Post Trek Mail - Namma Bangalore - One Night Trek on 13th Jan

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Post Trek Write-up by Nikhilesh Alapati..

It was a cool and pleasant evening. Every participant made it to the venue i.e the SBI atm in Majestic busstand on time. SURPRISE ! SURPRISE !! there are actually 3 SBI atms in the surroundings..!! but It did not take  much time for people to figure out the actual one in Kempe Gowda Bus Terminal and every one gathered on the 12 th platform in Terminal-3 from where buses ply to Chickballapur. Then slowly our trekers started pooling there and introduced each other. Being a fresher for CTC and novice to trekking, I followed the preparatory mail perfectly. After seeing people carrying too small bags, and not many sleeping bags around made me doubt ... Is this really a BBBIIGG TREK or the organiser was just too sarcastic ..??
Well, lets see it then. 

We all boarded a bus to chickballapur at 6.45 pm and reached the place by around 8.15 pm. Mr.coordinator (Ritesh ;) )made sure that we introduce each other. Since the chief organisers, mr and mrs ramjan were on their way, along with a few more, Mr.cordinator asked us to have a light supper and buy some food for the nite in about 15 min. Having done my supper and shopping I was actually back in 10 min and could not find anyone except the coordinator himself, Ha Ha ..over ENTHUSIASTIC again..!! Then we waited for people to gather around.45 min later all of us finally got together again. Now I saw Mr Pathan Bhai, the Cheif Organiser with a big smile and yelling ORGANISERS's ALWAYS LATE with coordinator. Now not to waste any time further, after having a count, we started to walk. With one big group , Pranesh and few others leading from the front we walked around a kilometer, and then we entered a little bigger road where wesaw a small dam kinda wall. While most of the people were walking over the dam, with their torches and head-lamps, a few walked on the road  comfortable with out a torch :P !! Then after walking for a kilometer on that dam, we are back on the road again and continued walking for a 1 and half more. It was a dark and beautiful sky with no clouds. Seeing so many stars in the sky sky after a long long time reminded of my child hood days where I would go to sleep while counting stars. While we are enjoying the beauty of the sky, we actually missed a turn in the route and realising that after a walk of 10 min, turned back and again into the right one. Now we can see some grape vines on the right and some fields on the other side.You can remember this as a marker for the next time here. We were almost near the foothill where we saw a small village . As soon as we entered the village, we were welcomed by the billage guards :):):), a group a dogs surrounded us and started barking so hard that it actually took us 10 mins to move forward. 

We enquired the path with a localite and chose to go via village. With every house having atleast one dog , and every dog competing with each other in barking, most of the villagers out of their houses, starring at us walking in tracks with bags and carrying torches ..!! LOL!! dats a nice experience. Now we are just at the beginning of the hill and now we finally started TREKKING !! Heh heyy ..!! Now comes a new group of dogs again, but this time they are really helping and cute I should say, they were actually going slightly ahead of us like showing the route. After trekking for a 20 min, we just reached the temple. I wasnt tired until now but looking around I saw some tired faces. So we decided to rest there a bit. People with cameras got a chance to click some cool pics of the amazing starry night. After about half an hour we were back trekking . I got a bit lazy and drifted amongst the last five person now. We trekked further ahead for a 15 more mins to reach a little plain patch of land, where we have decided to cook the food. A small team of people got busy in collecting twigs and firewood for cooking for the next 10- 15 mins, while the others started preparations for cooking with anvesh leading them in cutting potatoes, tomatoes and onions...P!! This showcased the true team spirit the team possessed. Everyone was having a nice time, chit chatting and enjoying the cold climate while waiting for the other team to catch up.Btw it was almost 12 am by then and we could see the lights in the village being turned off slowly one after the other.

Soon we saw the other group walking along the fields with torches. In no time they were amongst us. Mr and Mrs Ramjan bhai with few others got the utensils and other  vegetables and ingredients required for cooking. They searched a nice place for cooking and got into  job fast. First they started with Veg Gravy and then followed the Jeera Rice. I slipped into sleep after an hour of waiting for the food. When I was just about to sleep, people started yelling .."Heyy the Food is Ready Guys..!! Common..!!". But my mind said "no, its fine I am sleeping, its really cold out now" :P. But I felt I should atleast go try the food and see how it tasted. With the cold climate outside my blanket and really hot and tasty food in my bowl, I loved the entire experience !! I should mention special thanks to Ramjan bhai and bhabhiji for their effort and the wonderful taste. And after having food we moved up further to climb the last peak. It was very windy out there and Ramjan took us to a nice plain place with some wall like structure, a very comfortable place to rest. I found some place beside the wall and was more than happy :P .While most of us took a little rest, some chose to trek further and reach the hill top. 

I was soon asleep. I thank shiva sir, for waking me up for viewing that awsome sky enlightened with that beams of beautiful sunrays in a slight ruby color. Luved it..!! 

After viewing the sunrise, again I fell asleep while others continued with their photography or some trekking. I am the last one to wake up. Soon we took some group snaps and started descending. In leass than a hour we were at the foot hill. After sharing the expenses and making a final count, we started walking. Since its 'SANKRANTI', we can also see some beautiful Rangolis before the houses in the village and also people cleaning their cattle for the traditional pooja. Now after walking for a kilometer, we were on the same road with grapevines that join the main road. 

After walking for about 10 mins, we were lucky enough to get a bus. After getting down at the chickballapur bus stand, having a little tea, poeple started departing their ways with a word of SEE YA ..!! and some of us got into a bus for Bangalore. Then talking with Shiva sir and Srujan, I reached Bangalore in no time. After exchanging the fb ids, I bid a good bye to all... C YA ..  !!

More visuals at;

Happy Trekking

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Prashant Dobhal on: February 19, 2013 at 1:24 PM said...

Awesome snaps. BTW, is this Skandagiri?


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