CTC's Buckingham Canal Marathon, Oct 7th - post-event

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last Sunday 509 runners ran across 8 different distances a total of 6700 km.

I don't remember exactly how it all got started. A month ago my eye fell on the Buckingham Canal in Google Maps as a scenic, peaceful escape nearby the crowded city. Soon after that we planned two MTB cycle rides with groups of 30 cyclists alongside the canal and enjoyed its serenity isolated from our crowded, noisy and polluted city roads. At the same time we recently completed our Sprint and Olympic Triathlons trying to get more people into swimming and cycling alongside our ongoing treks. A couple weeks back I thought it might be nice to organize a trail run alongside the same canal. We quickly put an invite together, send it to the group and waited to see the response. Little did we expect that a few weeks later 509 runners would turn up and make our first Marathon one of the largest events of the year.

CTC's maiden marathon would not have been possible without the selfless efforts of many volunteers and our sponsors. Some key highlights:


We had 24 runners running the full Marathon distance of 42.6km. Average age of this group is 40+ !!! It's never too late to start...
Maximum response was received for the Half Marathon (21.5km) with 170 runners
132 runners were covering our 10K run and 130 were running the 5K.
53 kids ran across 4 different tracks at 500m, 1K, 2K and 3K.
At least 50 women participated in the run this Sunday
We had a large inflow from various external groups including Chennai Runners, Dream Runners and Cool Runners (YMCA).

[Ezhil Kumaran Kesavaraj] I had an awesome time today, thanks to the the Chennai Trekkers Club's Buckingham marathon run. I had run more about 4-5 runs earlier in the United states and I must say that I was very impressed  by the effort and resources put together for the CTC marathon run. Save the trail, everything else was perfect - water stations at regular milestones, refreshments, breakfast, medals/certificates and photo clicks post the run. 


Winner of our full marathon - Bosco @ 3hrs.35mts, one hour ahead of the runner up - this guy is lightening fast !!!

Sundar Purush (center) took the lead in our half marathon @ 1hr. 31mts. Right of him the only barefoot runner in our marathon

53 kids participated in our Kids run over 4 different runs organized by Punitha Lal - inspiration for the other youth out there!

Our youngest runner (outside Kids run) Roshan Mani Janardhanan on his 4th Marathon in 2012 running the 10K alongside his dad! Inspiration beyond words !!!

He is 6 years young and started running marathon from Feb 2012 his first 2ntry is 2k @ Aurovil then 10 k at Besant nagar chennai Dream Runners and the third is Terryfox run @ IIT on 26th Aug. Sunday  is the 4th Run which he completed within 95 mins. 1std Student of SBOA school and Junior collage Anna Nagar.

Photo at the podium with mom and dad - all three of them completed the 10K together. True example for many families !!!

For Smrithi, the running day out could not have been better... chocolates, balloons, cookies and  many new friends, what else she can ask for ... she enjoyed the event thoroughly
She participated in the 1K run and completed first!

Son and dad along the Buckingham Canal doing their 10K run...

Bala, finishing his Full Marathon. Bala ran 21 half marathons in 21 consecutive days. He will be running 12 full marathons in 12 consecutive days on 12/12/12 raising funds for 12 homes.
Words fall short to describe this human being... We covered Bala in the October edition of our newsletter Wildernews -

Pre-run briefing of our full marathon runners at 5am in the morning near TIDEL Park 5am...Average age here is 40+...

Flagging off the half marathon

Many seniors participated in the run, some 60+ years young at heart! No more excuse for the younger generation to sit on their lazy butts !!!

Kids proudly showing their medals after completing their 5K run

Sivakumar, 54 years young and a regular participant in our Triathlons and runs. This guy simply rocks !!!

Yet another family celebrating their 5K run at the podium together - daughter, mom and dad !

The women were present in large numbers this Sunday - here a group pic of the Dream Runners ladies 

A group photo with some members of the Chennai Runners who participated in large numbers. They will be organizing their marathon in December.

After years of interacting online we finally meet - founders of the Chennai Runners (Ram Vishwanathan) and Chennai Trekking Club. Ram completed the half marathon.

Medals, certificates, photos

Medals were given to all full marathon runners and kids and part of the 10K and 5K runners. Due to the huge response in the final week we ran out of medals and placed a second order yesterday. Runners who did not receive yet will be notified to collect their medals once available (probably one weeks time frame). We will ensure everyone gets one.

Kids were given printed certificates. Other runners will be able to download an e-certificate shortly with their name, BIB, run and timing shortly.

