Chennai Trail Marathon, Oct 20th - prep email #3

Friday, October 18, 2013
Dear runners,

Hope you have carefully read through the earlier communicated prep email#1 and prep email#2. Find below the third and final prep email with additional useful information.

Important - reminder to all Full Marathon runners to bring a torch as the venue will be dark during the first 45 minutes of the FM run.

GOJAN campus (running venue) map

Please read carefully below to ensure a smooth flow on Sunday:

  • Refer the previous prep email #2 on directions how to reach GOJAN School of Business and Technology which will be the venue for our marathon
  • Bike owners can park their bike at the right side after entering the GOJAN entrance gate
  • Car owners can proceed straight from the entrance gate and take the second right to park their vehicles
  • From the parking please proceed along the yellow arrow towards the open ground at the Northern end of the campus
  • For any doubts, general information, clarifications please consult our Enquiry desk
  • Baggage can be dropped in the cars (preferred) or at our Baggage counter
  • Refreshments are available for the runners
  • Our PASO sports physio team will be providing pre-run warm up/stretching in small groups
  • At the indicated start time for your run category please report near the Start line (red) from where you will run straight up to enter the track around Cholavaram tank
  • IMPORTANT: please do NOT throw any paper cups or other waste into the lake or running track. Use the dust bins provided nearby the refreshment points. We obtained permission for this scenic spot on the condition that we would keep it clean!

  • After finishing your run (finish line = start line) your time will be announced
  • Proceed to the Finish podium to receive your medal and take your podium photo
  • Cool-down will be provided/cramps treated in the Physio building
  • Collect your baggage from the Baggage counter
  • After your run proceed to the Canteen to have your breakfast.
  • Note - free breakfast is provided only to the runners. If you want breakfast for family/friends/parents of kids then please get a breakfast coupon on Saturday while collecting your BIB

  • Before returning home please consider cheering for the runners behind you/in higher categories
  • Car/bike drivers, before returning home, if possible drop people you came with/other runners without transport to the same assembly point you started from
  • Runners are welcome to stay overnight at the GOJAN campus to have a proper night rest instead of driving over early morning on Sunday.
  • The empty college building below is available for our overnight stay. Just bring along a torch, sleeping mat and blanket and join the many volunteers who will be staying here on Saturday.


The 2013 edition of our Chennai Trail Marathon will be inaugurated by Neville J Billimoria

Neville accomplished 27 marathons in the last 39 months and ran in 6 different countries. He is leading rounds of Marathons around the world to raise funds through running and cycling. He is a long distance runner who covered 79km in 9.5 hours and a "Super Randonneur" completing 200K, 300K, 400K and 600K in the previous two years. He is the man behind Dawn To Dusk (D2D).

The ‘Dawn to Dusk Marathon 2014’ is to be held on Sunday, 5th January, 2014: With the blessings of God and support from all well-wishers Neville and his team have come forward to raise funds through this 12 hour event. The funds raised are to go towards “Bal Sanjeevani” project that provides therapy services and facilities that aid babies and children affected by Cerebral Palsy coming from low income groups. The therapy that are provided by Bal Sanjeevani is free of cost to these children affected by Cerebral Palsy.

The funds raised from Dawn to Dusk will help Bal Sanjeevani to meet some of their immediate needs, such as Splints, wheelchairs, and other walking-aids, and appoint more qualified therapists, speech and occupational therapists, Botox injections and most importantly Therasuits. Therasuit is a soft dynamic proprioceptive orthotic that is worn by the children with spasticity and is generally designed for astronauts provides stability. Therasuit helps the posture of the cerebral palsy affected child, which is widely used in USA & Europe now
We look forward to your support to this noble cause and your generous contribution to this movement will help our mission to give new lease of life to those differently abled children with hope and enthusiasm. D2D is supported by members of Saarang 2014, Chennai Runners, Dream Runners, Cool Runners, Tamil nadu Cycling Club, Chennai Trekking Club and Radisson Blu Night. For more information please visit   

150 runners in the Half Marathon and 10K run categories have signed up for car/bike pooling from 17 assembly points in the city.

To accommodate all runners we still require a few extra cars in the assembly points below. A kind appeal to the runners with cars and stay nearby these locations to also sign up here for car pooling so we can accommodate all your fellow co-runners:
  • 2:45am - Shollingallur - OMR junction
  • 3:15am - TIDEL Park
  • 3:30am - Tambaram - bus stop
  • 3:45am - Nugambakkam - Ispahani Center
  • 4:10am - Anna Nagar - West bus depot
  • 4am - Koyambedu - Nathans cafe near CMBT
  • 4am - Porur - bypass tollgate

Note - Full Marathon runners and participants of the kids run are requested to arrange their own transport. If you face any problem in reaching the venue please contact Thilakor Rakesh.

Introducing the Organizers

The Chennai Trail Marathon 2013 would not have been possible without these individuals and many selfless volunteers who spent countless hours in the past few weeks to bring this wonderful event to you. Following people will be leading the volunteering teams this weekend:


The million dollar man behind our marathon taking care of virtually all aspects of the organization of this and other sports events in CTC in sync with our ongoing passion to spread more awareness on an active & healthy lifestyle through running and outdoors. He has been the driving force in our recent Triathlon series including our upcoming Full Iron Triathlon on December 15th, first time in India.


