Navigator Bootcamp - Assignment 2 - Navigating a small hill

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Congratulations for completing the first hands-on exercise "Navigating your neighborhood". 

In this second and final hands-on exercise before the Navigator Bootcamp you will get familiar with topography and navigating a small hill inside the city limits. This will provide you with valuable knowledge before navigating along more challenging trails across a larger mountain range during the field practice assignment. Completing this exercise is mandatory before attending the Bootcamp.

Navigator Bootcamp: assignment 2

This is a team assignment - all members of the team should complete this together at a mutually convenient date/time

Requirements: smartphone with any map/GPS app installed, below coordinates loaded, compass for reading bearing (sample photo below), print out of attached map

The assignment is to get familiar with hilly terrain, topography, field navigation and identifying location through compass

The team is to assemble at the Northwestern base of Pallavaram hill at E 80 9 33.5 N 12 58 22.7. You can search these coordinates on Google Maps

Switch on track recording on your Smartphone Maps/GPS App
From here climb straight up towards the ruins on top E 80 9 37.8 N 12 58 17.8. Verify your location (latitude, longitude on your smartphone GPS app).

Take a group photo of the team near the ruins (to proof all team members reached there)

Go to a point with a clear view on the airport (North) and use the compass to take the bearing of the airport control tower

To take a bearing: hold compass flat, point to tower (eye should see wire cut through tower), look through magnifying glass to read current bearing

Repeat the above for another landmark (hill, tower...) which is clearly visible in the landscape (do not change your current position). Take a landmark which is between 120 to 60 degrees away from the first landmark (90 degrees gives the best accuracy) and which is not too close to your current location (e.g. at least 500m away)

From the ruins climb straight down towards the Southwest base E 80 9 25.1 N 12 58 0.1
After reaching the base switch off GPS recording on your Smartphone

After returning home take GPS log from your phone and overlay on a Google Terrain map (use
Identify which part of the track (ascent or descend) was steepest and justify your answer.

Open Google Maps (Satellite view), locate both airport control tower on the map
Draw a line with the above noted bearing through the control tower on the map
Repeat the above for the second landmark 
The intersection of both lines should correspond to your location on Pallavaram hill from where you took both bearings

To successfully complete this exercise share following deliverable's with the organizer: group photo at peak, GPS log (GPX) from base to base, screenshot of terrain map with GPS track, screenshot of the Satellite map with two bearing lines intersecting

You are now ready to proceed with assignment #3.

Compass to be used for this exercise:
(should have thread to take view reference point in landscape and magnifying glass to take exact bearing)

If you don't have a compass you can also take a bearing with your Smartphone and electronic compass - e.g. the GPS Status app -



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