POST TREK WRITE-UP MAIL - Happy Campers Abhimanyu & Rahul Speak !

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Abhimanyu (8+ yrs) & Rahul (6+ yrs) share their CTC Kids trek/camp experience on Apr 14th/15th !!

I have posted it in my blog & below is the link :

Happy Campers Speak !! – Kids Trek @ Nagala

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Happy Campers ! Charting their trail !!

Write up by Abhimanyu (8 + years) !

Abhi enjoying the cool pool @ Nagala !
Kids Trek at Nagala !
I like the trip very much. It was a wonderful experience.
I woke up at 5.00. I went to Chennai to my Thatha’s house. Then from there I went to Nagala in car. When we reached there, we played some games. Then I went to sleep at 12.30 a.m.
I woke up and brushed my teeth with neem sticks. Then I played for little time, then I climbed very little to watch the lake. Then I got down and had boost with chocos !! Then they gave me cap, lollipop and jelly ! Then my mummy gave us swimming tubes and life jackets. After that we started the trek.
It was so adventurous. I walked so much distance. In half the way we stopped in the stream and took rest. Then we started walking to second pool. All the uncles and aunts helped us .
When I reached the second pool, I gone to swim for a long time ! Then they called us to eat noodles. After I ate I went to swim again ! Then I ate my lunch.
Then we climbed down the mountain and came down. We took group photos. Then I gone to Chennai again.
I enjoyed the trip very much. I made lots of new friends. The forest was so green !
Write-up by Rahul (6 + years)  !

Rahul enjoys the pool !
Happy Camper !
I was very happy !
I enjoy to swim.
I enjoy climbing rocks.
I, my mummy and my brother enjoyed the camp.
I ate noodles and lollipop.
I got new friends.
I was very happy to come to the camp !

Charged trekkers ! Fresh even after a day of trekking !!




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