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Friday, May 11, 2012

CTC Emperors trip to restore a Historic place
Being an avid reader of Tamil books like Ponniyin Selvan,Udayar and the like,I have always had keen interest in any information pertaining to the Chola Dynasty.Though I've been to the Tanjore Temple a couple of times in the recent past,I badly wanted to visit other such  temples ,forts and palaces too.This time.opportunity knocked at my mailbox,in the form of CTC.Thanx to Masu's initiative,I now had the chance to visit a 1000 year old temple and probably contribute a bit towards its renovation:D And from my past experience,CTC is highly highly addictive Any trip with CTC means lots and lots of new friends and loads  and loads of fun.I grabbed the opportunity, and I'm now happy for having grabbed it:)

And so,I was out there,waiting at Perungalathur,exactly on time.That's when Balaji arrived with his trademark smile(
J)),waving hands at me.After some time,people began to pour in-Udhay and Co,Sudhakar and sivakumar,the van and then the other car.Gingee fort was the first on our agenda and so we started.After some initial intros and handshakes,some people started dozing off and I started pestering Sudhakar with all silly questions of mine And of course, he was patient enough to answer each and every question:)

On the way,we picked up Nishanth,who had cycled all the way from Chennai Though we were on a van,the heat began to hit us hard on entering senji,cautioning us of the tough two days that we were about to face.We finished our lunch enroute and moved on to Gingee fort.I was dumbstruck at the sheer magnificence of the fort.It was like a complete town in itself.Just think of the lifestyle of the people who would have lived there,at such a place long long ago.And we people were sweating and panting ,emptying all our fruits and water bottles on the way up

Some people started clicking and we started posing happily We were no longer strangers and slowly everyone started to mingle,at the top of the fort.And not to forget that cool cave like structure with supercool water.After some group pics here and there on fort,we quickly descended and emptied the cool drink shop at the entrance of the fort.Thanks to Mano,we never fell short of resources for this The shop guy was kind enough to guide us to his well,where we had a well deserved break and a refreshing dip.

One of the boys from the shop was constantly creating waves in the well by jumping up and down and frightening us After playing around and of course after posing again for photos here and there,inside and outside the well,we slowly boarded our vehicle and moved on to Devanur after a few hiccups in finding the way.From there,our guide Mr.Venkatesh took charge

Then began our adventures with chapathi making After struggling with our diet chappathis(???) and their strange shapes,one akka atlast drove us out of the kitchen decently Viji,Aditi,Praveen,Bannari and myself were the culprits:D 
இனிமே சப்பாத்தி உருட்ட போவீங்க எவானாவது????

 was then rest for the day....Sleeping under the sky in the huge ground of a government school is some experience which you don't get often and we loved it:))After some heavy sleeping,we woke up early to find our spots in the sugarcane forest nearby;)Then had a fabulous bath in the pump-set there.After tea,it was time for work now.Of course that was the purpose of the visit:))And we were all geared up for the day.Our work was simple-we had to dig up and clear the way at one point in the corridor around the main temple area.Being inexperienced ,we faced some difficulties but later got accustomed.After some time the bonds started flying ,like in the hands of some experienced worker

There were rocks,some slightly big,and then some pillars which had to be dragged and moved.I was amazed on seeing the results that can be achieved by teamwork.And a big thanks to the kids from the village,who were continuously refilling our water bottles.We never had to ask for water-they kept on energizing us with biscuits and gallons of water.We worked continuously till breakfast.I was terribly terribly hungry and munched down dozens of those delicious idlis and pooris.Hats off to the cook:))

After breakfast and some well deserved rest,we started working again.But now,it was getting tougher.The sun was in full flow and dint even try to show any mercy on us:(We started taking small small breaks in between.This hampered our progress,but there wasn't any other go.Btw,had some juice,delicious fruit salad and continued to work.And I ought to make a mention of the pondy guys,who pitched in at the right time for helping us move that giant pillar.By late afternoon,we were all pretty worn out and decided to disperse after lunch.Masu,bala,udhay and myself had a special dip at a nearby well and then we headed back for a late lunch.

After lunch,it was time for some group photos and we had to bid adieu to the temple and our new frens der.Had some fun playing football and cricket in the fields and the ground there.But i dint get a chance to bat:((Adhukulla emathi match mudichittanga

And now for the climax-mano's birthday celebration:D Nijamave neenga rommmmmbba nallavaru Mano After kicking mano's back to our heart's fill we boarded the vans and headed back to Chennai.This time,the silence was more due to the tiredness in each of our bodies.I really felt happy for how I had spent that weekend and I am sure everyone else would have felt the same-No kind of workout in any gym would have made us so tired and at the same time so happy.

Finally,it was a bigggg treat by the birthday baby().After a heavvy dinner,we had to leave for our homes.We bid goodbyes to all our new frens,exchanged contacts and promised to stay in touch-I hope we will!!! Meet you soon guys in some other trek/event.Take care:))



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