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Monday, June 25, 2012

CTC Emperors : Palani Freshers Trek 26,27 May-2012

Write-up by Sankar

Before western ghats Trek if someone asks me to spell alphabets I would say A for apple, B for Ball….. Post trek I say A for “awesome” B for “breath taking” !!!!   It was all because of CTC-Emperor’s western ghats Trek experience I have been to many places with friends and had lot of fun filled moments but nothing induced me to write, as this trek did to me!!!! Yes this is my first write up for my first trek!!!! And here it goes . After a month’s wait, and 2 consecutive Saturdays in office and couple of excuses to spare my commitments, there came the exciting weekend. I was more thrilled and little worried about the trek because that was my first trek!!! ;) lot of thoughts running around my mind!!! Finally me and my friend Murugan started from office at Szhollinganallur by 7:00 PM , we reached our pick point by 8:30 PM. Had our dinner there at perungulathur and we met Siddhu and Sai . After a brief intro we were waiting for the van to come, although it was a long wait, we had fun by watching IPL Semifinals in near by tea kada ;) Finally the van came.. Ankit, Bala and Raja  welcomed us with a huge smile… from there we became part of CTC-Emperors. Finally we picked our friends Malan at Dindivanam and Srikanth,Saravanan at dindugal and our journey started from there as a team!!!

Day: 1 Morning 8:00 AM 

We had yummy Boli’s from Venkateshwara Boli stall to boost our energy for the trek!!! In midway to Western Ghats we silently slipped into the wild before people around us could recognize.. The start was smooth as we walked through the plains. After an hour of walk through the forest there came the surprising factor of the silent world. YESSSSS!!!! It wasleeches. For every step you keep forward 4 leeches would get on your foot. And if you try taking them, the number gets doubled(factu factu factu) :P They indicated that we where into their world and we had just seen a sample of it.. As we had to walk by the side of water flow, so we had no other option but just to enjoy their company ;)Finally we reached an open space where we took our first break… Yessss it was lunch timeeeJ. We had puri and Aloo kurma (high calorie food = oily) :P so as to boost our energy level. Again we started from there, we had a steady walk for about 3 and a half hours crossing the river several times through hard ridges and boulders. We slipped several times into muddy path, dense bushes and clear pool, but still kicking hard towards our destiny!!!! By 6:00 PM we reached a heavenly place where you can see a 300metre steep water fall, where the valley opens up to give us a clear view of the hills around and to surprise we were told that was our camp site!!! Yahooooo.!!!!!! You will feel super excited right…. Yeah we too felt the same… J. Then we were busy parting our companions(leeches) J.Few strange things on Day 1: The one who was more scared about the leeches was the least bitten(Inny) and the one who least bothered was the most bitten (Sidhu) :PAs it was getting darker I,Aditie,Ankit, Saravanan, Palani, Siddhu, Sai, Hari, Karthik and Vinay started collecting dry woods for camp fire. We lit fire and were making ourselves warm; because the temperature was decreasing so as our appetite was increasing J. Bala and Inny took out the cooking gadgets soon and started preparing soup !!! Aishu and Aditie were preparing other stuffs for dinner!!! Others had a gala time by chatting and mocking around the camp fire. Few were resting as they felt tired after a long day walk .

Hot soup was a good call for the cold weather. I had 3 bowls full ;) Almost everyone had atleast twice. By 8 PM Inny started cooking(surprising right) :P !!!! We all gathered around. Warm fire and people around….. What else ???? Yes we started playing Anthakshari!!!!  We split into 2 teams.. One team with latest songs and the other with 80’s ;P. No matter we had fun all time….. As the meal was ready we had our dinner with the ready mix!!! Hmmmmm puliyotharai, vathakulambu , lemon and finally melagu rasam what else to ask for!!!!  With the cut onions and ghee to add with the mix, yeahhh yummy it was for the cold weather!!!  We filled our tummy and we were slowly hiding into our sleeping bags and bed spreads . 20 people in a single tent sleeping on rocky surface, imagine how it would be in a hot city to sleep in such conditions. Believe me it was an awesome night there. We had few drizzles by 1:30 AM, and we were asked to pack our bags and get ready to move away as we were in the middle of a river!!! Fortunately the rain stopped within few minutes and we again got into the tent. The nature itself showed pity on us, hope she thought not to disturb our friend’s sleep!!!!


Day 2: Early Moring  5:30 AM

I saw rays of light falling on my face, and so I got up and saw the time, it was just 5:30 AM. And few of our friends were sitting around the camp fire. So I thought of joining them . And we were chatting about the previous night sleep(how cold and weird) all those stuffs. Ankit, Aditie and Bala started preparing tea for us. Raja helped adding sugar, Ankit filtering the tea with his handkerchief and Rajesh adding milk powder :P (that’s team work isn’t it!! ) . We made ourselves warm and was getting ready to drench ourself in the freezing pools around.  We slipped through the rocks and finally reached the edge of the falls. Wowww to look at the beauty of mother nature from there was a boon… And of course with such an awesome crowd to be with , it was fun doubled to say short. Non stop fun and freaking poses at the edge. Jumping, crawling, diving and some crazy acts by kalyan, saravanan, srikanth and Inny. It was a fun filled moment to cherish. Thanks to   Malan and Ankit for freezing all those moments with life in it. After drenching enough we started the intro session everyone sharing their trek experience especially Saravanan ( Tirupathi and sabari mala trip) :P. Now comes the serious part !!! Ya Bala gave us a brief gesture about the Emperors and his passion towards nature. There was a clear message in his statement that is “ Keep trekking and “Protect nature ”. Everyone in our group will have this in their mind forever. Wat say guysss!!!! J  


Then we soon packed our gadgets, cleared the place and left the camp clean like how it was when we arrived!!! Cheers guys for not pollutingJ. Then we started our days trek. We climbed 3 hills straight in 2 hours and with a short break finally we reached the exit point. We then split into a group of two. I was in group 1 and to our surprise we found a group of Bison passing by the woods(A long time wish came true for western ghats!! ). We took a Govt. bus from there and reached kodaikanal. We had our lunch there. Then we boarded onto our van. We met one of our CTC friend Bharani who came there for a bike trek.. He too joined us in the travel. As always we started playing Anthakshari…  Believe me we were singing for more than 3 and a half hours with aching throat but no one felt tired!!! That was real fun!!  It remembered my college days!! J Thank u guys!! Especially Inny , I agree u were a tough competitor for our team :P. Whenever we ran out of songs we had Ankit and Aditie to help with Hindi songs…J and Raj Kumar with all emotional love songs specially dedicating it to his love :P  . we reached Dindugal where Saravanan and Srikanth parted us.. 

We parceled the food there and had our dinner at midway to Dindivanam. Finally we dropped Malan at Dindivanam and headed towards Chennai.One person who was worried was Inny who had a client presentation the next day!!! So we didn’t waste time staying long at one place. And she in turn promised for a treat if she reaches by time(Fair deal isn’t it!!! ). And finally as all film ends, we reached by time and Inny to keep up her promise (as she always does :P) has planned for a treat in Cozee Besant Nagar!!! So guys get ready for the treat!!! And I will meet u guys with another write up about the Post trek meet up(Inny’s Treat)!!!! 

Keep Trekking!!! Have fun!!!! Stay Healthy!!!! Protect Nature!!! 



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