CTC net stats - 16K

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sharing some group/site statistics whenever we cross another thousand -

As of a couple days ago our group member count crossed the 16.000 limit.
Average recent growth per month is between 500-600.

(note - > 90% of our group is inactive - out of 500 new joining an average of maximum 50 freshers join on 4-12 treks every month meaning 450 remain inactive)
(move your asses, you lazy bummers !!! - CTC was started to connect and get out with like minded outdoor souls, not just to read the emails sent by the group....Stop finding excuses why you can't join us ... )

Average week-wise growth is since last one year.
Recently between 80-140 new members per month

3.6 lakhs web site visits since Feb 2008, mostly through Google -

Visitor demographics -

Top Google search keywords (popular terms) leading visitors to web site -

Top referring sites -

Top pages visited -
(1 = home page = www.chennaitrekkers.org)

Browser usage -

Service provider -

Social Network referrals - 

Mobile access -



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