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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This is the fifth photography workshop that I am conducting in CTC and every time we have a different set of participants with same or more excitement !!! Sharing knowledge is like donating blood. Doing it for the first time may be difficult. Once you start it , it becomes an addiction… Not merely an addiction, it stimulates you to secrete fresh blood J

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Of the all the registrations, about 85% of the participants were having a DSLR  and more than 50% of the participants wanted to get into advanced photography techniques.

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Based on this, the first half of the workshop was tailored to understand the fundamentals of photography like exposure, DOF etc and we had practical session to understand how it works. I use this opportunity to thank our member Jay Raiveeson for sharing his valuable time and equipment for our experimental learning. 

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The second half dealt with principles of lighting, use of flash and lighting setups in a basic studio. We also had the time to experimentally try out Paramount lighting, loop lighting, split lighting and Rembrandt lighting.

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In future workshops, we are planning to have specific session on exposure, lighting, post-processing etc. Also we can have more no of photography trips/ treks. Kindly give your feedback/ suggestions on the link below:

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I thank those 60 participants who participated in the photography workshop last Saturday, the  27th April 2013. I am indebted to Nivya, Jay Raiveeson, Sabanayagam, Arun Jadesh & Vallab for giving their time effort to make this workshop possible.

We collected an additional money of ~ Rs. 5000 from this workshop and the marthon training workshop conducted by Vallabh after meeting the expenses towards projector, mic, board , water and snacks. This was donated to our own CTC group "Lets Grow our own oxygen" who are planting trees across Chennai and have planted more than 1100 trees as on date. Interested people may contact Arun Jadesh who is in Cc.

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This workshop would not have been possible without Kannan Sir who whole heartedly shared his office premises. We love your venue J

cheers !!!
Karthik Rajagopal
Mobile No: 9787718765



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