Social ambassador of the Chennai Trekking Club, bright light in the lives of thousands of less privileged children in the city and one of the key organizers behind many of CTC's events including our yearly Chennai Coastal Cleanup and Chennai Trail Marathon. He ll be in charge of the finishing/timer team on Sunday.


Another key figure behind the scenes, always brimming with bottomless enthusiasm. Rakesh has organized many social treks in CTC taking out less privileged children on one day outings and a known face behind many of our big events including Trek Polamaa, Triathlons, Chennai Coastal Cleanup and more.


One of CTC's most active runners and the man who showed us one of the most beautiful running location nearby the city - Cholavaram Lake. Lawyer, blogger, photographer, wilderness explorer, runner, triathlete, organizer... the man who pollinated CTC with his valuable experience in marathon running. Durai is in charge of the running trail.

Nivya & Karthik

Organizers of photography workshops, field trips and ever present during all major CTC outdoor events they are the masters of light & lens and will be leading a team of 18 photographers who will be covering the marathon in detail in both still and moving pictures.


Ever present face behind any big CTC event - Saba is a broad shouldered, all rounder who takes care of many aspects of each of our major ongoing events through the year. Among others Saba brings you the beautiful medal for CTM 2013. He ll be in charge of the spot registration team on Saturday (Hablis) and Sunday (Cholavaram).


Creative head and never tiring nocturnal volunteer who created all the artwork, posters, designs for our CTM 2013. Driving force behind the portal of our event to the online world.


Hard-core trekker, kind hearted soul, navigator, explorer and survivor - one of the main trek organizers and driving forces in CTC who makes people go beyond their known mental and physical boundaries. Prem is leading the refreshments & breakfast team for our marathon to ensure the runners keep going all morning till the finishing line!


Co-lead for the CTM refreshment team with Prem, Ravindran is yet another example of unending selfless volunteerism. A triathlete and passionate trekker, he is always eager to help out in whatever is going on. Truly an inspirational volunteer.


Broad and ever present smile, lighting up any group, enthusiastic trekker & outdoor soul, Deepti and her team will welcome you at Hotel Hablis this Saturday for BIB & running kit distribution.


PASO is the official Sports Physio partner for our marathon and ongoing Triathlon series. Vallab and his team of sport physios will be providing pre-run warm up, post-run cool down and be assisting any runners facing difficulties during/after the run. His team is stationed at the 5K, 10K refreshment points and finish line.


One of CTC's main organizers, Arun is a hard-core trekker and his recent passion has been into bike trips. He set a new LIMCA record driving from Leh to Kanyakumari in the fastest time and recently lead a group of bikers to the beautiful highlands of Buthan. Arun will be leading our bike marshals team in this marathon providing guidance and assistance.


The man who brought cycling to CTC from off road MTB rides to cycle workshops. Vijay will be leading the cycling team to guide the runners to find their way along the track.


Driving force behind CTC's green team who has been planting thousands of saplings in the city and beyond. The green team was instrumental in garbage segregation during our last Chennai Coastal Cleanup recycling and minimizing disposed garbage. His recent passion is in organic farming. His team is in charge of our start/finish stage setup and banners.


Amazing Gokul - never ending bundle of energy who is always ready to help out with any organizational aspect of our ongoing CTC events. Gokul typically takes charge of BIB/banner design/printouts and several other background aspects of our periodic sports/awareness events.


Enthusiast trekker, always smiling and kind person - Jagadish is a trained first aid instructor with ALERT (First Aid Partner of our marathon) and will be leading a team of trained first aid volunteers to attend any medical issues during the marathon. His team will be available nearby all refreshment points.


Trekker, cyclists, runner - Shailesh has been an self driven and untiring force in all major recent CTC events pursuing sponsors to make our non-profit events realizable. 


This energetic trio will be leading the Kids Run volunteer team. Nandu and Ganga are regulars on CTC's social treks and Punitha has organized a number of mother and kids treks in CTC.


Hardcore trekker, marathon runner and CTC organizer, Rajasekar is in charge of crowd and vehicle management at the running venue. He ll be welcoming you at the entrance gate of GOJAN college.


One of the main organizers in CTC over the past few years Raj needs no introduction to anyone. His disciplined looks hide a kind and helpful heart. Raj is in charge of the transportation team (car/bike pooling) for our marathon.


Don't be deceived by this person's thin frame - he's a hard core trekker and volunteer and has co-organized several treks in CTC. Kannan will be in charge of the Baggage Counter at the venue.


Always smiling, always kind & caring, the silent sweeper carrying the heaviest load - a truly passionate trekker, Sankar recently organized three "Monsoon Survival Missions" to the Western Ghats battling the monsoon from above and the leeches from below. Sankar and his team will welcome you at the Info & General assistance desk at the running venue.


Feminine face of CTC's green team - Durga is bringing along her eco-warriors to the marathon to assist in many of the above teams as well ensure we leave Cholavaram lake after the run as beautifully green as we discovered it.

... and many many other volunteers who have been driving forces behind the CTM 2031 edition!



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