Post event : Let us grow our oxygen - Tree plantation VIII-Sep 02,2012

Monday, November 26, 2012


  • Date:2nd September 2012.
  • Venue:Paavendhar nagar,kattupakkam
  • Number of volunteers:23
  • Number of saplings planted:75
  • Variety of saplings plantedPungai,Sorgam,Kumizh,Magilam,Poovarasu,Iluppai,Iyalvagai
  • Tree guards : Provided for all saplings except Pungai & Sorgam(These plants are not attacked by cattle-but we 've provided them protection with thorns to ensure protection from humans;)
  • Survival Status :being monitored By Bhagath & Association members and shared with the group as a document-All aredoing well except for two saplings,which have been replaced :)

And now for the wonderful writeups...

Few lines  from the two cute kutti pappas Brindha & Harini (thanks da chellams -you made our day ):


I enjoyed the planting.  I planted 5 plants.
I think it will grow very well and become a big tree.


I noticed yesterday plants are very important.
I learned to plant and grow trees.
It was a best trip and I had a great time.

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Superb write up from Bhagath/Praveena Bhagath :


Sep 1st, 2012, Night i felt very happy that i have organised for a tree plantation programme in my area. Something fulfilled my heart and mind that I’m doing something for my society. The moment when i got permission from my area counsellor for tree plantation more than me he was more interested to let the event happen in his area. He discussed with all the association in his area and gave us the area named “Paavaenthar Nagar” to make it look Green in Future.
Sep 2nd morning at 5.30am i got a call from a volunteer that he came to the spot, Oh god it was too early. I received him to my house. We had tea. Our area is surrounded by birds, we both were watching to that lovely and peaceful morning. The time was 6.00am. Suddenly i got some 20 volunteers in my house. It was really like a family event in my house. The clock showed 6.45am. There were about 30 volunteers ready to plant trees for the society. I noticed many kids with their family. Kids are more interested in this event they were asking me about how to dig and how to plant.
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We gathered to hear our initiator’s instructions on how to plant and how to proceed to this event. We collected tools to dig, tree guard, wire mesh, bamboo sticks to wrap the guards, buckets, mugs and saplings. The plantation was at Paavaenthar Nagar, the association members welcomed us with great pleasure and happiness. 
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They guided us different spots to plant our saplings. The residents in that area were happier and they enjoyed along with us. They were more involved with us. The association members served us Tea, Snacks, Breakfast, Water, buttermilk and Lunch. 
Even though the climate was too hot we enjoyed each and every sweat that watered our saplings. All our volunteers enjoyed the event and their interaction with the residents made the awareness about our plantation. The residents praised the volunteers who readily involved in such activities even though it’s their weekends. Such activities not only help the society but also give physical fitness to our body and happiness to the soul.
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We have planted around 75 tree saplings with 23 volunteers. We finished our activity for the day at 6.00pm. At the moment we finished our activity for the day, it started to drizzle. The clouds were dark and we felt like the nature itself thanked us for such an activity we involved.
Volunteers came from different places as strangers became friends within a day. They shared their transport to drop their friends who came from long distances.

My experience as an Organizer :P
23 ultra-enthusiastic volunteers,excellent support from the association members and super guidance from Siva/Masi-It was a wonderful day for Arun & Myself.Everyone was extremely punctual-first person reported to me at 4:30 AM :O and we reached the spot 40  minutes ahead of scheduleAnd fortunately,Sridhar joined us 

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It was great to see people participating as families-cultivating this awareness at such a tender age to the children will surely us in the future.
People refused to take rest and kept on working-unbelievable effort!!!
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Thanks to the association members for making arrangements for breakfast,lunch,refreshments and of course for encouraging us so much.It was a welcome change for us-getting the society involved in our activity.Special thanks to Bhagath & family for making this possible.
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And at last,a wonderful rain at the end of the day-felt like being blessed by the saplings-a heavenly feeling!!!!

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