identifying ridges and valleys
To cache Nagala topomap on your smartphone (see below)
Carry two printouts of geo-referenced Nagala topomap
Preserve phone battery - switch to flight mode, do not use data
Record your GPS trail on Sat and Sun 

Caching topomaps on your phone

On your Smartphone Map app (e.g. Oruxmaps on Android) load the OpenCycleTopoMap and zoom into the same area of Nagalapuram:

Now, zoom into max detail (200 meters) and move across the entire map at this zoom-level to ensure all of it gets downloaded/cached on your smartphone To verify it got downloaded properly, switch your phone to flight mode, restart your phone and open your Mapping app again and verify the topomap is still shown without mobile signal activated. 

You now have offline access to the topomap and will be able to see your position and direction of movement on the map directly using your Smartphone this weekend which will make it easy for you to navigate.

Additionally you will have to load a GPX (refer below assignment) with all reference points, ridges and valleys (drawn by you on Google Map) in your phone which will give you a clear overview of all terrain features on the map. After this you are all set to rock the field practice weekend!

Peter Van Geit
Life starts at the end of our comfort zone



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