Profile photos of the runners (finishing and medal stage) will be shared by our photography within a few days

Photo links

Our photography team tried their best to cover the entire event. Please comment, tag, share, like...






Event write-up

Trekker, photographer, blogger, navigator, explorer, runner, triathlete and editor Durai captures his own experience of our first run

Feedback, comments, photo links

We tried our utmost best to make our first marathon a success but not doubt there are areas of improvement. We most welcome your constructive feedback to further improve your running experience.
Please do share your photo  links (FB, picasaweb, flickr) in our FB group so anyone can comment, tag, share, like:

What next?

Wipro Marathon powered by Chennai Runners

Looking forward to seeing a big number of registrations for The Wpro Chennai Marathon - Powered by Chennai Runners in December. Participants/runners in the December event are welcome to join our weekly training sessions, which details are available in our site.

CTC's Half Ironman, Nov 4th

Ready for the next level?

Like running?

The man and women behind CTC's BCM 2012

The organizing team of CTC's Buckingham Canal Marathon 2012 
(several not present, still helping out along the track for the final runners)

No words to describe these guys and gals - they realized the impossible in an impossible short time frame in their usual selfless volunteering style which defines the spirit of CTC. The list is HUGE. Runners please join me in thanking the driving forces behind our Marathon, many of them did not sleep the night before the run to get everything ready:

JBala appeared out of nowhere and was the driving force to get started on medals, spent weeks on pursuing permission and got us a major sponsor. 

Kumarvel was another volunteering tornado who helped out in many pre-event areas including finalizing the medals and t-shirts for our marathon

Jayathan, co-organizer of the marathon and one-man army leading the refreshment team along OMR and Palikarnai for the full marathon runners with just 3 volunteers to help out.

Punitha, organizer of the kids run support by many volunteers including Akash and Preetha.  Ganesh and Omi provided photographic coverage of the kids. Great job Punitha for trying to show the path to good health, fitness and love for outdoors and nature for the youth.

Rakesh was a major force in driving many of our volunteers on their respective areas. He was the right organizing hand in this event and helped out with the permission. Rakesh is a major organizer of social initiatives within CTC.

Nandan helped out in numerous areas before and during the event. One hell of a dedicated volunteer!

Prem was the driving force behind our refreshment team along the Buckingham canal including Santhosh, Anand, Vasanth, Raj, Pram, Subha Priya, Preetha, Nirmal Sahoo, Pramod, Parthiban, Akash, Nivya, Suchi 

Gokul did a splendid job in designing the venue, BIB and U-turn banners, start/finish venue giving a professional finish to our first run.

Gokul, Prabhu,satya,Jhonsi,Asha did an awesome job handling the huge inflow of runners at the registration desk

Nagin provided medical assistance for the runners along with his team - Hari KV, Raagappiriyan R, Gangadharan, Vallabhan Ortho

Shumon was in charge for the "U-turn/check" team to ensure runners were take completing the full run and directing them where to turn along the track. Parthiban, Promoth, Chandra and ever-smiling Subha.

Prabhakar and his team were in charge of timing all 509 runners - KARTHICK, JAYPALAN, RAMYA, Ananya. He also provided significant help on the logistics front.

Chella were our leads in charge for crowd management with their team - Christopher, Gandhi & Shree Ragav (vehicle management), Krishna & Venkat maran, Krishna, Gandhi, Christopher, Shree Ragav, Cilambarasan.

Guru took charge of assembly of runners within the city along with JBalan, Rakshit and Aravind.

Saba, Brijesh, Nobal, Sankar, Venkat - our regular heavy-weight volunteers helped out in numerous areas.

The world would not have seen the special moments of our marathon for the splendid efforts of Durai and his photography team - Rajini, Gowri, Omi, Nivya and Britto. Jayanth took care of videography

The face of our marathon Sandhiya, our anchor who briefed the runners and in charge for flagging of the start

Balaji drove over from Auroville on Sunday morning with 3 big LED timers to assist us in timing the various runs.

Thanks to Surya and Nobal for the medal and certificate designs

Forgot the name of our physio therapist who ensure proper warm up of the runners before the start

Forgive me for missing out the names of more volunteers who helped out to make our first run a success.

Our Sponsors

A word of gratitude to our sponsors.

GAVS Technologies - t-shirt sponsor

Swayamwara, medal sponsor

Cherio, packaged drinking water from Goodlife Industries - refreshment sponsor

Love fo Choco, chocolate sponsor

Lifeline, medical partner

SBC Flat Promotors, breakfast sponsors

Oneva, cookie sponsor

Balasundar sponsored glucose for all runners

A few more anonymous volunteers financially supported the run



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