Trek Polamaa V - March 8-9 - photos, videos & presentations

Friday, March 14, 2014
Photo Links

Bharathy -

Trek Polamaa V innauguration DFO

Vinoth - Impact of Plastics

Arun - Species Identification-Recovery and Reintroduction. Loss of Actual Biodiversity.

Gowri - King Cobras and Western Ghats

Murugavel - Ethics in wildlife photography

Indira Kumar - Roof Gardening, Composting, Planting Trees

Mansoor - The Third Curve

Dr Mangalam - Garbage-nobody's business?How to make it everybody's business!

Manick - Trekking to Preserve our Heritage

Srinivasan - Nature and Wilderness in Art Form

Nagaraj - Observing Nature from behind the fence

Thilak - Sevai Karangal, a social organization

Sagar - Bird Watching

Vaidhya - The Person or the Challenge

Sara - Leopards in the 21st century

Peter- CTC 6th year review & Organizer Awards

Thanks to our Sponsors who made Trek Polamaa V possible

A BIG thanks to all volunteers who helped out realizing this years' Trek Polamaa V!




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