Chennai Trail Marathon, Oct 20th - post-event

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Dear Runners,

Hope all of you who participated in our CTM 2013 had a wonderful experience running alongside the scenic Cholavaram lake.

The early morning rains proved both to be a challenge and a blessing for the runners at the same time. The off road track got transferred in a slushy mud trail and made us reroute the latter part of the trail last minute marking the trail as we were being chased by the fastest runners in the Full marathon category :-) At the same time the cool climate and drizzle throughout the morning made the run more pleasant especially for the longer categories.

Despite the challenging off road trail, the further distance from the city and the early morning rains we received a good response of 1057 runners including 64 in the full marathon, 410 half marathon, 468 10K run and 115 children in the kids run including 40+ less privileged kids from Anbu Illam and Child home. More then double compared to our last years' Buckingham Canal Marathon South of the city.

We request you to share your running experience and photo links with all runners and organizers on our official CTM FB page. Photos are already pouring in across the social networks. Please share, tag, comment to inspire your friends and colleagues to start running! Our photography team released a first photo compilation shortlist over here:

Many more to come soon...

We would be sharing the individual run timings, category/age/gender timing statistics and podium photos in the next couple of days along with your CTM e-certificates.

CTM 2013 Hindu Article which appeared last Saturday.

We first discovered Cholavaram Lake sometime last year during a 300km MTB cycle ride to the Nagalapuram hills North of Chennai. We got enthralled by its beauty and organized several cycle trips around the lake later on. While planning CTM 2013 several months back we thought it would also be a wonderful location to organize our trail marathon this year. We hope you also enjoyed the location and will visit again after the rains when one can run alongside the entire perimeter of the lake.

We organized this marathon as part of our ongoing passion to spread awareness on a more active and healthy lifestyle through trekking, cycling, running, swimming and more. If you are interested to participate in more outdoor and sports activities throughout all weekends of the year then please sign up at for a healthy non-stop dose of outdoors. 

We also really hope this will not be a one-time run or run for a medal but strongly suggest you keep running as a way of life and join for an early morning run on a regular basis through the many groups in the city including Chennai Runners, Dream Runners, Cool Runners or our own ongoing 10x10 runs in some of the most scenic locations in the city. Those who are up for a more serious challenge are welcome to participate in our ongoing Triathlons, next one coming up on Dec 15th - the Full Iron Triathlon, one of India's first. (registrations opening shortly)

We thank all our sponsors and partners who made this years CTM possible:

And of course this event would not have been possible without the selfless efforts and sleepless night of our many volunteers. Thanks to you all guys & girls - you DID IT again!

Peter Van Geit
Life starts at the end of our comfort zone



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