Introducin​g CTC's first 15 Olympic Triathlete​s, Nagalapura​m, Sep 16th

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Last Sunday, 15 of our fellow members became Olympic Triathletes completing 1.5km swimming, 45km MTB off roading and 10km trail running in a continuous stretch near the Eastern base of Nagalapuram. Upholding CTC's tradition of adding a "jungle" flavor to the event we did the cycling and running on off road tracks which made it more challenging then the standard Olympic Triathlon.
The previous weekend 55 members (out of 90 registrations) successfully completed our Sprint Triathlon near Chennai (half the distance) out of which 41 were shortlisted for the Olympic Triathlon. 21 appeared at the starting line and eventually 15 successfully completed the entire challenge becoming CTC's first quarter Ironman.
Next Monday we are starting with an intensive daily training program over 6 weeks (Sep 24th till Nov 2nd) to get ready for our upcoming Half Ironman (1.9km swimming, 90km cycling, half marathon running) on Nov 4th.
The Olympic Triathlon was flagged off on Sunday morning 7:45am at the Nagala East dam where all participants plunched into the water to start their 1.5km swim - 5 lapses of 300m each. The first swimmer completed in just over 40 minutes while the last person took 1.5 hours. Immediately after this the contestants jumped on their MTBs and drove over a jeep track winding through the paddy fields along the Eastern base of Nagala circling between TP Kotta and Beerakuppam villages.
After 4 gruelling rounds of 11km off roading partly against a strong headwind, they dropped their cycles and started running 2.5 rounds on a sand trail inside a large shady tree plantation near the dam to complete the final part of the Triathlon - 10km of trail running before reaching the finishing line.
15 out of 21 participants made it to the finishing line. Best time was put in by our very own hard-core trekker Gowri Sankar at 4hours 45min, the last triathlete clocked in at 6hours 45min.
A big thanks to our sponsor SriCity (coordination through Sandeep Hari) who provided us with refreshments, snacks and medical support (ambulance on stand-by)
Just like any other big event, this Triathlon was made possible thanks to the team work of many volunteers in the background- Jack, Nobal, Sankar, Sinu, Nagalatha, Kumar, Saba, Vinoth, Shiva, Kannan and others.
Introducing CTC's first 15 Quarter Ironmen
Gowri, first finalist
Sridhar Venkatesh (right)
Sandeep Hari (SriCity)
Vasanth Kumar
Ashok Baral
Manoj Bisani
Karthik Vijayakumar
Satish Natarajan

Arun Sekar

Special mention to Mr. Sivakumar who completed nearly 75% of the Olympic Triathlon at the age of 54 years.



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