TH III Quiz - Intermediate

Saturday, March 9, 2013
Teams who have completed the basic quiz can proceed to the next level. After completing this (mostly straightforward - just use the suggested tools/follow the indicated steps) you will get a good understanding of manipulating maps & GPS logs which will help you a great deal in TH III.


TH III Quiz - Intermediate

This 2nd quiz familiarizes participants with manipulating maps & GPS trails to get a good understanding of several important concepts. Submit the answers to the questions in the form below. Deadline 15 March midnight.
1. Download the 1:250K scale Soviet Army topomap of Chitoor district from this location:
2. Geo-reference this map.
Use any tool. Suggested: OziExplorer (File - Load and Calibrate Map image):
Open the .map file and explain what's inside.
3. Identify the exact location (latitude, longitude) of the outpost near the 773m peak at the northeastern side of the Nagalapuram range:

Use any tool. Suggested: GlobalMapper (open the .map file generated using OziExplorer, zoom/point to the outpost and read the coordinates from bottom right screen)
4. Given the latitude and longitude, locate the outpost on Google Maps (Satellite View) and see if you can identify any human made structures nearby this location.
Share a link to a screenshot showing any human made structure if any.
5. Locate the outpost on Google Maps (Terrain View). What's the altitude of the nearby peak? Does it match with the Soviet map? Why (not)?
7. Download the 2011 Nagada Historical Mission GPS log from this location:
Overlay this GPX file over the Soviet map and confirm that we visited the outpost
Share a link to a screenshot showing both intersecting
Use any tool. Suggested: GlobalMapper
8. Generate an altitude profile from the Nagada Historical Mission GPS log
Use any tool. Suggested:
Share a link to a screenshot showing the altitude profile and identify the exact altitude of the peak near the outpost. Does it match with the altitude shown on the Soviet map?
9. Download and geo-reference the Google Terrain map (250m zoom level) around the outpost as a KMZ file
Use any tool. Suggested: Terra Incognita (Map Source - Google Terrain Maps, Zoom into the Tada plateau, Selection - Rectangle Selection, Zoom into 250m, File - Save Map - OpenGIS KMZ map):
Download the KMZ map and GPX log into any GPS, zoom in around the location of the outpost and take a photo of the GPS screen.
Share a link to the photo.
10. Download this photo taken near the outpost during the historical expedition:
Geo-tag this photo using the above GPS log.!searchin/sachennaitrekkingclub/geo$20tag$20photos/sachennaitrekkingclub/CItDUT8CY18/OeRZcdQkrAUJ
Use any tool. Suggested Copiks
After geo-tagging the photo, upload it in in Google Picasaweb Albums, go to map view, zoom into the outpost location and confirm the photo was taken near the outpost near the peak.
Share a link to a screenshot of the map (and photo thumbnail)

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