CTC's Wildernews, October edition

Friday, October 5, 2012

We proudly present to you the Second edition of Wildernews which we believe has captured the life and heartbeat of the ‘outdoor’ community.

It has a beautiful blend of outdoor events arrayed, ranging from Running, wildlife photography, hardcore trekking, social treks etc. It succinctly traces the history of trekking in CTC; It carries the message of Chennai Runner Bala who is inspiring others through running; It enlightens us about how even ‘small creatures’ can help in conservation; it brings to light the green warriors who have planted more than 1000 saplings in Chennai city; it pledges that ‘wildlife photography’ can leave a political message; it adores the efforts of our Thilak who has dedicated his life for social causes; it appreciates DFS hero’s who have covered 203 kms of trekking in 9 continuous days. 
In a nutshell WILDERNEWS is all about “spreading the love for outdoors

We dedicate this edition to the entire outdoor community. Let it inspire more and more to take the outdoors.

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Peter Van Geit
Durai Murugan
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