Sapling Maintenance II, Kattupakkam

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Sapling Maintenance II, Kattupakkam

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Excellent narration From Ravindran Prasanna :

Three hours of work and plenty of new friends of all ages and super duper koozh with milaga. What a start to my vacations this time after a six months break from all the activities.
 I had just come down from abroad after a toiling six months work onboard and as soon as i came contacted out thala shivakumar for any activities and he told me he will let me know the activities. I saw this event posted by our super organizer MR Arun and immediately registered for the event. I had been missing my hands getting soiled and burned down for the last six months and it was a great feeling to get in to the thing again.
 I got the confirmation mail from arun and was scheduled to meet at chennai trade centre.We met up and everyone joined up near the Tea shop in kattupakkam and was happy to see lot of old friends after a long time.Mr Aravind avaroda chella paer valandhu kettavar did not even recognize me inspite of me just standing next to him . Then after a minute or two he recognised me and we were laughing.Then everyone had their refreshments and we started to the place where the maintenance of saplings was to be done.

We all gathered at the place and always enthusiastic MR Siddharth explained us what works were to be done and everyone got segregated and started doing the works. OOps sorry forgot about the koozh and milaga Mrs Durga and her husband had brought us all bottles and healthy koozh and everyone drank that and were feeling energetic. Most of them were unknown to me as i was coming after a long time. Then got the tools in our hand and started our work.

We got in to different groups and started with clearing all the wastes near the plants and adjusting the tree guards and providing fencing for the saplings which had lost it and heartfully i was very happy to do those works along with all of them. It was very great to see couples coming to do those work as they all work and sunday is the one day where they tend to relax and still they made it and a great salute to all of them. While we were looking at the sapling one sapling which was planted six months back had grown over the height of Aravind and we were all happy to see that and we all wish every sapling which we plant grows up like that.


 As we say team work wins the task given to us was finished in a span of two three hours. One thing which i would like to bring about here is while we were asking water for the plants lot of people did not give us saying that they itself receive very less water . This will be the condition if we go on with cutting trees and sucking out the ground water. Then some good hearts helped us by giving water and we refreshed the plants and they were all smiling at us and in turn we were smiling at them .Then everyone finished the task and all gathered around one place to review the work we did.
 Mr Aravind (avaruku yaravadhu gundu avaradhuku vazhi sollungappa) thappa eduthakthinga aravind chumma vilayatuku. But really he is great lover of mother nature and i have seen him always very enthusiastic about all the activities of CTC. Then he started with his trademark speech and everybody was listening and inbetween, should surely mention about this friend MR Shyam , after two three hours of work also he was very energetic and was in full form. Happy to see such persons as they make the day great .Then everyone were asked to give their feed backs and everyone gave their points and all were taken in to account. Then finally everyone came to know about all. The event which started silently ended with lot of laughing and happiness. Everyone was requested to attend the plantation and maintenance drives continuously and all were happy to accept it. 

Our photographer and organizer and ........ many more he has many faces did a great job in photography. I mentioned there were couples who had come for this event and we also had a student who had finished 12th std just then joined our event great to see him as these people can change many things. We were also seeing small talking between the couples about who got up first and who did the work and so on but at last it was their combines effort which made them come there and spend their day. 

 At last everyone dispersed and was ready to leave putting back all the tools and other things given to us and everyone left for having breakfast and i started to my home with a sense of great accomplishment. Thanks to CTC and team .




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