Post Trek - CTC's first ever Family Trek - Write-up by the 9yrs old tiny tot Rahul S/o Kannan& Priya

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My name is Rahul. I am nine years old. I am going to tell you about my camping/trekking trip to Nagala.

We carpooled with another family. They picked us up in front of a train station. It was a long drive but I slept so much that I thought it was a short drive.

As soon as we reached there everyone collected dry branches to make a fire. While we played queen of Sheba, all the aunties cooked dinner. In the morning, I woke up and for the first time in my life used twigs to brush my teeth.


I started a campfire with my friends. Then we climbed the dead tree next to our campsite. Some people did not climb it, because they were getting breakfast ready. Some like my sister, were still sleeping. I had Chocos and rusk with milkmaid for breakfast.

We went hiking on the hills. The first pool good, but the second pool was awesome! I dived and swam in the cold pool. 


The coolest part of the hike was walking along the ledge before we got to the second pool. Also, where we had to slide down the slope and catch hold of trees to stop falling down on the people below J!

On the way back, it started to rain. We stood under a tarp to get shelter from the rain. But it kept on pouring so we all decided to leave. Again, I slept in the car. In the morning when I woke up, I was home. I don’t remember the auto ride from Ashok Nagar to Mylapore and the walk from the gate to our apartment and then to my bed!

I would love to do this again and again and again!



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