Post Trek Write up 1 - Navarathri special-FAMILY TREK-3, NAGALA-WEST, October-28-2012

Monday, November 26, 2012
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up 1 :-  Different style of write up
 by    Siva Subramanian

 Navarathri special-FAMILY TREK-3, NAGALA-WEST, October-28-2012.

I got so many clarifications after this family trekking. So, I like to give this write up in a interview pattern.
What is CTC?
Chennai Trekking Club is Known as CTC. It is non profitable volunteer based organization.
Why do I be with CTC?
I love CTC because of it is not only involving in adventure and entertainment events. It also involves social and environmental events like Plantation, Beach cleanup, special people service and sports events like Marathon, Triathlon ect. All events are contributed by volunteers and participants together. So  I like to be the part of CTC!
Why do I decided to go for Family Trek?
I like to give the experience  of CTC to my family! Especially to my 6 yrs old son Thenamudhan! He should learn the attitude of natural and environment loving, sharing and human relationship. As of me there is no other place than CTC, to teach all these things to him practically along with adventure entertainment!

About the Organizer?

Mr. Chella babu is the Organizer for the family Trek! I just wonder that his arrangement! Many of the parents worries about their kid’s foods on the trek starts. But for every two hour once he fed something like Soup, Chapatti, Varity rise to all. Also Trek starts with  good breakfast and end  with sandwich.
All the kids are taken care by him in the  trek  till the camp site! None of the child search the parents. All are walked along with  him in the front! They are very friendly and freely talked with him(also named as Master, Parotta master.. ).
So easily Mr.Chella babu Organized such a big and sensitive (everybody will be so sensitive with their family comfort) event.

About the Participants?
All the participants are good minded and friendly people! Even in my family tours I found many dispute and disagreement. But it is amazing that all the family not  even single dispute. Every one take care of another family members! No Selfishness! No attitude shows! Right  from the beginning Srihari & Meenakshi the young couple take care of all  the child. I never bother about my son Thenamudhan. He was taken care by Mahalashimi and her son Pranav! Ram and Selvi couples keeps others always in smile. Vasu and his family enjoyed lot by sharing with others! 

I think Kavitha and her team does notco me for enjoy the Trek, I found  they only done services to others! Really Funny and enjoyed team is Saranya and Co.(Saranya Trekking with umbrella is soooo….Cute….! Chella babu did u mentioned in the hand carry list?). Neeraj & Suresh Family keeps smiling throughout the trek. Finally,  “ We started the trek as many families and finished as a single CTC Family!”
 How about the Trek?
Great…! Physically, Mentally, environmentally, Socially, Friendly more gain along with family!
Such Family Trek opportunity can be given  only by CTC! Only By Chella Babu!
That’s All?
Sorry…! I am not much capable to express my feeling in writing! Actually this my first  write  up! Please excuse, I missed lot in this....! Lot of fun..! Lot of joy…! Lot of Sharing…! Share of responsibilities….! Unity…! Care taking…! All  those feelings I could not able to bring in to the words…!


When will be next family Trek Mr. Chella…..?



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