Post Trek Write Up - Freshers Trek to Nagala East/ 7 Obstacles - May 2012 - Giridhar

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Excellent Write Up from Giridhar :

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A trek to remember...
My first trek to Nagala east will remain etched in my heart. Introduced to the Chennai trekking club by my cousin, my “vettyness” (joblessness) during my summer vacation was filled with memorable moments. Having finished a family trek a week before that, I had a small sneak peek on what is is going to be( though it turned out way beyond my imagination).

With the diesel strike going on in Chennai, my mom and I had a tough time to find a cab to reach Guindy where I’d be picked up by the organisers. So it began. The  car journey in Shankar’s Scorpio was  uh uh... BOOM!  The ten lakh sound system in the car and his speed gave me the feeling that I am being kidnapped for a ransom! Surely the man has excelled in road trips far and beyond. (I discovered that Prem had knowingly put Shankar for the sweep and not the lead... imagine lead vehicle doing a disappearing act!) . we stopped near uthukottai for buying grocery and vegetables and a quick tea. Karthik and Sundar took the initiative for buying the stuff and I went with them. (If you all would have observed a little, not a single dish prepared by our master chefs had curry leaves, since we couldn’t grab them there...) we reached the base camp at about 9am and sat near the temple for breakfast: lemon rice and pickle. ( Prem and I could manage to finish it with the help of man’s best friend; enter  LATIKA. )  With the common gear and food distributed among strong people and people strong to lift only themselves we set out on the trek.  Amit , our marathon trekker and photographer moved ahead back and forth just to catch us on the camera. We managed to reach the point for our first ferry. As Prem lead the ferry chefs Suresh and Sundar started with their expert stuff. Gravy Chicken and pulav. While that was going on, the fruit salad group where Vijay ,Priya, kripa , Raja anna and me started cutting fruits (and some fingers) and ended up preparing a delicious “Panchamritam”  which quickly got over to fill the small part of our big stomachs. Mahendra, the chefs and me got the unique chance of experiencing the super aroma of the pulav first while others went ahead to ferry baggage (and eggs!).With a satisfying lunch we moved to the first difficult cross to move towards picnic pool (and I dropped my shoes in the water J ). While helping us to climb Uday injured his ankle (but the brave man not only carried luggage of 2 1/2 men but also finished the trek with a proud smile and a hunger for more).

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    With Vijay’s spare shoes coming to my rescue and the trekkers ready for the “easy+” part of the trek (i know what the ladies would be thinking now !) we moved by the stream to reach a dead end where I took the cross of my life. Hanging on the edge with one hand occupied with safely carried egg crates, the other holding the cliff all I did want was a glance below and voila ! Humans are nothing among nature and other creatures.  All the while when I was travelling, I was telling myself that the whole world is an image of what you are.  No amount of change outside would balance for a change within. ( I did this so often that I started thinking that my brain is giving me images and input of the stuff around me and when I stop seeing it the world destroys itself !). So we reached the picnic pool (with a lot of deep breaths, sighs of relief, and some: is it not the end?)  When I reached the picnic pool the troublesome mind of mine inquired “is this what I came for?” Pat slapped my intellect to say “the journey is more important than the destination... the process is important than the result... “(Not that I did not have fun there... but just to express what had happened ).

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Apart from the delicious dinner: soup (coutesy: RED LIGHT karthi, suresh,sundar firewood: suresh, me, sollin selvan  ), eggs(the blessed ones which survived the law of karma ), the pulav again,life at the picnic pool is memorable  for my adventure alone to download (i hope you understand what I mean...). Seeing Shankar coming down the back of the hillock, the adventurer inside me wanted to climb up (of course with a water bottle, towel around like the bharathiraja’s villager). I climbed up and got stuck halfway and the water bottle had to be orphaned and the decision regretted. Stuck there for the next fifteen minutes the whole trek recapped itself.(!)  I found out (rather decided) that this place is unfit for human downloads and  took the task of coming down the hillock (could have said “Havoc”). The coming down was equally tough but just made it to discover that Vasanth and the women were making their way to that place (phew! great escape!) . I can say that this incident is gonna drive to do more treks and understand terrains (:D) (needless to mention I did download somewhere else). Well the breakfast was sumptuous after the mishap and the tea tasting like life’s elixir. The night before this I had super time playing late night bluff(the card game )...(got routed in the beginning and thanks to Prem, cleared it first... )
I feel this could be the special thing with the emperors in ctc; the food, the adventure, the joy being with people who like you want to have fun.
The highlights of our return to base are the climb-down through gorge hole (where Amit said “look up... and smile! “) the frequent “enjoyable” ferries. We reached the dead -end pool, and the agenda is the Magic pool. We climbed up and in between the climb we took a long break while Prem “tarzan” kumar found the way to it via the jeep trail, the history of which he narrated with √©lan. The magic pool was fun and the beaten rice ( “aval”) with all the mix tasted fantastic. More than the taste I feel the memory of our childhoods when we ate handfuls of it made us yearn for more. After more photographs, more jumps from 50ft (plus minus 10ft) by daredevils ( I hope I do one someday) we were on our way through the silent zone and reached the base at about 9 30. Adding to the enjoyment of the trek my mother told me that I had got A grade in the exams ( I was not sure about one paper :D). Dinner at hotel Sathish was kind of spooky. (we had scary things like “tables”, “chairs”,”tubelights”,”money”,”the manmade jungle”, “crime”(Kiran Kumar reddy got arrested),what a world L)...

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All is well that ends well... the trek was beautiful so were the people so was nature. Looking forward for more with ctc and emperors...

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