Post Cruise Write Up << Let's Cruise to Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta on 8th Sep 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013
Wonderful Write-Up by Priyanka,

Biking trip... The very word i heard , i asked two questions to Anala.. Can i get my bike? Whats the distance? Figured out its like 60 km from Bangalore.. I decided to take my bike.. Of course got my pillion ready too(Jaychee)..
Bilikal Rangaswamy betta .. i heard the name of the place for the first time... Its a place near Kanakapura, 60Kms from Bangalore...
Saturday Anala asked me if i would be interested in coming for a biking trip on sunday to B R betta.. I was little skeptic when asked, but was superly excited by the thought i would take my bike.. Myself and Jayashree decided on taking on this trip on my bike.. For someone looking out for a break, this came in a boon.. :D :D Chetana pitched in too sincee there was an option for pilion on one of the bikes..

Sunday morning we got all accessorized and got ready at Banashankari bus stop at sharp 7... Without knowing how many people or bikes would join, we were all set... So finally started from Bangalore at 7.30.. Met Ramjan there.. he had pillion as his MOM... i was like WOOW, such an enthusiast...

 And Ashok took Chetana as Pillion, Anala and Ravi on a bike and Ofcourse me and Jayashree..

Breakfast was planned on the way.. Stopped at Somanahally gate and ate idly and Dosa... Strange combination was that hotel fellow gave as bonda with idli as well as dosa.. Finished our coffee and bfast and started towards Kanakapura.. Rest of the bikes always on the lead, when went on in out pace...Slowly but steadily.. :D Ashok and Ramjan always on lead.. Ashok would zoooop and gone most of the times...

Our way till Kanakapura, me and jaychee had loads of fun singing, humming and ofcourse playing anthyakshari... was one enjoyable ride till there..

Reached Kanakapura around 9.30... From there we met Murali (500cc Bullet)...He is a traffic warden it seems and he was dressed with dress code of traffic cop..We bought some fruits and started our way to Bilikal Rangaswamy betta... People arguing about 14 kms, 21 kms and the terrain we started riding.. There was tarred road till we reached the foothills of the place.. I was under impression we would be trekking from there to the top of the hill... Ramjan was the only guy who had come there before and who knew how the terrain is... I was little skeptic on the terrain and climbing the top of the hill by my bike.. But all the guys said.. never mind u can do it.. and i agreed upon that.. I started my bike towards the hill and starting stretch was completely MUD slippery road.. Got Jaychee off my bike and dared to go on that road.. It was soo slippery that my vehicle's back tyres started to slip and slip and slip.. I just managed go pass that stretch to know the WORST WAS YET TO COME....

Whoever saw me riding up the hill, people around kept on saying why on earth are trying this road on this bike... I was sure the worst was yet to come..

Just a little ahead i saw the roads of my nightmares.. I was so scared that i might fall and break my vehicle and bones for sure.. The whole terrain was so bad.. I kept on asking these guys a lot of times, we should park my bike and i should trek.. 

They never allowed me to do so.. They said.. honda is a sturdy bike and just a little ahead, will reach the top.. Trust one of the worst terrains i had driven in my whole life... most challenging one with rocks, and mud and what not.. But i managed to reach the TOP of the hill.. :D :D Ramjan said.. "HERO OF THE DAY is ACTIVA".

The tough terrain was worth the climb for the scenic beauty we saw there... First thing to do as soon as we reached was to park our bikes in a row and take pic.. :D It was all misty on the top of the hill at 12 o clock in the day.. It was all green and misty... 

Then we visited the temple of Bilikal Rangaswamy, under big rock, 

...Then we walked to view point... The sight we saw was breath taking and was worth all the efforts... 

We stood on the edge of the cliff and took the fresh air in.. was so nice and beautiful...  We spent so much of time sitting there on that rock.. We could see green dense forest getting covered by mist on and off.. Was such a beauty... Ate fruits and some snacks there and spent some hour or more there enjoying the nature and the view..

Now that thinking of getting down made us say that we would love to stay there than coming down by bike.. :P Downhill was expected to be worse than uphill.. Ravi kept on saying the whole while it needs skill to ride..
Getting downhill was equally bad... But i guess it was more manageable kinds  than getting on the hill.. 
Finally managed to get down the hill successfully without killing my bike.. :P

On the way we were trying to understand "how silk produce".. 

Then we rush into restaurant and just attacked on food... :P

On way back Jayashree drove halfway.. For me what stayed on my mind was the terrain and i am sooo proud of my BIKE.. :D

Reached bangalore safe and sound at 5 PM..
Ramjan :- Kept on saying peak is just there, keep riding.. your activa will make it
Ravi S Ghosh:- Kept on saying its all the skill not the kind of bike to ride in this terrain
Ashok:- Always on the lead..
Anala:- Click Click Click
Jayashree:- Hummm... Songs... Songs
Chetana:- All of us said,"Your turn to speak now"
Murali:- Traffic COP
Ramjan Mom:- She ROCKS...



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